Proven Copywriting Formula That Works For Webinars


Webinars are one of the most powerful and personalized sales tools you can use—keep reading to learn my proven formula for writing webinars that work!

What’s up guys it’s Alex! And in this post, I’m going to share the exact webinar outline that I use time and time again to create consistent and predictable income for me and my clients.

But first please remember that webinars are PERSONAL sales tools and should always be authentic and unique to you and your teaching style.

No one knows your audience better than you do, so I’ve designed this outline to be a loose guide that you can follow to create an event that best represents your brand, niche and product…

And if you’re already doing webinars, use this as a reference to improve your messaging and flow!

The goal, obviously, is to not have a bunch of cookie-cutter webinars floating around the internet. Yes, we’ve all seen them. The goal is to create a unique and highly valuable experience for your peeps. Got it?

Now, webinars are only one part of a killer sales funnel.

So if you’re looking to start a freelance copywriting business, or increase conversions in your existing business through crazy good copy, hit subscribe over on my YouTube Channel! I release a new marketing or copywriting tutorial every single week!

Alright now here is my proven copywriting formula for webinars! I write my webinar scripts in 8 distinct sections…

As I go through them one by one, I’ll share the universal core message that each part of your webinar should convey. These are simply guiding principles to keep in mind in case you ever get caught in the weeds and lose direction. Which is very easy to do on a webinar!

I’ve also time-stamped each section so you know approximately how long each one should take. And to keep things easy, this webinar outline is for a typical 1-hour webinar, but keep in mind you can definitely have a webinar that’s longer or shorter. Either way, the timing should stay somewhat proportionate.

Okay, so the first section of your webinar is…

#1: The Introduction 0:00-5:00

This should take about 5 minutes. And the core message of your introduction is: YOU BELONG HERE.

So you want to welcome attendees and thank them for joining. Take a few minutes to say hello and encourage engagement. This creates a bit of a buffer to allow more time for people to jump on the line before you officially begin.

You can encourage engagement by asking people to leave comments, ask questions, or write in the chat where they are joining from.

This immediately creates really cool social proof when others can see they aren’t alone on the webinar, and that people are joining from potentially all over the world.

So I’m dying to know…

Where are YOU reading this post from? Comment below and let me know. I’m in Vancouver, Canada by the way!

And here’s a little secret, the sooner you can get your viewers to take some sort of action, any action, the more committed they’ll be to the entire experience. You want active participants, and not silent lurkers, especially when it comes time to drop your call-to-action.

Even asking things like, “Can everybody hear me?” Type YES! And let me know! That’s a great way to create fast engagement.

So, after a couple of minutes of interaction, you want to officially welcome everyone to the webinar!

Then, start off by listing the 3-5 CORE benefits that they will learn. This is basically just reiterating whatever hook you’ve used in your marketing to get people on the webinar. The goal is to simply REMIND people why they signed up to begin with and let them know they’re in the right place… you do not want people guessing for long!

This is your opportunity to pique curiosity and overcome any initial objections that may cause someone to GTFO!

Also, be sure to mention the length of the webinar so people can plan to stay on for the entire thing.

Lastly, in your introduction, you want to give people a REASON to stay till the end. One common way to do this is to simply let everyone know that at the end of the webinar, you’ll have a special gift waiting. This will drastically increase your webinar stick rate.

Ok moving onto…

#2: Your Story 5:00-15:00

This should take about 10 mins and the core message of your story is YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

This is where you add in some storytelling flavor by sharing your times of struggle, what you’ve been through, what challenges and obstacles you came up against… and the straw that broke the camel’s back, or in other words, what finally led you on a quest to find a solution.

Your story is your one and only shot to CONNECT with your viewer.

And don’t be afraid to be real, vulnerable and live what you’re sharing in the moment. I strongly suggest you don’t overscript this section. Let it come through you organically with just a few bullet points to help keep you on track…

And be as specific as possible. Ironically, the more specific your story, the more UNIVERSAL it becomes. You want your viewers to be there – living it with you.

Your story then leads to section number 3…

#3: The Discovery 15:00-25:00

This should also take about 10 minutes and the core message of your discovery is I CAN HELP YOU!

This is where you introduce the initial solution to your problem. So what helped you end the struggle… and what you’ll be revealing in the next section.

And the best way to do this is through sharing the results you experienced after making your discovery.

This is also a great time to weave in any science or factual evidence to support what you’re saying. Real-life evidence creates authority and builds trust.

I like to very briefly seed the program here too without mentioning exactly what it is or the price. This authentically lets people know you are in fact selling something on the webinar and will save them from feeling ambushed when you do drop the CTA…

You can say something like… “My product, which I’ll tell you about a little later, includes something really powerful stuff that will help you do X….”

But then quickly pivot to the free and immediately actionable tips, strategies, exercises, etc, that you’re about to guide them through on the webinar…

And before moving onto the content section, include some social proof – like a testimonial from someone who experienced immediate benefits as a result of the free content that you’re about to share.

Then you can move on to the meat and potatoes of your entire webinar… section 4

#4: The Wisdom 25:00-40:00

So this should take at least 15 minutes and should be the longest part of your webinar. The core message here is HERE’S HOW YOU GET IMMEDIATE RESULTS.

This is all about delivering on the promises you made in your marketing and adding real, tangible value.

The best way to do this is through following a teaching framework like The 5 steps, the 3 secrets, the 2 techniques…

Or by taking people through an actual experience like visualization, a meditation or a written exercise.

The goal here is to give results in advance.

You want this section to be crazy valuable but “incomplete” so it leaves people wanting more!

My favorite example of this comes from Frank Kern. So say you’re in the dating niche and your product helps people build confidence and find a relationship. To give results in advance on your webinar, you could say teach someone how to get their crush’s phone number…

But then what?

What do they do once they have it? How do they get that first date? And how do they actually create a loving and meaningful relationship?

So you see, solving the initial phone number problem actually created another higher-value problem, leaving people wanting more! The content is still incredibly valuable – maybe even the most valuable content you have – which guarantees your audience will leave the webinar better off than when they arrived…

Which, should be the #1 goal of any webinar by the way. But it also gave them a taste of the results they’ll experience if they decide to go all the way…

So, think about the sequential problem-solving that happens in your business, and how you can offer crazy good results in advance on your webinar! The better the results you can give people for FREE, the more likely they are to buy from you. So don’t be afraid to share your good stuff… Trust me.

Okay so next, you can pivot to your next section.

#5: All-In-One Solution 40:00-50:00

This should take about 10 minutes and the core message of this section is I’VE MADE THIS EVEN EASIER FOR YOU.

This is where you let people know that the results they’ve already experienced on the webinar barely scratch the surface of what you can actually help them with…

And that you’ve made it even easier for them to get what they want. You learned the hard way so they don’t have to!

This is where you introduce your product – your all-in-one solution. Give a brief overview of what it is and drop the first CTA. This is your soft sell that will skim off all your eager beavers who are already chomping at the bit because they are so blown away by the free content you just gave them.

Next, share some specific social proof about your product, like testimonials, social comments, or the number of past students. Then, go into a more detailed step-by-step breakdown of everything included and mention the specific benefits they’ll experience with each part…

This section is all about sharing the results your audience can expect to receive when they purchase, and sets you up nicely for the 6th section of your webinar …

#6: The Offical Offer 50:00-55:00

This should be about 5 minutes and the core message of your official offer is HERE’S WHAT YOU GET TODAY!

Whereas the last section is all about sharing results, this section is all about communicating value.

So use price juxtaposition by sharing what regular folks have paid for a product or information like this…

Then announce your regular price…

THEN give an additional webinar discount and include a reason why.

This is where you play up the scarcity and explain WHY this offer is only on the table for a limited time.

And if you want some examples of how to best use scarcity in your marketing, watch my tutorial on the 4 Types of Scarcity. I’ll link to that at the end of this article.

So after you introduce your scarcity, throw in another CTA

And then drop in some more testimonials. Really testimonials should be sprinkled throughout your entire webinar, where they seem the most natural.

Finally, share all that left-brain stuff like payment options, your guarantee and delivery details.

And then add another CTA right before you move onto section number 7…what I call..

#7: The Fomo-Booster 55:00-58:00

This should be about 3 minutes max. And the core message of this section is DON’T MISS OUT!!

The goal here is to further maximize the value-price gap and add even more scarcity to make it a no-brainer for people to purchase right now.

This is where you introduce any limited-time bonuses. Yes, the good ol’ but that’s not all.

So list out your bonuses and include the benefits and value of each one. Then, of course, announce that they’re getting them all for free when they buy now on this webinar! You can let people know that they’re only available for the next 10 minutes, or for the next 100 people who buy…

Whatever works for you. But whatever scarcity you do use, be sure to include a reason why!

So at this point in the webinar, I like to give a shout out to everyone who has already purchased if you have that information. Like….

“Congrats, Alex in Canada, I see you just purchased – welcome! I so look forward to meeting you!”

You can also ask people to comment in the chat and let you know when they’ve purchased so you can publicly welcome them. This social proof is HUGE for anyone who hasn’t purchased yet.

So after a bit of interaction here, you can drop one more CTA.

Then, move onto the last section, the close…

#8: The Close 58:00-60:00

The close is brief, no more than a couple minutes, and its core message is simple: THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!

To wrap it all up, recap the offer, stack the total value now that you’ve added in all those bonuses, reiterate the discount, guarantee, payment options…

And drop your final CTA.

So at this point, your hour-long webinar is over. So you can either thank your attendees for joining and sign off, or you can open up the floor to some Q&A, which is always a really, really good idea.

Think about it – If they’re still listening, after your entire webinar and pitch, and they haven’t jumped off or they haven’t purchased yet, you know they are interested. So take as much time as you need to answer these questions.

Then, lastly, as promised, don’t forget this! Be sure to share the secret attendee bonus you mentioned at the beginning of your webinar for anyone who stayed on till the end. You can share a private link verbally or drop a link into the chat, whatever is easiest.

Then, drop one last CTA and finally sign off.

OK guys!! There you have it. That is my proven formula for writing webinars!

If you found this post helpful, leave me a comment below!

And be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for more marketing and copywriting tutorials coming your way very, very soon.

And if you want an awesome example of a webinar we did at the Copy Posse, check out my 6-Figure Video Training right here!

Until then, I’m Alex. Ciao for now!

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