Exclusive Interview With Jay Clouse: How To Create Clients, Grow Your Network & Multiply Your Income (Doing What You Love)

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Want to go from struggling freelancer to thriving creator and 10x your impact AND income in the process. Watch this exclusive interview with freelancing expert, Jay Clouse.

Hey Posse! What’s up?! It’s Alex. 

And this week I’m super excited to be sharing with you a behind-the-scenes interview with my good friend and freelancing expert, Jay Clouse. 

Jay is the creator of Freelancing School, which provides training and community to help freelancers make money doing what they love

And he’s also the host of Creative Elements, a podcast that explores how your favorite creators build businesses from their art and creativity. 

This private interview is coming to you directly from inside the Reign Clubhouse—my exclusive membership for freelancers who are ready to turn their side-hustles into 6 figures.

Now full disclosure, this is not the full interview. 

The second part of this interview was an in-depth training and Q&A session with Jay, but that’s reserved exclusively for my Reignmakers – so I’ll be keeping that portion private. 

But in this interview sneak peek, you will hear tons of amazing insights and tips from Jay, including how he built a personal brand, launched a successful podcast, created a powerful community of freelancers, and how he turned ONE stream of income into MULTIPLE. 

Jay is a total badass and all-around awesome guy who always delivers mad value and gives the best practical takeaways and actionable tips.

If you enjoy this interview and want to see more like it—make sure to leave me a comment below. 

Alright, let’s dive into the interview…

Watch the Interview


Well, what did I tell ya? 

Jay ALWAYS brings so much tried-and-true knowledge, super practical tips, and incredible wisdom

What was your #1 takeaway from this interview? Comment below and let me know! 

I’ll see ya again next week.

Until then, I’m Alex. Ciao for now! 


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