I tried ChatGPT. Here’s what happened.

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That’s right, Posse. I tried ChatGPT…

And I documented the whole thing for you. 

Over on my YouTube, I’m gonna take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how to use ChatGPT.

  • From how to set up your account and get started… 
  • To what prompts to input in order to maximize your results…
  • To the *right* way to use this tool (and others like it)…

And most importantly…

I’ll be addressing the question everyone wants to know: IS IT WORTH THE HYPE?!

Hey Posse! What’s up? It’s Alex. Alright, we’re just going to jump right into:

  • Our AI policy here at the copy posse…
  • Best practices for using A.I. tools like this in your marketing…
  • And get your hands on a special free gift we put together for you!

Alright so I could keep going and going and but you get the point here. 

Low-quality prompts = low-quality copy.

The better your prompts, the better results you’re going to get. 

And of course, this applies to anything – I just showed you an email example. But you can follow the same process for sales pages, landing pages, ads, and even social media captions.

  • You can do this and generate hook ideas… 
  • You can ask it to summarize a long talk or presentation for you…
  • You can ask it to list out the benefits of a desired solution
  • You can ask for a list of the most common pain points of a particular audience or issue… 

The possibilities are endless – and I have a free gift to share with you in just a bit that will help you make the most of AI in your copywriting and marketing.

But the real question – IS IT WORTH THE HYPE?

Well, after playing around with ChatGPT and other tools like it… 

I’m actually pretty impressed with its capabilities. 

Is it a magic wand for creating high-converting copy? No. ❌ 

Is it a shortcut to building a business people TRUST? Hell no. ❌

Will it replace you as a writer? Nope. ❌

BUT it can be your new BFF if you learn how to use it properly. The way I look at ChatGPT (and other A.I. writing tools like it) is that they are GREAT writing assistants. 

Once you learn how to use them properly, you’ll save yourself tons of time – especially when you’re at the beginning stages of a writing project.

BUT – and listen to me very carefully…  

Not *just anyone* can get great results with it.


If you want A.I. to really propel your business and marketing efforts forward… 

Then you have to know your stuff.

I’ll say it again and again, the output is dependent on the input.

Even with the right “prompts,” you still need a foundational knowledge of marketing to know what to DO with that output…

And whether it’s persuasive, relevant, or even accurate.

  • You have to be able to read what it outputs and discern whether it’s any good…
  • Know where and how to tweak it…
  • And be able to fact-check the information it puts out. 

Because SPOILER: A.I. tools are notorious for generating incorrect or misleading information! 

No doubt – A.I. can do some pretty wild thing, but you gotta be a capable marketer before you can master the machine…

Someone who knows how to “work it correctly” – put in the right prompts, test different models and make sense of what it spits out. And I believe this is an incredibly exciting opportunity for copywriters… 

If you have a foundational understanding of marketing and copywriting, then you’re already 10 steps ahead of everyone else when it comes to A.I… 

(Good thing that’s what we’re all about here at the Posse and what I’ve spent 3+ years creating content on )

And if you take the time to really learn how to leverage these tool, then you can even offer this as a service to better serve your clients (and charge more money for it). 

It’s kind of like how there are copywriters who specialize in video sales letters…

Copywriters who specialize in funnel building…

Copywriters who specialize in email marketing… 

Copywriters who specialize in launches… 

And now – mark my words – there will be copywriters who specialize in A.I. architecture and optimization…

It’s a brand-new world with TONS of opportunities…

How to Use ChatGPT as a Copywriter

In light of FULL TRANSPARENCY, here’s exactly how we’re using A.I. at The Copy Posse because I know this is relatively new territory for a lot of creatives. 

  1. Research
  2. Adding Captions
  3. Summarizing and Repurposing
  4. Customer Support

Now, let’s dive in a bit further!

#1 – Research

We use a variety of A.I. tools – including VidIQ, Jasper.ai, AnswerThePublic, and yes even ChatGPT – to help us research trending topics, come up with killer headlines, and narrow in on the best keywords to use. 

The beginning stages of our YouTube process rely heavily on these A.I. tools. Instead of doing what I like to say “the wet noodle approach” where we are just guessing what topics to create video content about… these tools give us a better idea of what people actually want. This saves us hours and hours on research. 

#2 – Adding Captions

We add captions to all our training videos and A.I. saves us so much time with this. 

#3 – Summarizing and Repurposing

My social media manager uses an A.I. tool called Descript for this all the time. And it saves her hours of work! 

Because instead of watching every single 3-hour interview I conduct, she can quickly scan a transcription, pull the juiciest nuggets from it, and turn it into a short clip to be repurposed on our social platforms. 

#4 – Customer Support

We use an A.I. tool, called ManyChat, in my Instagram DMs to help send out free resources to our community members when they ask for them. This is amazing because it helps us automate lead generation AND our customers don’t have to wait for a team member to manually send them the resources they’re asking for. 

This has been a game changer because we’re able to help our audience get what they want WHEN THEY WANT IT!!

Notice anything about the way we’re using A.I.?

We are NOT using A.I. to create ANY of our original content. Even when we use A.I. to research trending topics or headlines – we never use anything directly or word for word. 

We are always changing it up to add our own flare and angle.

And, while adding A.I. to your marketing strategy is a great way to save yourself some time when it comes to ideation, strategizing, and systemizing…

We do not treat A.I. as a replacement for the creativity,  empathy, or high-level strategy that my TEAM brings to the table.

Every single A.I. tool we use is used in TANDEM with a team member who is behind the scenes making the real magic happen.

What I know for sure is that A.I. is going to create even MORE mistrust in the industry, which is why it’s important not to go off the deep end with it or you may lose the trust of the audience you have.

This is something we believe in so heavily that we just added an A.I. Policy recently that echoes this.

We only use A.I. if…

  • It improves the customer experience and helps them get results faster…
  • Or helps us produce the same high-quality (or higher quality) content faster…
  • And we’ll always be transparent when using A.I. so our community never feels duped.

I’m not saying this is the BEST or the ONLY way. And I’m not even saying we won’t shift and pivot as the technology continues to evolve. But right now – this is how we’re handling it. 

Alright, guys! I hope this was super helpful for you. 

AND I have a really special gift for you…. to help you really optimize and get the best result with A.I. my team and I put together a FREE Posse Prompts Cheatsheet for you.

Until next time, I’m Alex. Ciao for now!

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