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15 A.I. Prompts, Tips & Tools To Spark Your Creative Flow

Learn how to use A.I. the right way and rise above the generic, boring and inaccurate “robocopy” flooding the internet right now.


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✅ Supercharge Your Productivity & Eliminate Writer’s Block

Tired of staring at a blank page? Struggling to come up with ideas for your writing projects? Facing a looming deadline, but can’t find the motivation to write? A.I. will be your new writing BFF (with the right prompts, that is 😉) These 15 prompts will help you brainstorm, research, ideate, and even create first drafts of great copy FAST (yes, I said first drafts – please don’t copy A.I. word for word unless you want to perpetuate the yawn-fest that is the internet rn).

✅ Stay Relevant & Propel Your Business Forward

While you should NEVER rely solely on A.I. to do, well, anything – mastering these tools can help you propel your business forward and streamline your process. No, NOT by replacing real creativity, empathy, and originality, but by learning how to use A.I. in tandem with a human who is behind the scenes making the real magic happen. The future is here and we shouldn’t be afraid of it – it’s time to master the machine.

Optimize Your Results & Become A Better Writer

At the end of the day, A.I. is only as good as the person running it. If you don’t understand the right way to use A.I. – your copy will end up being bland, boring, or straight-up inaccurate (yes, A.I. lies – gasp!) These prompts are not only designed to help you get the best results possible but to also challenge you (as a writer) and get you to start thinking more critically and creatively. Inside this free guide, you’ll also learn our A.I. policy here at the Copy Posse, best practices and fave tools we’re using right now.

About Alex Cattoni & The Copy Posse

Alex is the founder of the
Copy Posse, where she is on a mission to de-douchify the Internet, redefine modern marketing and build an empathy empire. Through her online programs, content and challenges, Alex has helped hundreds of thousands of copywriters and entrepreneurs from around the world ignite their businesses with her fun and empathetic approach to branding, marketing and copywriting. Since launching the Copy Posse in 2020, Alex has been featured on Forbes, Mindvalley, and Foundr. She is a 5-time speaker at Ad World and was crowned 2022 Marketer of the Year by DigitalMarketer.

Alex Cattoni, Founder of the Copy Posse

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