The Copy Posse was started with one sole mission:
to redefine what it means to be a copywriter today.

Because the truth is – copywriting is not something reserved only for “internet gurus” or Madison Avenue execs writing Super Bowl commercials…

Every business on the planet needs to be able to create valuable connection, engagement and serious conversion through the power of words.⁠

The Copy Posse is a global crew of writers who have a passion for crafting compelling copy that combines timeless direct response marketing principles and modern brand storytelling.
Founded in 2019 by Alex Cattoni, her inspiration came after observing a dangerous divide in the copywriting industry.

Alex noticed that while there were a lot of brilliant and authentic marketers out there, many still used manipulative, hypey, and severely outdated sales tactics that she just didn’t vibe with…

And as a successful freelance copywriter of over 8 years, she had something to say about it.

She wanted to de-douchify the internet and make caring cool again.

So she stepped out from working behind-the-scenes with her high-level clients and started a YouTube channel.

The goal? To rally the raddest, baddest crew of copywriters around the world and teach them the techniques and strategies she’s used to build a heart-centered, authentic and lucrative copywriting business from the ground up…

And get more messages that matter to the masses.

Alex expanded her one-woman agency by hiring a fierce crew of copywriters to help rad brands with rad missions create credibility, community and conversions.

Soon, the Copy Posse began to grow, piquing the attention of aspiring copywriters, hungry creatives, and business owners internationally.

In 2020, we launched our online academy with Season 1 of the Copy Posse Launch Pad, our flagship once-a-year coaching program where we teach the specific skills, techniques, and assets that a new copywriter needs to ignite their business.

The response was so freakin’ positive that we decided to release the recordings from the live program (Copy Posse Launch Files) so that others could access this training at a more affordable price.

Later that year, we pulled-off the Write & Ignite Challenge, where hundreds of copywriters around the world used our proven template to complete a high-converting sales page in just five days.

The rest is history.

Through our YouTube channel, online programs, and copywriting agency — we’ve helped over 100,000+ copywriters and entrepreneurs sell more products and services that genuinely help people… without selling out on their integrity.

It’s the second coming of copy, and we’re leading the way. Welcome to the New School of Copywriters.

Founder & CEO

Industry-leading copywriter, marketing genius and founder of the Copy Posse. Alex is a lover of Italian food, wine, true crime and travel and when she’s not behind her laptop, you’ll find her laughing (very loudly) with her friends and family.

Head Copywriter

Resident brand storyteller and human behavior enthusiast. Tania is both an adventure and comfort-seeking ambivert with a love of authentic expression, impactful co-creation, and unconventional living. She heads up all sales copy at the Posse.

Copywriter & Community Manager

Britt is passionate about non-toxic living, curse words, coffee, overgrown gardens, and old black-and-white movies. A Launch Pad Season 1 Grad turned full-time freelance copywriter, you’ll find Britt’s brilliant sass all over our content and social channels.

Social Media Manager

Our resident social media maven is a treehugger at heart who loves her heels and never skips breakfast. Her modus operandi? Listen to what the Posse needs most and create the best damn content on the Internet.

Copy Posse Coach

Jenny is a festival junkie, ritual obsessed, Yoga teacher who’s equally as passionate about writing words with meaning. Around here, you’ll see Jenny zipping around from launch to launch, cheering on & coaching the Posse!

Program Manager

Michelle is a chess-playing foodie who loves sunsets, sweets and decaf coffee. At the Posse, Michelle manages all of our high-level programs and does whatever she can to help our students win.

Content + Community Manager

When she’s not holding down the Posse, you can find Tory drinking craft beer and cuddling her pet corn snake as she raves about poetry, podcasts, and comics. A quirky conversationalist with a wicked sense of humor, she’s here to make you smile.

Ads Manager

I’m the Ads Manager and data analytics nerd here at the Posse. I love a good cup of coffee, a good book, and a deep conversation with an interesting person. My favourite place in the world is Tofino and my favourite day of the week is Sunday.

Virtual Assistant

Jaleigh is a coffee enthusiast who loves all things organization. When she’s not helping out the Posse, you can find her playing video games and spending time with friends.

Support Leader

Sarah is an artist with a house plant obsession. She loves nature, animals, and coffee. At the Posse, she heads up the front lines of customer support.


Call us old-fashioned, but we strive to be writers of our word. And whenever we can, we love to underpromise and overdeliver 😉

To us, writing in itself is an act of empathy, which ignites compassion and fuels action. We take the time to get to know our brands so we can write from the heart. Now that’s magic.

If you’re as passionate as we are, you’ll agree that business is personal. We’re in this because we love this. And if we’re not having fun together, it’s not worth it!

We believe in shameless transparency. While we’re sweet, we’ll never sugar coat it. We promise to always be straight up and fiercely real.

Proven formulas, effective templates, and optimization tactics? We’re all about em, and we (rarely) mess with what works.

But before we sprinkle in the sales juju, we start with what matters most. Our copywriting process is rooted in real human connection, empathy, and authenticity. A memorable brand is not built with automated copy.

Crafting a compelling brand voice requires passion, personalization, and personality. We believe that by providing your customers with a unique and personal buying experience, you create trust, build credibility and inspire transformation.