Content Marketing Tutorial: 19 Ways To Repurpose Content For Maximum Visibility & Reach

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When it comes to leveling up your content creation, the name of the game is work smarter – not harder. 

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you 19 ways you can EASILY repurpose one piece of content…

So you can squeeze the most value out of your content marketing strategy…

Maximize your visibility…

And reach as many people as possible…

Without any extra stress, time, or energy. 

Hey, Posse! What’s up? It’s Alex.

Coming at ya this week with a content marketing strategy that is going to save you so much time, energy, and STRESS. 

But first, if you’re new to the crew – welcome! On my blog, you’ll find hundreds of practical tips and tricks to help you master the world of online marketing. 

From dominating social media with amazing content to slaying sales with killer copywriting… and everything in between! 

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Now – have you ever heard about “the golden rule” of content marketing?

The more you post = the more eyeballs you’ll get on your content = the more successful you’ll be. 

Whether that be organic traffic from blog posts…

More followers on your Instagram…

Or more views on your YouTube videos…

When it comes to content marketing – consistency and frequency are KEY. 

And, unfortunately, this is one of the biggest reasons I see a lot of content creators failing… 

They can’t keep up with the high demand of producing, creating, and pumping out new content across a million different platforms that the online world requires if you want to scale and stay relevant. 

But what if I told you that creating brand-new content every single day doesn’t have to be hard.

What if there was a way you could strategically REUSE the amazing content you’ve already created… 

To reach more people, gain more traction, and boost your visibility in different (but still extremely valuable) ways?

Well… that’s EXACTLY what we do here at The Copy Posse. 

Now, before you go saying… “But Alex, won’t your audience get annoyed if you’re reposting the same content in different places!?!”

Nope – and here’s why…

You have different segments of your audience that hang out in different places. Some prefer to watch, some prefer to read, others prefer a quick scroll through a carousal on Instagram to get all the nuts and bolts.

The reality is – we hang out in different places online and like to consume content differently across these different platforms. So, while the content is SIMILAR, it’s being optimized for easy consumption in multiple places. How cool is that?

Plus, how much content do you actually REMEMBER until you’ve seen it a few times?

So without further ado, let’s pull back the curtain so you can see our process for repurposing content, maximizing our reach, and reducing our stress! 

For us, it all starts with producing ONE original, high-quality, and super valuable piece of content each week…

#1. YouTube Video

Yep – this channel right here is where most of our content creation starts! I say “most” because, of course, we do post some content that doesn’t originate from these videos…

But for the most part – almost all of the content you see from The Copy Posse had its debut in a YouTube video

And within one week of posting a new YouTube video, we’ve already reused the content a minimum of six times. And over the following weeks, months, and even years – we will continue to repurpose and reuse this original content. 

So, because I know you love examples, let’s follow this video from a few weeks ago through the Posse repurposing process so you can see exactly how we do it… 

#2. Blog Post

The first thing we do is turn every single video into a blog post to be published on my website.

And honestly you guys – this is such a no-brainer. It takes minimal effort to take a transcript of a video and turn it into a blog post that’s just naturally packed with tons of keywords to help your SEO. 

It’s an easy way to boost organic traffic AND get your content in front of people who prefer a good ‘ol fashioned article they can scan over a YouTube video. 

Of course, there is slight editing required when turning a video into a blog post. 

For example, in my videos I ask you guys to like and subscribe – obviously, that’s a direct reference to you guys on YouTube – and it won’t apply to a person reading the blog.

So that part needs to be cut out or reworded slightly. 

But other than small details like that, my blog posts are almost exactly identical to the videos. 

The next thing we do is take the blog post and turn it into…

#3. LinkedIn Article

Again – this is super easy. With this we’re basically taking the exact blog post and publishing it on LinkedIn as part of the Copy Posse’s weekly Newsletter – The Right Phrase Pays.

You could also just post it as an article on your profile. This is great for extending our reach because the audience who hangs out on YouTube is generally quite different from the audience who is hanging out on LinkedIn. 

So, by publishing a weekly article on LinkedIn AND a weekly tutorial on YouTube – I’m maximizing the number of people who are seeing my content. 

Alright, next up is where we start to change the content slightly from it’s original form… 

#4. Weekly Content Email

Now, if you’re on my email list then you already know that every single week I send out an email announcing my YouTube video.

But rather than just say – “Hey, my new video is live, go check it out…”

I like to play around with utilizing different hooks and storytelling methods

The CTA remains the same of course – to watch the video – but before I get there, I take my audience on a journey through a story or lesson that can be somehow related back to the video topic. 

So while the email is inspired by the topic of my weekly video, the content is exclusive for their eyes only. 

I want my subscribers to know there are perks to being on my email list – they’ll be getting something highly valuable that they won’t see or read anywhere else. 

Alright, now the next way we repurpose content from our weekly tutorials is through…

Yup, you guessed it…

Social media posts.

This is where we end up getting the most distance because not only will we re-post across ALL of our social media platforms

Meaning YouTube Community, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and even Twitter.

But we also turn this content into MULTIPLE POSTS. 

Here’s what that generally looks like…

#5. Social Graphic

On the day the new video content is published, we will post an image of the video thumbnail.

The caption that goes along with it is pretty straightforward and to the point – it includes…

  • A hook to capture attention
  • A short indoctrination about the topic of the video (and why it matters) 
  • What you’ll learn in the video
  • And then the CTA – to go watch it on YouTube. 

Again – this is easy, straightforward and takes hardly any extra work. 

#6 Short-Form Video 

In the weeks or months following, we might create a Reel or TikTok that repurposes some of the more juicy parts of the tutorial. 

It’s usually just a short segment of the video – preferably a super valuable portion that leaves people curious to learn more…

Or sometimes it’s a quick highlight of one of the main points.

And here’s a quick tip if you decide to do this… 

Always add captions/subtitles to your social media videos and reels – because most people don’t watch videos with the sound. 

And when it comes to the caption, here is where we start to get creative

While the content itself is being repurposed, we will start to play around with using different hooks and stories in the caption to create more engagement.

Next up, we create…

#7 Carousel Post

And then the next way we always repurpose our YouTube content is with… 

Carousel posts!!

Yes – these highly popular posts are basically just image-based learning. We’ll take some of the main points of the topic/tutorial and summarize it into short sentences that are easy to read and engage with. 

Again – here we’re coming up with a slightly different hook to make the content feel new and exciting. 

And the caption is basically just summarizing (and expanding upon) what the reader is seeing in the carousel images themselves. 

And then over the next couple of weeks, months, and years – we will continue to revisit and repost this content in new and exciting ways. 

So maybe that means using a different hook, posting a fun visual, or even creating a share-worthy game

With a little creativity the possibilities are truly endless and over the years you could easily end up repurposing this content 20, 30,


But at MINIMUM you just learned 19 easy ways to repurpose one piece of content.

Let’s review, you can now create… 

  • 1 = YouTube Video 
  • 1 = Blog Post 
  • 1 = LinkedIn Article 
  • 1 = Email 
  • 3 = Social Media Posts (x5 social media platforms – YouTube Community, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) 

= 19 ways MINIMUM that we’re getting the same exact content in front of our audience. 

Alright guys, I hope you found this super helpful and it inspired you to go out there and work smarter – not harder – in your content creation game. 

And until next time, I’m Alex – ciao for now! 

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