The EASY Copy Formula Responsible For MILLIONS of Dollars In Sales

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For past 4 years – I’ve been using an incredibly simple 6-step marketing funnel to convert new leads into paying customers. 

This funnel is simple, effective, and yes – has made me MILLIONS of dollars. 

And I’m about to share the whole thing with you. 

Hey, Posse! What’s up? It’s Alex. 

Coming at ya this week with a tutorial to help to help you capture AND convert more customers in your business. 

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Now first…

Let’s talk about WHAT a funnel actually is—because it’s a word you hear A LOT in marketing. 

A funnel is simply referring to the journey a new lead takes as they interact with your brand. 

As they move from being completely unaware of you and your offers at the top of the funnel…. to the bottom of the funnel where they (hopefully) become paying and repeat customers. 

It’s the touchpoints in between that make up the structure – or framework – of your funnel. 

And it goes without saying that there are TONS of different frameworks you can follow. 

Funnels can be simple and they can be complex, with different upsell and downsell pathways, fancy segmentation and retargetting campaigns.

BUT – that’s not the type of funnel we’re talking about today. 

For the first 4 years of my brand, I used a very simple sales funnel. Like I mean dead simple…

And I was able to generate over a million dollars in profits from it.

I’m literally just now starting to build out my funnels into more complex structures…

That leads me to the biggest misconception in marketing today… that if you want to grow, you need a fancy funnel. The number of times I’ve heard people say “I need to fix my funnel” or “my funnel isn’t working” or “I need a new funnel”…

Funnel funnel funnel…

At the end of the day – your marketing funnel is important but it’s the MESSAGING behind your marketing that makes the biggest impact. If your funnel isn’t working it’s because your messaging is falling flat

Fix that and you can have one VERY simple funnel that your entire business is based on.

So with that, let me show you this STUPID simple 6-step funnel that has made me millions….

Step 1: Traffic

The #1 goal at the very top of every marketing funnel is getting attention (aka eyeballs on your stuff). We call this “impressions” or “views” in the marketing world.

And then converting those views into clicks. Which is what we call “traffic”…

There are many different ways you can go about traffic to your content or website:

  • Organic traffic via SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored Traffic
  • Or Paid Ads

Now if you’re thinking “oh great. I already can’t do this because I can’t afford to run ads….

Let me stop you for a minute. 

You don’t HAVE to run paid ads in order to use this funnel. 

The reality is, it’s not realistic for many brands and businesses that are just starting out. 

Many don’t have the budget to run paid ads right away. 

So if that’s you, don’t worry – this funnel can still work extremely well for you. 

In fact, for the first year of my business, I didn’t spend a single cent on paid ads. 

I built my business 100% ORGANICALLY via my social media channels.

Anytime and every time that it made sense I would promote a lead magnet and drive people to sign up for my email list. Which leads me to…

Step 2: Landing Page

Once you’ve got some eyeballs on your stuff… it’s time to turn those lurkers into leads.

Your goal is to get them to go one step further with you so you can continue to build a relationship with them and move them through your funnel. 

Now it’s going to be rare for someone to buy from you if they just discovered who you are. 

So instead of asking them to buy right away, you want to get them to make what’s called a “micro commitment”. 

The best way to do this is to invite them to join your email list

But we all know “join my list” isn’t the most compelling invitation… you gotta offer them something valuable in exchange for their email address. Which leads us to the next component you need in your funnel.

Step 3: High-Value Lead Magnet

So your goal with the lead magnet is to give away something HIGHLY VALUABLE for free. Think of it as a pot of gold. It’s gotta be good.

You really want to make sure this is something that will move them CLOSER to their desired goal. It needs to solve a problem and offer next steps that invite them to go further with your brand

Now, here is an entire lead magnet tutorial breaking down my personal lead magnet formula if you want help on that.

But just to give you a quick idea, your lead magnet can be a:

  • Checklist
  • Cheat sheet
  • Guide
  • Webinar
  • Workshop 
  • Masterclass

In order to access your lead magnet, they need to input their email address – which will deliver the lead magnet to their inbox and voila!

You have a new lead on your email list. 

Now they can drop into the next component of the funnel… 

Step 4: Indoctrination Emails

Once you’ve got the lead on your email list, you can begin the process of nurturing them through a series of emails often referred to as indoctrination emails or welcome emails. 

The purpose of these emails are to build up more desire, awareness and trust by providing valuable and relevant content.

So instead of hard-selling, your primary goal with these emails is to educate your prospects on who you are and WHY you’re uniquely qualified to help them.

This is a great time to share who you are, what you stand for, and more importantly, that you understand THEM and their unique challenges and obstacles. 

Again – I have a full tutorial dedicated to JUST breaking down my 3-step indoctrination formula. So if you want more help with this step, check that out.

Now… after you’ve indoctrinated your leads – you can move them into the next component of your funnel…

Step 5: Sales Emails

Up until now, you haven’t directly made an offer – but you’ve been seeding the sale in your welcome emails by offering them tons of free value, education, and tips to help them solve their biggest pain point. 

Now it’s time to let them know you have something to offer them that will make solving their pain point EASIER/FASTER/BETTER than if they were to continue doing it on their own. 

I recommend sending a minimum of 6 sales emails, including: 

  • One to introduce your product and offer.
  • One to educate on the benefits and how it can help your prospects.
  • One to showcase social proof & build authority.
  • One to stack the value.
  • One to overcome objections.
  • One to convey incentive & scarcity. 

And all of these emails will have a call-to-action button or link that would bring your leads back to the final part of your sales funnel, and where they will (hopefully) convert and buy…

Step 6: Sales Page 

This is where you present them with the offer and turn their interest into desire.

This is the “big one” that most brands and businesses are focused on getting right – simply because this is the page that actually sells the product or service (aka this is where they finally make money!) 

There are TONS and TONS of sales page formulas you can find online. 

But over my decade of experience in marketing, I’ve found this 10-step formula to be a winner time and time again. 

This quick hot offer checklist includes 10 conversion triggers that I always look for when reviewing copy to build trust, boost authority and ignite sales and you can grab your free copy in just a second.

And there you have it! 

The SIMPLE funnel has made me millions. 

Traffic ➡️ Landing Page ➡️ High-Value Lead Magnet ➡️ Indoctrination Emails ➡️ Sales Emails  ➡️ Sales Page 

If you’re ready to take all this knowledge from tactical to practical, then make sure to check out my 8-week copywriting coaching program – the Copy Posse Launch Files.

Where I teach you EXACTLY how to write each and every asset we talked about today. 

Including formulas and a step-by-step guide to help you write a MILLION DOLLAR FUNNEL. 

Until next time, I’m Alex – Ciao for now! 

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