From Struggling Artist To 6-Figure Copywriter: How Aishah Turned Passion Into A Profitable Career

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Posse Profile

Name: Aishah ShahHuman Design: Projector
Location: Sydney, AustraliaFave Fictional Character: Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
Language(s): EnglishLast Book: Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree
Top 3 Core Values: Authenticity, Continuous Learning, Building Genuine RelationshipsFavorite Word: Books
Sun Sign: LeoLEAST Favorite Word: “in order to” (I hate mechanical words, so inhuman)

Meet Aishah Shah

What did you do BEFORE you were a copywriter?

Before becoming a copywriter, I ran a small art business on eBay. Each artwork had a story, but sales were the real challenge. That led me to marketing. To boost my sales, I dove into copywriting, only to discover it was another form of storytelling – instead of colors on canvas, it was with words. This new canvas was just as vibrant and, surprisingly, right up my alley.

How did you get into copywriting?

You know, it’s funny how life takes you on unexpected paths. I was a new mom, fiercely determined to prove to myself – and maybe the world – that I didn’t have to choose between a career and my baby. The hustle? 😂 It was real.
I had no marketing knowledge apart from the basics. But hey, necessity is the mother of invention, right? I devoured every piece of content out there, from crafting the perfect website to mastering the art of ads. Then, one evening, with a cup of tea in one hand and my baby sleeping next to me, YouTube pointed me to Alex’s channel.

I was hooked! It was a light bulb moment. Suddenly, the worlds of storytelling, writing, and sales were not just intersecting, they were inseparably intertwined.
Armed with new insights and strategies, my eBay listings transformed and sales began pouring in. Now I was fully in. I found myself discussing marketing and copy with, well, just about anyone who’d listen. Soon after, I found my first copywriting client.

What’s your favorite type of copy to write and why?

I absolutely adore crafting social media and email copy. 📧 💬There’s just something incredibly satisfying about breaking down a larger narrative into bite-sized pieces. It’s like taking a gripping novel and turning it into a series of captivating short stories.

I get to closely monitor how the audience engages with each segment, and if something’s not resonating, I can pivot on the fly. It’s a dance of storytelling and response, and I live for it. The anticipation, the engagement, the feedback – it’s all a thrilling ride! ❤️‍🔥

What niches do you have experience in?

Construction, Cleaning, Disability, Home Decor, Power tool and Personal Development

What would you say is your Reignmaker Magic (aka your stand-out superpowers)

You know how some folks are really great at focusing on one thing? Well, I’m the kind who loves to zoom out and see the WHOLE picture. Juggling roles as a mom, businesswoman, wife, and an insatiable learner has kinda taught me that. In our business world, that means I don’t just see the words I’m writing. I see the whole dream behind a campaign, the big “why” behind each strategy. In Regin, we didn’t just nerd out on copywriting. Nope!

We dived deep into funnels, branding, sales techniques, and oh-so-much more. It’s like getting a Swiss Army knife of skills. So, while I’m penning down words, I’m also sneakily spotting where things might go off the rails and quickly thinking of how to fix them. In simple words? Writing isn’t just about words for me. It’s about weaving feelings, tales, and tactics together. And hey, aside from crafting copy, I’ve coached business owners on mindset and sales, I’ve also crafted brand voice guides for new businesses, strategizing website content, spearheading campaigns, and making launches pop.✨

What myth or misconception about copywriting frustrates you the most?

There’s this misconception floating around that any decent writer can whip up effective copy. I wish! Copywriting is a craft that beautifully marries psychology, strategy, and creativity. It’s not just about sounding good, it’s about resonating with the audience, understanding their pain points, and guiding them toward a solution – all while staying authentic to a brand’s voice.

What is your dream client/project?

My dream project would involve crafting a series of immersive email campaigns, stirring social media snippets, and perhaps even a series of podcast ads for Audible.

What is a copywriting career moment you’re most proud of?

One of the highlights of my copywriting journey was crafting a warm email sequence for a client in the disability sector. It was crucial to strike the right balance of compassion and the mechanics of looking after a person with a disability.

And guess what? Those emails didn’t just connect—they worked. That sequence led them to secure two significant clients, totaling a whopping 700k in contracts. It wasn’t just a monetary win, it was a testament to the genuine power of heartfelt, authentic communication. I can never forget the reaction from the owner. 🎉💌

What’s the BEST compliment you’ve received as a copywriter?

“Your writing is magic; I can feel all the feels.”

Finish this sentence: When I’m not writing, you’ll find me…


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