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This Will CHANGE The Way You Think About Marketing

Forget everything you *thought* you knew about marketing… Forget about being “the best”, “the cheapest”, “the fastest”, or “the most effective”…  Because 95% of purchasing decisions are driven by ONE…
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THIS Made Me A Millionaire

What’s up, guys?! This blog is gonna be a little different from my usual educational tutorials. I’m going to talk about the ONE THING that made me a millionaire. Yes.…
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Get More Clients In 20 Minutes A Day

Want a simple and effective way you can bring in new clients for your copywriting business – without spending hours every week sending out hundreds of cold outreach emails? Lead…
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5 Things Your Website Needs

Real talk: If your website is missing just ONE of these 5 key conversion pages… …you could be missing out on TONS of new leads… Or worse – paying customers. …
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How To Increase Your Rates As A Copywriter

If you’re a new copywriter stuck somewhere in between “side hustle” and “burn out”… And you’re ready to raise your rates, attract dream clients, escape the grind and build a…
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Barbie Marketing On A Budget

Hey, Posse! What’s up? It’s Alex. Yup you KNEW I couldn’t let Barbie’s cinematic debut pass me by without breaking it ALL down for you here on my Channel.  Now…
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