From TV Story Producer To Copy Chief: How Mel Kale Is Helping Disruptive Brands Make A Bold Impact

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Posse Profile

Name: Mel KaleFave fictional character: Michael Scott
Location: London, UKLast Book: Tough Titties by Laura Belgray
Language(s): EnglishFavorite Word: Trolleyed
Top 3 Core Values: Creativity, mastery, integrityLEAST Favorite Word: Girlboss
Sun Sign: Virgo

Meet Mel Kale

What did you do before you were a copywriter?

I used to be a story producer in TV! I worked on documentaries about everything from drug smuggling to climate change to the wives of Henry VIII and celebrity ancestry shows.

How did you get into copywriting?

Some of my first few jobs and internships were in ad agencies in London, which is where I first heard the term “copywriter”. However, I don’t think I ever fully grasped back then what these mysterious people did – it was always sort of shrouded in mystery. It wasn’t until years later when I stumbled across Alex’s YouTube videos in 2020 that I had my lightbulb moment and realised this could be the perfect avenue for me. The way she explained it as this amazing mix between psychology, storytelling, sales, strategy, creative writing, and even popular culture (plus her clear passion for the subject) totally sold it for me.

What’s your favorite type of copy to write and why?

I love writing voicey (yes, that’s the technical term), personality-filled copy for disruptors who aren’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers and break the rules (especially grammar ones). In terms of copy assets, emails and sales pages are my jam. Emails because you can go so much deeper with your audience than anywhere else. Sales pages because I love the creative challenge of long-form copy.

What niches do you have experience in?

Online business, online marketing, entrepreneurship, coaching, course creation, personal development, thought leadership, photography, finance/investing, health, wellbeing, e-commerce, Instagram DM automation

What would you say is your Reignmaker Magic (aka your stand-out superpowers)?

Storytelling, launches, brand voice, copy coaching. Storytelling from my days as a Story Producer. Brand voice I’ve really honed this year through my role as Chief Copy Officer at School of Bots, where I write for up to 12 clients at a time (which means mastering and being able to switch between different voices multiple times on any given day). As my career has progressed, my role has also expanded beyond copywriter to copy coach / copy chief, and launch strategist / consultant too depending on what my clients need.

What myth or misconception about copywriting frustrates you the most?

That copywriters just write words! That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Copywriters are marketers and revenue-generators first and foremost. We dive deep into your brand. We understand the market, your customers, your voice, strategy, offers, positioning. Copy may be the deliverable you hire us for, but our skill sets are wide-ranging and we add oooodles of value beyond just our words.

What is your dream client/project?

My dream client is a disruptor – someone bold, mission-driven and dedicated to changing the lives of their clients and their industry for the better. They don’t have to have it all figured out, but they’re prepared to lead with their values, speak up when it counts, and follow through when no-one’s watching. They understand that marketing is a process, not a one-and-done thing, and so approach the process with an open-mind and curiosity.  They say “NO” to shady marketing tactics and want a creative collaborator / a peer to support them (rather than a task rabbit or an order taker). A wicked sense of humour and an ability to communicate in memes from The Office are also very welcome.

What is a copywriting career moment you’re most proud of?

It’s got to be a tie-break between leaving my 9-5, landing some really incredible roles (such as Copy Posse Coach and Chief Copy Officer at School of Bots), and consistently breaking KPI ceilings for our client funnels at the agency.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received as a copywriter?

“Mel, ever since day one – her energy levels, her excitement, the way she genuinely cares about not only me and my business, but also for my community… She really set the bar for my expectations of future team members. The emails when she writes them, I’m like, “did I write this? Because it sounds just like me”. She just consistently blows me away. I believe Mel’s going places – she’s destined for a huge impact. And I’m just so grateful for every moment that we’ve shared together.” – Sara Monika, Photography Educator

Finish this sentence: When I’m not writing, you’ll find me…

Laughing too loudly in public (then apologising profusely because I’m British and we’re always very sorry about everything, truly), chasing the sun around the world and tanning myself to a crisp (but not the face, never the face), guessing the plot of movies out loud (whether you like it or not), reading ¾ of any book – however good – then loathing myself as I skip to the next one… again (I promise you I’ll never change).

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