TikTok Marketing: How To Use TikTok To Grow Your Business (with Keenya Kelly)

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TikTok for business?

Wait, isn’t TikTok just for dancing teenagers and lipsyncing Gen-Zers?

NOPE. It’s official… 

TikTok can longer be ignored by digital marketers. 

Because not only does TikTok make it possible to expand your reach and grow your audience in a record amount of time… 

But it’s also proven to be one of the MOST EFFECTIVE ways for business owners to market, scale, and sell their products and services online…

And in this exclusive interview with TikTok for business expert, Keenya Kelly, you’ll learn exactly how to do just that. Plus, you’ll also  learn:

  • Why TikTok is shaking up the game in digital marketing
  • How to get started even if you don’t have a TikTok account
  • Juicy hashtag tips you can’t get anywhere else
  • Key TikTok mistakes you need to AVOID at all costs

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This week I’m coming to you this week with an EXCLUSIVE interview with the one, the only – The Queen of TikTok…

Keenya Kelly.

Who is Keenya Kelly?

She’s a TikTok expert specifically for BUSINESS OWNERS and I recently invited her to teach her TikTok tips to my Reignmakers – members of my high-level mentorship program – and what she had to say was just SOOOO GOOD (and frankly mind-blowing)….

So I invited her back to do another interview just for all of you! 

During this interview, you’ll learn all about the TikTok platform, why it’s so effective, and most importantly – how to use it to grow your business, get more clients, and make more money (yes, without dancing, doing silly “trends”, or hell – even showing your face at all!) 

Keenya is the CEO of If You Brand It – a marketing and consulting firm in San Diego, CA – where she has helped thousands of female entrepreneurs how to launch their own brands through the power of video marketing. When the pandemic hit, like many people, Keenya had to pivot and decided to learn more about TikTok and how to use it as a way to market her business…

Well in just 12 short months, she grew her account to over 470,000 followers and has since helped her clients reach MILLIONS of followers.

Trust me – this a lesson in video marketing that you never knew you needed. So you’ll want to pay close attention and take notes.

Here’s the interview…

How To Use TikTok To Grow Your Business


I am so excited, because today joining me is an incredible, incredible marketing expert. She is… I am legit calling her the Queen of TikTok because this woman knows so much about TikTok marketing, and honestly you have to go follow her immediately, because the stuff that she shares on this platform is incredible, and in case you are like me a month ago, who literally thought that TikTok was just for like dancing teenagers, and then I opened the platform, the platform one day and thought, “Oh my gosh,” so many incredible business coaches, service providers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, who I really love and admire, are absolutely killing it on this platform.

So I immediately thought, “Oh my gosh, I need to, I need to have someone come in and talk about the power of this to the posse community.” I reached out to my friend, Anik Singal, who is another incredible, incredible business owner coach, who is also crushing it on TikTok. And I’m like, “Dude, tell me your secrets, like tell me all your TikTok stuff.” And he was like, “No, you gotta talk to the one, the only, Keenya Kelly.”

So Keenya, welcome to my YouTube channel! I am so happy you are here.


Yes. I’m so excited to be here, so excited!


And this is so great, because just yesterday, you came into my Reignmakers clubhouse, and did an exclusive TikTok training just for my Reignmakers, which is amazing, cause it literally got all of my juices flowing and I have so many follow-up questions for you and things that I know the posse are gonna wanna hear about.

But my first question to you, is maybe, just like the obvious one, it’s like, what’s so great about TikTok? Like just tell me, why is this platform something that people need to be paying attention to?


Yeah. So one of the things to understand is that, our attention span is very short now. I mean, it’s like extremely short, like 8 to 11 seconds, and TikTok came into the long-form content stream, with these small bite-sized pieces of content, 15 seconds or less initially, and so people are finding themselves, come into the platform to be entertained. They think they’re gonna be there for 15 seconds for that video, but they end up being there for two hours. And so, as a business owner, when I put a piece of content on the platform, it gives people a bite-sized introduction into who I am, what it is that I do, and they can binge-watch me for 15 seconds, and people get swarmed into me, my message, and all that, a lot faster than a 30-minute Facebook live video.


Oh my gosh. I love that so much, and also, 15 seconds, I mean that seems doable. Like what I think of the, you know, the content that I create here on YouTube, having to produce, you know, high-quality long form. It’s crazy that like, 10 minutes is considered long-form now, but it really is a long-form video, 15 seconds seems really, really doable. And I wanna talk a little bit more about content creation tips here in a second, but the first, next question, I guess, I should say, is I’ve really noticed lately, that like TikTok came out, and then Instagram announced Reels, and then YouTube announced YouTube Shorts.




And I’m like, wait a second? There, I’m noticing something here, and I know you have said it, that literally every other social platform is copying TikTok, which is interesting.


Mm-hmm. Yeah, for sure. And like the thing about it is that like, if we pay attention to what the businesses and brands are doing, they’re telling us the next move, they’re telling us what we should be doing. And you know, I mean, I’ll preface it with like, I was not always on TikTok. I was on Facebook and Instagram and I still am, you know, but when I started on TikTok in 2020, like, I watched myself spend a lot less time on those, you know, particular platforms.

And then as a marketer, I say, “Huh.” When they started with Instagram Reels, I said, “People think that Facebook and Instagram’s being super innovative.” No, they recognize that TikTok is taking over, and it’s taking the people from them that always spent their time there. And so I said to myself, well, I should spend more time there, you know, with my business. And now you’ve got Facebook, Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, Pinterest idea pins, and I think Twitter has something now.


And so, you had said this on our session yesterday, but you should be paying attention to, you know, when all of these other massive, massive platforms, are literally changing features, their business model, like what feels like overnight, for those of us on the receiving end of it. There’s something to be said for that, because who really would do that? And, and you said this yesterday, who would go see a competitor business and go, I gotta drop everything and go do what they’re doing, and it’s clearly because the numbers are there, the metrics are there, there’s no doubt that TikTok is a trend that’s not going anywhere.


For sure. Like we would not just abandon our businesses for our competitor’s stuff, and we’re watching the giants do it, but not only did they do it, but then when the stats came out, that people are spending more time on TikTok than they are on Google or YouTube, the whole world should have gone, “We’re running to TikTok,” but you know, sometimes they just don’t see it, but the big brands see it.


And it’s still early days, right? Like, anyone listening to this now, hopefully can see that, this is not a miss. You haven’t missed the train on TikTok. In fact, I am only now just really getting into it, and over the next couple of months, will be spending a lot more time and energy really playing around with this platform, but I can say that, it took me just shy of three weeks, to reach, I think, around 1200 followers on TikTok, it took me six months to reach 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.


Yeah, exactly. Like, listen, I have been on Instagram and Facebook since I was born. Right? And my Instagram today has 21,800 followers, and it’s been, we had about six years on that account. I’ve been on TikTok for two and a half years and we’re at 489,000, and I’m like, cause this is what the algorithm does and people’s behavior just goes through the roof.


And I love your story of how you have a branding agency in San Diego, called If You Brand It, you were doing client work and web design work. Yeah. And then during the pandemic, like I think a lot of entrepreneurs or even people in jobs, you know, we’re all of a sudden faced with this, “Oh my gosh, I have to pivot or I wanna do something different.” And you turn to TikTok as sort of a new platform to explore, and really, I just, like you said, 2 and a half years, were able to grow a massive following using TikTok.


Yeah, it blew me away. I remember my first time I went viral, I went viral with one of my cats and did some kind of trend, and she went viral, we gained like 1000 followers, and I was like, “What in the world is going on?” And then when I did my first viral video about going through divorce and I showed my book and I gained like 10,000 followers, and my book was selling like crazy on Amazon. And I was like, “Okay. We have stumbled onto a thing that is, completely, people just don’t understand.” But again, like you were saying earlier, it’s like, it’s nowhere near, too late, like 99% of people that have businesses, are still not there. So, it’s a wide-open place to be.


And I love the two videos you mentioned, this leads to my next question. There was like a cat video and a video of you talking about divorce, but it’s like, wait a second? Keenya is a TikTok for business expert. How does that work with kind of navigating, posting, really, really, subject matter specific like, okay, copywriting, right? I’m gonna start my account, do I have to do every video on copywriting, if not people are gonna get confused? How do you know the balance between really subject matter specific content and more of like the fun stuff that might be more likely to go viral, like the cat or the divorce video?


Yeah, for sure. So I always tell people that before you start on any kind of social media or in general, as a personal brand, you have to determine like, Who am I as a brand? Not only like, who am I targeting? What are my products? But, who am I as a brand? So when someone gets onto TikTok, I say, what are the top 10 things you could talk about on your account? Of course you talk about copywriting and all the different things that go along with it, but what about you as a personality? You know?

And so like, you don’t see my cats on TikTok now in a, in a video by themselves, but you will see me, if I’m at home shooting, I will intentionally place one of my cats on the floor and I’ll shoot a video, because of how their behavior’s gonna be, if I move too fast, and it causes a video to go viral, because folks wanna know, what’s happening- What the cat’s gonna do?

And so, I always tell people that you get an opportunity on TikTok, to be an entirely different version of yourself, right? It’s like the real you, but instead of you having to be this, like, you know, “I can only talk about this, I can only be this.” Yeah. It really allows you to be more of who you are and your brand. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to be goofy or have to dance or whatever, but it allows you to talk about other things.

For example, so I teach TikTok for business, right? But you will see me talk about my divorce and how I built a business, cause I am still a business owner, right? So it still kind of goes along with it, but periodically, if I wanna talk about a bad date, I went on, “I’m like a bad date as a CEO.” I could still tie it in there as a business person, and it’s still relatable, it’s still connected because people are doing business with a person, not doing business with just the name of a business.


Absolutely. And honestly, this all ties into my whole philosophy about the future of marketing and where we’re going with marketing, is values-based marketing. People wanna buy from brands and businesses that they can relate to, that they know they can trust, that they share the same values as, and you know, I think the early days of, of Instagram, it was really all about those, you know, aesthetic, beautifully posed perfect photos with the filters and all of that, and I think the market is getting really tired of, of all of that.

And that’s the beauty of these short video clips, is, you know, yeah, there’s filters and things like that, but not nearly to the extent of, the editing that happens on platforms like Instagram. And so what you’re seeing, are people just really showing up being very relatable, sharing funny anecdotes, and everyone goes, “Oh, great. I like that person.” And if I like that person, then I’m way more likely to give that person my money.


Exactly. And they say, I like that brand, you know, it’s like, I think Chipotle had did a video back in like 2021, and there’s a way that we think a Chipotle commercial should go. Right. Based upon our experience with Chipotle. Well, they completely abandoned that. They were like, this is the TikTok culture, let’s be a part of the TikTok culture. And when that video hit the for you feed it with viral, because we could, we already know what Chipotle tastes like. We know the cost of it, but because they came on a platform in a way that was relatable to us, we felt more connected to Chipotle than ever, and then a bunch of people went and got Chipotle.


Yeah. I love this so much because, now more than ever, and I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner, and a part of me is kicking myself for not seeing it sooner, just the power of what TikTok represents. And it really is relatability, and it’s being human, and it’s, you know, entertainment, right? We love to be entertained. You can still use it for educational purposes, and I think that’s what I am navigating right now, because coming from, you know, a YouTube background where YouTubers, like, I love you guys. Like you have a problem, you search for it, you get your answer, and like, you’re good.

It’s not an entertainment platform, but not as much so as TikTok. And so, really finding that line between, okay, how can I add value in a way that’s not just sharing, like the three tips and the five things. Yeah. And that to me is exciting, because not only does it showcase more of your personality, but it just, it leaves more room for organic and authentic kind of relationship building, which again, should be sort of, every copywriter, marketer, entrepreneur’s, primary goal in moving forward with the way that the market is, is headed, like being real and all those stories.


Yeah. And it allows you to connect with your customers in an entirely different way. So, like if I did a video and somebody commented and asked a question on a video, yes, I can literally comment on the video, but I can do, what’s called a reply video, to that person’s question, and it becomes an entirely new video. That person is just like, “Wow.” You know? But like from a strategic business standpoint, if that person asks, “How can I work with you?”

If you did a reply video to that, you know? It’s not like you’re selling cause they asked the question, and so you’re answering that person’s question and you’re putting yourself out there, but more importantly, you’re building a community when people see, “Oh, she actually talks back to her people,” or “He actually talks back to her people or whatever.” And then just, you know, what I found was that I actually found myself enjoying video marketing better, once I started getting on TikTok, cause like, I was doing Facebook’s and Instagram lives all the time. Right. But now when I’m creating on TikTok, it’s just natural. It’s more fun! It’s, I’m not finding myself having to sell all the time, because whatever I’m doing in the video already is doing it.


Yeah. It takes the pressure off, you know, as someone who has produced a lot of video content and I really do my best to make sure that it’s tight and that every second is like jam-packed with value, and then you go to TikTok and you’re like, “Oh, video marketing, doesn’t have to be that rigid.” It can actually be really organic and hey, it takes time to get there. I know many people who are not used to putting themselves on video, the thought of even doing a 15 second video clip can feel like, “Oh, God, this is scary.” But… Yeah. You know, there’s so many ways that you can use the platform without necessarily being like dancing or talking head.

And you know, one of my Reignmakers, yesterday shared how she got to 800 TikTok followers in like no time, and every single one of her videos, was just a voiceover of her filming, you know, her garden. And so there’s really a lot of ways that even introverts can use video marketing in their businesses.


Yeah. I know lady, she’s a Tarot card reader, and it was like, at least for a year, she never showed her face, and in that year she gained, I think it was like 300,000 followers the first six months, and then there was a million followers by the end of the year, because people didn’t care about her face, they wanted what she had, which was the Tarot cards.


Yeah. Oh my gosh. Absolutely. That makes so much sense. And it open, it opens up a lot of opportunities as well, cause I know there’s some days where, you know, I’m not feeling well, or I have no makeup on, or my hair’s not done, and I’m like, there’s no way, although I’m sure those videos would probably do even better because it’s like, oh gosh, I’m… Good, I’m seeing behind the scenes, this person isn’t perfectly polished all the time. They’re just normal.

Which leads me to my next question is, do you have, or in the beginning, cause now you’re probably more of a natural at it, and you can probably just pick up the phone right now even, and do a TikTok and not even think about it, but in the beginning, as you were starting to post, did you have a content creation process that you followed to kind of really help get the gears going?


No, because I didn’t know what I was doing. You know, I didn’t understand the 15, or even one-minute video, so I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand how to create content on the platform, that was, that was, you know, culture-based, but after a while, what I started doing was, I would spend like the evenings, like when I wasn’t working and I was just kind of scrolling through TikTok and I would kind of save videos to my favorites and I said, “Oh, I’m gonna actually shoot these tomorrow.”

So, when I would get to the office, I would see, I would see I had like maybe 7 or 8 videos that I had saved to my favorites, and then I just kind of started going through the process of what could I say that’s relatable to this trend or what have you. And once I shot that video, just put it into my drafts, that typically would inspire me to do a talking head video where I actually taught something and then put it into my drafts. And eventually I started going, “Okay, what are we focusing on this month in the business, or this week in the business? Now, let’s make content around that.” But it took me a while to get there because I was so used to long-form content, not this short punchy content.


Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And, and that’s the thing that I think I’m getting better at, myself, is being like, okay, I can, I got opinions. I definitely got opinions. I could share an opinion in a minute for sure. You know? And and realizing that sometimes it’s those types of videos that do really well, you know, anytime you try to do a long form type of tutorial, you know, maybe TikTok isn’t the platform for it, but there’s so many other forms of content.

And I love how real you are. Like, “I had no idea what I was doing.” Like yeah, none of us do when we are getting started. It’s so easy to like, look at what I’m doing on YouTube or what you’re doing on TikTok and go, I have to do it perfect from the beginning, and obviously that’s so not true.

And so if you were to give advice to someone who was just getting started, let’s say, they’ve never even downloaded the app and they’re watching this, and they really are resistant to it. Like, “I don’t know about this TikTok thing and how could I use this in my business to start getting clients who are actually gonna give me money, and is this, you know, worth my time, with all the other things I have to do as a new freelancer, or business owner?” What advice would you give them?


Yeah. So I would say number one, before you ever start downloading the apps, just think about what is happening in the marketplace. Just look at your feed, your Facebook, your Instagram, and YouTube feed. If you see that they’re all going to short-form video, they didn’t create it, TikTok did. And so just say it to yourself, like, okay, everything is changing and I can either go with the wave or I can be swept up by the wave. Right? And just have that, you know, understanding.

Then of course, I want you to download the app, but before you start creating content on the app, I actually want you to search in the app. So once you open the app, you’re gonna see a magnifying glass in the right hand corner, once you get your account set up, and then you’re gonna see a search box, you know, and then just type in copywriter, copywriting, okay?

And then just start binge-watching the content that is under those words. What that’s gonna do is, that’s gonna show you how many people that do what you do are already creating content on TikTok and then start taking notes on all the things that they’re doing, and watch what happens in your brain, right? So you’re gonna watch, you’re gonna get consumed, you’re gonna get drawn in by TikTok, but pay attention of how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking.

More than likely, you start coming up with ideas, how you could have done it better or what you can do on your channel, and as those ideas come up, write those down. And then lastly, I always tell our students to start just recording videos. Don’t post them, but just start recording, start playing with the buttons. Eventually what you’re gonna say to yourself is, I’m ready to hit post, because you’re gonna start seeing your competitors over and over and over again, and you’re gonna realize, “How in the world does she or he have 800,000 followers? what is going on?”

And it’ll tell, it’ll make you feel like you’re ready, but as you are just playing with the buttons to putting things in drafts, it’s gonna make you a lot more comfortable, because you gotta get comfortable with like a one minute clip or a 15 second clip, if you are used to long-form content. And once you get there, you’re gonna be rolling and then give yourself six months. I always give myself six months on everything, of being consistent every single day. Most people by that 90-day mark, explosion happens, but don’t expect an explosion on day one or week one, just do consistency the same way we would with YouTube or Instagram or even in our business.


Yeah. Oh, I love that so much. Yeah. And I think going back to what you said about, you know, searching for what everyone else is doing, I mean, that’s why I started my YouTube channel. I started my YouTube channel because, I would search copywriting and I’m like, “Oh, what? I can do this better.” No offense, everybody out there teaching copywriting, but I just thought, you know what? I have a different voice, I have a different perspective on that, so I’m just gonna start. And, and it took six months to really reach that point of, of getting that kind of momentum, I guess you could say. Yeah.

And one thing that you shared yesterday, which I thought was so brilliant is, when it comes to hashtags, you know, if you, if you use the, the #copywriter or copywriting, that’s actually telling YouTube to, or sorry, TikTok, to show your content to other creators who are using those exact same hashtags. Right. And so what happens is, you’ll end up showing your content to other copywriters. And if you’re trying to make money, you’re, you’re not- Other copywriters, well, maybe they’ll hire you, but other copywriters probably aren’t gonna hire you. Right. And so to use hashtags that are actually your ideal client, like business owner, coaching, you know, different brands and things like that, which I thought was absolutely so genius and such a good insight into how the hashtag algorithm works on TikTok.


Yeah, for sure. That’s like, for me, when I post my content, I always use a #femalecoach, #businesscoach, #relationshipcoach, #financialcoach, #healthcoach, because I teach coaches how to use TikTok, because when I was just doing like TikTok tips, TikTok marketing, I kept talking to the people who were doing what I’m doing and TikTok sends their content to me, because I’m using those hashtags, but once I started directly talking to, it’s like, if someone is a weight loss coach, well, you don’t wanna type in weight loss coach, you wanna type in diets or keto diet. Yeah. Because a person who is dieting is probably using the #I’m on the keto diet or whatever. Right.


Oh, that’s so genius. And it’s also, I think, I know for me, if I’m just getting started and I’m using the #copywriting and then all I see being shown to me is other copywriters, I would be like, there’s a million other people doing this. I would like get in my head about it, I would be comparing myself, and so I thought that was so genius. And I don’t even know if we’re doing that on our TikTok, but I can definitely say that was like a pro, pro tip, that I think most people wouldn’t know.

So good. And so like, like Keenya said, guys, I mean, start by just creating and, and that takes the pressure off because you can save things as drafts. I frequently will do things, and then I save them as a draft, and I still have some drafts, but I’m like, “Yeah, I’m not ready.” Like I have this one where, I’m being really sassy in response to this comment I got, and I was just fired up that day and I recorded it, and I’m like, “Will this ever see the light of day?” We will see. One day I might wake up and be sassy again, and like, push publish, or it might just live in my drafts and, and make me happy, who knows? It really does take the pressure off. What mistakes do you see people making when they’re just getting onto the platform and trying to use it for business?


Number one, they act like they’re on Facebook, right? So, the behaviors that you have on Facebook, is not the behaviors for TikTok. So for example, this is a horizontal video, but TikTok is very vertical. So, when you’re putting content on TikTok, whether you’re uploading it or you are, you know, recording it, it has to be vertical. The second thing people are doing is, people are trying to bring music to TikTok from something. Well, the music has to be in the copyrighted library, or it’s your violate copyright law. So it’s just a small thing, but people do do that.

The third thing is people do a lot of carousel photos, kind of, I don’t even remember when we used to do carousels. We used to be like photo here, photo here, photo here, and TikTok is not like that. It’s very punchy. It has to be, if you’re gonna use a photo, it has to go with some type of theme or something that’s happening on the platform. And lastly, they’re just really boring, you know?

You know, TikTok is a very entertainment-driven platform. That’s why people were, are there, that’s why they spend most of their time to be entertained, and so, I’m not saying you gotta do a trick or a cartwheel, or fall on the floor, even though I’ve done all of them on my accounts. Yeah. But you do, like, I always say, like on Facebook, you’re bringing your 9 to 5 personality, on, like at your job. On TikTok, you gotta bring your 5:01 personality, they wanna see just a little bit more of you, okay?

Again, you don’t have to be crazy, but you have to know that you’re trying to stop the scroll. So people are spending their time scrolling to be entertained, you gotta give them a reason to stop and watch your video, and so one of the things we all have to do is, you have to use hooks, right? Either that’s the first words you speak, the text on screen, or the description because you’ve got seconds before person says, “Nope, I’m watching the next video.”


Which as copywriters, you guys should all absolutely know how to craft a hook. If not, I actually have a whole playlist list on it somewhere, but absolutely that first few seconds is so important, and I’ve heard other people say like, Make sure you edit your clip, so that literally the split second, it starts just talking, so that there’s not this like awkward pause in the beginning, I’m guessing that’s why.


Cause it’s awkward to watch, you know, I’ve had people go, they’re like looking down, and they’re like, “Hi, my name is…” and then you’re like, you know, it’s awkward, you know? But, so, one thing you gotta learn how to use is the three-second timer on TikTok, Okay? So like, you’ll learn that once you play with the buttons that give you a countdown 3, 2, 1. So, that way you’re looking into the camera when you start, you know, but it took me six months to figure out a three-second timer.


I’ve never used it, but there’s been a couple times where I like have, I’m trying to push the button really fast and then like get into, okay. 3, 2, 1. And then the other thing that, you know, when you said don’t be boring like again, that sometimes puts a lot of pressure on people who are like, “But what… Oh, what if I am boring?” You know? And there’s so many easy ways, like with the music, with the stickers you can add, there’s so many, with the text you can have pop up.

Like even if your video is you just like a talking head, sharing a point. There’s so many things you can add to make it more engaging. And what I have found is, you know, if I’m recording a TikTok, I’ll, let’s say I’m giving like five pointers, I’ll do one point pointer this way, and then I’ll do the second point here, and I’ll like be closer to the camera, and then I’ll do a third pointer from like a different perspective, because that change in, in camera angle, actually keeps people engaged.


Yeah. Yeah. And one of my friends, Brock Johnson, was just talking about that on Instagram, and how in movies, in movies, they cut every two to three seconds, because it’s keeping your attention. So, it’s not like you have to go and shoot and walk somewhere else, which you can, like you said, you can shoot and then shoot, and then shoot, and then shoot, and it’s just you, because press and record and stopping, press and record and stopping, and it, it really helps your video. I love this.


Oh my gosh, I love this so much. I feel like we could jam so much more, but you’ve shared so much incredible wisdom with everyone in the posse on the best ways to get started. And honestly like take the pressure off, start recording drafts. Yeah. Even if they, if you feel like they suck, honestly, even with YouTube, like go back and watch my first video. Yeah. Then you’ll see it’s something that does take time.

But like you said, that is the future of where marketing is going. You know, it’s been said that, I think this year, over 90% of web traffic will come through video and much of that is short-form video. So you can’t really ignore this. So even if you, as a copywriter, or freelancer, or business consultant, don’t really wanna use the platform for your own business, if you are serving clients, then this needs to be something on your radar cause we can no longer ignore it, so, yeah.


Mm-hmm. It’s everywhere. It’s everywhere. It’s everywhere.


Keenya, thank you so much, if people want to go learn more about you, I mean, obviously go follow you on TikTok @keenyakelly. I know you’re on Instagram @keeenyakelly as well. Is there anywhere else people can go to just find out more about your TikTok for business, and, and, and all the amazing advice and tips you give.


For sure. So, we just started our YouTube channel. So you can also find us on YouTube at Keenya Kelly, or you can go to my website keenyakelly.com, and that has everything.


Amazing. Yes. Thank you so much. And congrats on starting your YouTube channel! I can be your YouTube expert on speed dial, and you can be my TikTok expert on speed dial.


That’s right. Let’s go. Yes, yes, yes, cause I need the help and I could help you. I love it.


That, I mean really. Honestly. Like sidebar wrap, like that is how you grow your business, honestly like creating relationships, adding value and connecting with like-minded people. Nothing better. So, thank you so much for being here and for showing, showing up and sharing your wisdom with the posse.


Thank you! Nice to meet you guys. Bye!

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