4 Time-Tested Methods For Finding Clients

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If you’re a fresh freelancer looking for ways to find new copywriting clients, here are 4 different approaches that *actually* work… 

…with personal stories and advice directly from my copy posse students. It’s that all too familiar feeling of anxiety, overwhelm, and panic that all new copywriters feel at the beginning of their freelancing journey…

Wait, how the hell am I actually going to find clients that want to GIVE ME MONEY? 

My DMs and inbox are constantly full of people asking me for tips and advice on finding their first client. 

I also went through this struggle and had all these feelings when I first started. Albeit it was 10 years ago but I can still remember the sense of panic I felt wondering how I would make rent for the month without any income! 

But like I said… that was 10 years ago! 

And so for more recent tips, I asked my own students for their advice to share with you. Be sure to check them out in the video below!

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If you’re new to the crew, welcome! 

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Now what I love about this week’s post, is that it’s literal PROOF that there’s not one singular strategy that works when it comes to getting clients…

Something different worked for every single one of these students you’re about to meet… 

And—newsflash—none of them involve cold outreach!!

They all used one of the four time-tested methods of finding clients and you’ll want to stick around to the end of this blog because you betta believe I’m gonna link them for you here.

Now, as promised—here are my 4 time-tested methods for finding clients…

Method #1: Hunt

This method is all about getting strategic and searching for clients that are a fit for you. Ask yourself what brands you admire and what products you love… follow them on social media, get on their email lists and watch what they are doing.

You can try reaching out directly, searching their jobs pages, or waiting for job opportunities to pop up that you can apply for.

With the hunt method, your biggest goal is to get your foot in the door with a company you really want to work with – it may start as a smaller project or another role related to copywriting – like social media, project management or community management. But once you’re in, it’s a lot easier to work your way up to high-paid copywriter status.

Method #2: Gather

This method is all about good old-fashioned networking and it should start with connecting with WHO YOU KNOW. 

Share what you’re doing with the people who are most likely to advocate for you and refer work to you…Friends, family, colleagues and even bosses.

On top of that, get out there and meet people! Go to marketing seminars, workshops, or local meet-ups in your area… I met my first high-paying retainer client at a marketing conference.

And remember – always go with the intention of adding value first. Ask questions and make genuine connections and friends. People want to work with people they know, like and trust. Period.

Method #3: Play

I like to say be a “BAE”.

Be Active Everywhere. So be on LinkedIn, be on Instagram, be on Facebook, have an Upwork profile, and don’t just be a ghost. 

Engage, find the forums, find the groups, find the hashtags, and truly connect, and play. Have fun with it, it doesn’t have to be serious, it doesn’t have to be heavy.

Start by having conversations and connecting with your ideal clients on topics they care about, post relevant content and showcase your skills.

Method #4: Slay

Be a boss and get referrals. This is the #1 fastest way to grow your business once you start getting clients.  

Do what you do, do it well, stay in your lane, get clear on what you offer, never stop learning and improving, add value, take feedback and trust me, your clients will continue to pay you time and time again and refer you to other clients in their network. Which is how I took my business from low 5-figures to multiple 6-figures as a freelancer back before I ever started the copy posse.

Remember EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS ON THE PLANET NEEDS COPYWRITERS. You just gotta find out how to connect with the ones looking for YOU!

I’m curious, which method are you going to try first?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you want real-time advice from people who are actually in your shoes, and out there searching, vetting, and landing clients as we speak… check out this week’s YouTube video to catch tips sent in by the rad grads from Season 2 of my LIVE 8-week copywriting coaching program—The Copy Posse Launch Pad

In the video below, you’ll hear 9 personal stories directly from them, so you can hear exactly how they got their very first client.

Until next time, I’m Alex. Ciao for now!

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