Branding 101: How To Build Customer Loyalty With Brand Voice

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Want to create an audience of raving fans without having to spend thousands on big promotions or fancy marketing strategies?

Well then… there is ONE very important thing that you must get right.

It has nothing to do with your business plan…

Or how long you’ve been around…

Or how many people you have on your email list…

Or even how good your marketing is…

Yep – I’m talking about branding.

In this blog, I’m going to walk you through a simple 5-step branding exercise to help you create a unique brand voice and keep your customers coming back again and again.

Hey, Posse! What’s up? It’s Alex.

And I’m super excited for this tutorial because I firmly believe this is something that FAR too many brands and businesses overlook – branding. And I’m not just talking about visual branding. You know, the colors, fonts, logos and imagery of your brand…

There is another part of branding that is often overlooked but so so important.

I’m talking about your Brand Voice.

Your Brand Voice is extremely important. It’s what ultimately dictates EVERYTHING you do in your business. 

From how you approach sales and marketing to how you handle customer service. And even the type of content you post! Your Brand Voice is what helps your customers get excited about investing in your product or service.

And it’s the number one reason why a customer comes back again and again. 

Like branding expert, Deb Gabor says…

When you get branding right, you create “irrational loyalty” – a condition where people are so bonded to your brand that they would feel like they were cheating on you should they go with something else. 

And THAT is exactly the type of feeling you want to induce in your customers. 

THAT is what will keep them coming back even if a competitor comes up with something bigger, better, and bolder…

THAT is why they’ll pay 5x more for your product than they would for a joe-schmoe product that does exactly the same thing…

And THAT is what will help you sell out product launches before your customers even know what the hell they’re buying (lol)…

There are 5 crucial elements that make up a strong brand voice. And today, I’m dishing out some fresh perspectives and examples of brands and businesses that are building irrational loyalty through branding done right. 

I saved the examples for the end – so for now, let’s get started with Brand Voice element #1…

#1. Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition or USP is a statement that succinctly embodies THE ONE THING that differentiates your brand from your competitors. 

It promises a specific benefit or unique feature that other brands and businesses don’t…

This is what makes you stand out  and it answers the question: “Why would someone buy from you over the competition?

It should very clearly communicate these 3 things…

  1. WHAT you offer
  2. WHO you serve
  3. HOW you do it. 

Getting crystal clear on these 3 things is what will help position your brand or business as THE KEY to helping customers achieve their goals. 

The Copy Posse helps rad copywriters and entrepreneurs around the world ignite their businesses with modern copywriting tips, training and strategies that work today. 

Now Brand Voice Element #2…

#2. Mission Statement

Now, this is one of the strongest messages you can communicate as a brand or business, because it’s setting the intention behind your brand.

It conveys your purpose in a way that intrigues, inspires, and motivates both your customers and the people within your organization.  

It’s your way of answering the question: “Why are you here?

Like – REALLY – why the hell are you here?

We all know that there are other brands, other businesses, other people who are there who are doing, selling, or offering something very similar (if not identical) to what you’re offering…

So WHY then, did you choose to go into business?

What is it exactly that you want to do differently, better, or different?

Think of this as your rally cry. 

It’s the thing that brings everyone together for a common cause, a common purpose, or a strong belief.  

At the Copy Posse, we believe that the best copywriting combines the power of authentic brand storytelling with proven direct response marketing principles and are SO OVER the manipulative, scammy, and severely outdated sales tactics we see being used online…

That’s why we’re rallying the raddest, baddest crew of copywriters around the planet to help us with one mission…⁠⁠

De-douchify the internet one word at a time and make caring cool again.⁠⁠

Alright, here comes number three on our list…

#3. Brand Story

According to research, 80% of customers are more likely to recommend brands they can emotionally connect with. And 70% of emotionally engaged consumers will willingly spend up to two times (or more) on brands they are emotionally loyal to…

So, how can you foster an emotional connection?

Through a powerful – and relatable – brand story! 

Hubspot defines Brand Story as the recount of “the series of events that sparked your company’s inception and expresses how that narrative still drives your mission today.” 

This is where the art of storytelling comes into your brand voice and messaging.

Think about it… most people know the backstory behind their favorite heroes and villains because they are compelling and memorable!

Just like a Superhero’s Origin Story, a strong brand story covers three pivotal turning points:

  1. The Status Quo: This is the old norm or origin of your situation, that eventually led you to… 
  2. The Challenge: Basically some form of problem, conflict or adversity that disrupted the status quo and motivated you to find a solution. And finally…
  3. The Discovery: This is the epiphany or resolution that led to a personal breakthrough your customers can emotionally relate to.

Here is a link to my about page so you can read my origin story!

Okay now – the 4th element for a memorable Brand Voice is…

#4. Personality

Your brand personality is about the real qualities, expressions, and emotions it embodies the most. 

Yes, you need to give your brand HUMAN characteristics. 

Identifying your brand personality will play a huge role in determining the tone, feel and flow of your copywriting and messaging… 

Is your brand conversational and playful? Loud and assertive? A young millennial who loves to travel? A genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist? 

What are the defining characteristics that make your brand YOU?

Now another part of brand personality is your phraseology – or the common phrases, sayings, words, sign-offs or slang that you tend to use most often in marketing, content and customer communication.

You might’ve noticed that here at The Copy Posse, I tend to say a few things over and over again… 

Things like:

  • “Benny” (yup, that’s what I call a benefit)
  • “The Right Phrase Pays” 
  • “Ciao for now”
  • “Rad”

These are all go-to phrases that I come back to and reuse again and again. My audience knows they’re my foundational phrases and they’ve come to expect them in my messaging…

If I were to suddenly stop saying one of these phrases – or use a different phrase in its place – it would probably throw my audience off and make them think, “What?! That doesn’t sound like The Copy Posse.”

So having a few phrases and words that you always use as a brand or business is important because it keeps your messaging consistent and cohesive across ALL platforms and lets your audience know: Yep – that’s The Copy Posse!

When I am working with clients to create a Brand Voice Guide, I’ll create a Glossary of their most common phraseology so it can be given to anyone who communicates on behalf of the company. 

Ok, and our final must-have brand voice component is…

#5. Values

Your brand values represent what your brand stands for, which is also what YOU, the person or team behind the business, stand for. 

They are the guiding principles that shape every aspect of your business — from your message, identity, customer experience, buying journey, policies, and so much more. 

Once you’ve got a good idea of your USP, mission statement, and brand story — it’s time to strip them down to your core values… 

Now, if this is something you’re struggling to identify…

Remember that you can always come back to your Customer Avatar or ideal customer. 

As a brand, you want YOUR VALUES to mirror your CUSTOMER’S values. 

5 Great Examples of Brand Voice

Alright, are you ready to see some brands that have nailed their branding and built up a massive fan base of irrationally loyal customers – based almost exclusively on the CORE VALUES and FEARS of their ideal customer? Because I am. 

#1 – Apple 

Probably the ultimate example of irrational loyalty… Apple. 

Most of us Apple fanatics know damn well that there are BETTER versions of many of Apple’s products… 

But that doesn’t mean we’re ever going to make the switch. 

Apple has nailed their branding down so well and the reason it works so damn well is because they’ve meshed their branding directly with their audiences’ core value and greatest fear…

  • Core Value: Innovation
  • Greatest fear: to be inauthentic or mediocre 

#2 – Trader Joe’s

Let’s be honest, if you’re in the “health grocery store” business… It’s kind of hard to compete with Whole Foods. 

Unless you’re Trader Joe’s!

The people who love Trader Joe’s… LOVE Trader Joe’s and they won’t shop anywhere else (Whole Foods included!) 

And that’s because Trader Joe’s nails its branding – fun, whimsical, gourmet, and cost-effective. 

  • Core Value: Pleasure
  • Greatest fear: Being bored or boring others

#3 – Lululemon

Who would pay $100 for a pair of yoga pants?…

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE would – as long as they’re Lululemon’s. 

This brand definitely has an irrationally loyal customer base. Again, because their branding and messaging directly align with their customer’s core values, desires, drives, and fears…

  • Core Value: Intimacy
  • Greatest fear: Being alone, a wallflower, unwanted, unloved

#4 – Starbucks

I gotta say, I’m not personally a big fan of this one – but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a great irrationally loyal following! 

Starbucks is arguably one of the most successful (and popular) coffee chains in the entire world. 

And that’s because they don’t just serve coffee – they serve you an entire brand experience that’s rooted in…

  • Core Value: Freedom
  • Biggest fear: Getting trapped, conformity, and inner emptiness

#5 – IKEA

And the last example on the list… IKEA!

Everyone’s favorite one-stop furniture shop. 

Now ironically, IKEA is notoriously known for its complicated instructions and frustratingly time-consuming installations… 

But that doesn’t stop their fans from flocking to them for every piece of simplistic and affordable furniture they need… 

Why? Because their branding speaks directly to what their customers crave most: 

  • Core Value: Belonging
  • Greatest fear: to be left out or to stand out from the crowd

 I hope you enjoyed this re-hashed tutorial on Brand Voice!

Plus, since you’re here I wanted to share my FREE Brand Voice Checklist – which walks you through exactly what you need to define FIRST to drastically improve your marketing campaigns, team building, and customer retention.

And if you want to learn more about creating brand messaging that’s centered around your customer’s core values, desires, drives, and fears – check out my Own The Inbox Challenge, where we deep dive into Customer Archetypes, buying psychology, and email marketing! 

Until next time, I’m Alex – ciao for now! 

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