From Content Writer To Copywriter: How Kelsey Woods Built A Multi-6-Figure Marketing Business

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Posse Profile

Name: Kelsey WoodsFave fictional character: Hermione Granger
Location: Calgary, CanadaLast book: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty
Language(s): EnglishFavorite word: “Wild” or “Precarious”
Top 3 Values: Freedom, Empowerment, IntegrityLEAST favorite word: Doggo… if anything, it’s a pupper.

Meet Kelsey Woods

What did you do before you were a copywriter?

I joined the digital marketing space in 2017 after I graduated from university. I thought corporate was the way to go, so I started searching for a downtown, skyscraper role. But instead, I found a bunch of smaller businesses that needed part-time support. So I tumbled head-first into the freelance world, where I served dozens of businesses across all industries until 2021.

How did you get into copywriting?

Before I started copywriting, I was majorly a content writer. While it helped me become the strong writer I am today, I knew I wanted to make a bigger impact with my words. 

I’d scaled down my workload to go on a 12-week backpacking trip in early 2020 (yes, before the pandemic hit). My plan was to continue writing when I returned (but you can guess how that went). So in April 2020, I had a choice to make. Should I go back to content writing? Get a 9-5? Go all in on my business? (whatever that meant). 

So I spent the summer and fall serving clients, researching courses, and talking to other freelancers. That’s when I learned about copywriting, and of course, the Copy Posse. Little did I know, this discovery would change the course of my career (and life) forever.

What’s your favorite type of copy to write and why?

After years spent in the copywriting and marketing space, I now specialize in brand messaging, email marketing and conversion copy. By starting most projects with brand messaging, I can take a holistic look at my clients’ businesses, offers, audiences and more, BEFORE we create together. I love writing from this space, as it allows me to connect the right people with the right products (a.k.a. authentic marketing).

What niches do you have experience in?

Service-based creators, education, business, marketing, media, travel

What would you say is your Reignmaker Magic (aka your stand-out superpowers)?

Nailing a brand voice. Time and time again, I hear clients say, “Wow, this sounds exactly like me! How did you do it?!” This is only possible by asking great questions, and listening intently. I love getting to know each and every one of my clients, so I can put myself in their shoes, and understand WHY they do what they do. Once we’ve established a strong brand voice, I help my clients strategize marketing campaigns, upcoming launches, evergreen funnels and ongoing content strategies. 

What myth or misconception about copywriting frustrates you the most?

Well, the most common misconception I hear often is “Oh, so you do the legal side of copyright?” Which is always funny… But the comments that bother me the most are when people assume copywriting means “scammy” or “pushy” marketing. Don’t get me wrong, it can be. But that’s a style and a personal choice. Copywriting is both an art and a science. When you’re equipped with this skill, it’s your responsibility to use it — to the best of your ability — for good.

What is your dream client/project?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of “dream” clients already, and this is what I’ve discovered. For me, a dream client isn’t a particular size of business, in a specific industry, or offering a certain type of product. A dream client is someone who I align with, and connect with on a personal, human level. This person is passionate, kind, direct and down-to-earth. They have goals and ambitions, but they also have realistic expectations and understand that true transformation doesn’t happen overnight.  

Typically I work with service-based entrepreneurs in the business, marketing, education or travel space, but not limited to. Because I’ve also created a full launch strategy and copy assets for a travel SaaS product; written 4 sales pages, website copy and email sequences for a mental health certification; and launched various projects for notable colleges throughout North America. The clients I choose to work with are authentic and kind people, and they don’t fit in an easily categorized box.

What is a copywriting career moment you’re most proud of?

Oh, how to choose just one… Here are my top 3: 

1) When I landed my first project fresh out of my copywriting certification for a high-profile female business coach. I felt so validated in my transition to copywriting (and the $5,000 didn’t hurt either!).

2) When I restrategized an entire launch and wrote copy assets using the brand voice I created that resulted in DOUBLE the number of sign-ups my client expected. I remember thinking… “This sh*t really works!” 

3) When I followed up on a cold lead 3 times before getting a meeting, which then turned into 2 projects, then recurring monthly work, and soon after my first 6-figure client. Not only do I get to write copy, but I now hold the title of Editor-In-Chief, Content Strategist & Media Planner. Something that never would have been possible if I didn’t dive into the world of copywriting. 

What’s the best compliment you’ve received as a copywriter?

I’ve been lucky to work with so many amazing clients who express their appreciation and gratitude. Here are three:  

“It’s like Kelsey went into my head, extracted every little idea I had and turned it into incredible words. My emails are performing AMAZINGLY!!! I am beyond proud to send out this email sequence, and it totally reflects who I am — as a person and as a business owner.” — Sophy Hurtubise, Founder, Photographer & Business Coach

“Working with Kelsey helped me vocalize what I truly wanted for my practice. Getting clear on our messaging and client experience resulted in a significant increase of consultations and our patients now say they’ve seen us online. But the biggest win is that we’re now getting the type of patients we want, allowing us to make a bigger difference in their lives.”— Dr. Shayne Bushong, Founder & Chiropractic Neurologist

“It’s like she could read my mind! I’m so excited to launch my new business with killer website content and blogs that align with my brand and future vision. I’d definitely work with Kelsey again.”

— Christie Duran, Founder & Videographer

Finish this sentence: When I’m not writing, you’ll find me…

Drinking tea, hiking a mountain, traveling the world or spending time with my favourite people.

Connect with Kelsey:

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