4 Ways To Get Your FIRST Copywriting Client (Proven Methods & Real-Life Stories)

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Want to make your first $1000 as a copywriter? In this blog, I’m sharing 4 PROVEN STRATEGIES for finding copywriting clients – fast…

Including real-life stories of how some of my students landed their very first clients. 

Hey Posse, what’s up? It’s Alex. 

If you’re new to new to copywriting and looking for your first paying client, this blog is for you…

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So, if you’re new around here, you might not know that I was a freelance copywriter for over 10 years—long before I started teaching…

And over those years, I discovered 4 of what I think are the most effective client acquisition strategies.

I call these methods Hunt, Gather, Play & Slay…

And I teach them, along with all of my copywriting templates, formulas, and best practices, inside my 8-week copywriter program, the Copy Posse Launch Pad that launches JUST once a year…

AND… to show you exactly how simple these methods can be, I’ll share some real-life stories of how some of my students landed their very first clients. 

And if you want to know the #1 fastest way to grow your business and find high-paying clients, make sure you pay extra attention to Method #4…

Because that’s where the real magic happens. 

Now let’s dive into each one… 

Method #1: Hunt

This method is all about getting strategic and searching for clients that are a fit for you…

You are quite literally putting yourself out there and HUNTING for clients. 

Ask yourself what brands you admire and what products you love… follow them on social media, get on their email lists, and watch what they are doing.

You can try reaching out cold via email or DM, but honestly – cold outreach has never been my favorite strategy because it’s 100% a numbers game. So if you’re willing to send 100 messages without taking it personally when you get 99 ‘no’s’ or simply no response, then go for it!

Personally, I like to be strategic and personal with outreach…

This might look like scouring these company’s career pages and/or waiting for them to share or post job opportunities that you can apply for…

My student, Chi, from Season 2 of the Launch Pad got her first client by following them on social media and regularly checking out their posts. One day, they posted a copywriting opportunity, and she applied and got the job. 

With the hunt method, your biggest goal is to get your foot in the door with a company you want to work with.

It may start as a smaller project or another role related to copywriting – like social media, project management, or community management. 

In fact, a writer on my team first started working with me as a community manager. Even though she was technically a copywriter and didn’t necessarily “want” to be doing community management…

But she loved my brand and was excited to work with me NO MATTER WHAT THE ROLE WAS. 

She happily came on board, started at just 5 hours a week, and was paid hourly…

She did a great job, proved herself, was willing and eager to learn…

And it didn’t take long at all before she got on retainer and started taking on additional roles. 

Now she has been working with me for 4 years and is one of two writers on my team. 

This goes to show…

Once you’re “in” with a brand, it’s a lot easier to work your way up to high-paid copywriter status.

Alright, let’s move on the method #2…

Method #2: Gather

This method is all about good old-fashioned networking and it should start with connecting with who you already know. 

Share what you’re doing with the people who are most likely to advocate for you, support you and REFER you…

Friends, family, colleagues, and even bosses. 

The number of success stories of my students who used this method to find their clients is HUGE. 

I’m talking about new copywriters who did the simplest thing ever – posted on their social media account about the copywriting course they were taking…

And then had clients reach out to THEM. 

Like Samantha – who mentioned she was taking a course with the Copy Posse and had someone reach out asking if she could write their emails… 

And Michaela – who posted on her social media that she just joined one of my programs and had her first client reach out to her. 

I have other students who told their current bosses what they were up to… and their bosses hired them and became their first clients! 

And others who simply had a conversation with friends and strangers – which led to a referral for their very first client. 

Like Linda – who told a friend of hers that she was learning copywriting and within 2 weeks that friend referred her to a client.

Or Evelyne – who told all her writer friends what she was up to and got a referral to one of their old clients.

Or Rob – who told an old colleague of his that he was getting into copywriting, looking for clients, and immediately got 2 referrals.

But in addition to telling people you KNOW about your new career path, get out there and meet people you don’t yet know! 

Go to marketing seminars, workshops, or local meet-ups in your area… I met my first high-paying retainer client at a marketing conference…

But please please please do not show up with a stack of business cards asking people to contact you.

Instead, go with the intention of making genuine connections and friends. 

And don’t let your “lack of experience” stop you from connecting with business owners or potential clients or applying for jobs that may be seem a bit over your heard…

My student, Misi, got her first client through a referral after graduating from the Launch Pad. 

The problem was this client wanted 2 years of experience, proven metrics, and all the things that typically scare new copywriters from applying for a job…

But I love what Misi said so much. She said this:

I wasn’t going to be the one to tell me ‘no’. I’m going to bet on myself, apply anyway, and let THEM tell me ‘no’.

Misi, Launch Pad Student

Well, they told her YES despite her inexperience because they loved her portfolio and personality. They hired her for a full-time copywriting role as her first client ever. 

This goes to show that people want to work with people that they like


Your skills are important YES, but that is not why they will hire you. They’ll hire you for YOU.

So show up. Be you. Let your personality shine through. 

I love this story shared by student Abdel…

I had a revelation during Posse week day 2. PEOPLE HIRE PEOPLE! First, when I saw that during the live session, I said to myself : “Yeah this is obvious, is Alex on drugs or on something else?

And then Alex talked about showing your personality and I was like: “Oooooooooooooh, I see” with my mouth open for one minute.

I went back to my cold emails I sent recently. I clearly noted that I couldn’t sense my personality, my style, my way of expressing myself.

Why? Because I wanted the email to be professional AF! So I kept a very boring style but very professional, maybe too professional!

Okay, let’s write a cold email with no filter AT ALL, NO FILTER, I put words on a paper as it came in my brain. Then, I deleted some bad words because there were too many F words, bullshit…

I sent this email to a prospect I would like to work with for email marketing. Guess what?! After 4 hours, I got a reply from him!

He said:” You made me laugh!” and he wants to set up a call with me to discuss how I can help him.

I was just hiding my personality because I was afraid that potential clients reading my emails would find me crazy, not serious! But I was wrong! It feels so good to be myself!

Abdel, Copy Posse Student

How freaking POWERFUL is that?

Never underestimate the power of being YOU

And you’d be surprised how easily you land your first client!

Alright, let’s move on to method #3… 

Method #3: Play

Yup – engage with brands you love, find Facebook groups where your dream clients hang out, and truly connect, and HAVE FUN. 

This method is all about planting seeds…

Plant seeds OFTEN and EVERYWHERE and, eventually, they will sprout.

While you don’t need to be present on EVERY single social platform, my advice is to pick the 2 that work for you and go for it.

Maybe it’s LinkedIn

Maybe it’s Instagram

Maybe it’s Facebook Groups…

Now, I’m not suggesting you go nuts sending cold outreach pitches to everyone left and right. 


All you have to do is… wait for it… have conversations with people. Drop the agenda. 

Chat with people on topics they care about, post relevant content, showcase your skills, start genuine conversations and share value in online business communities…

You’ll be surprised how far this can go for you. 

I have students who had someone reach out to them MONTHS after a conversation they started. 

And if you can, join a community where you get access to a job board. 

Trust me…


And it’s one of the biggest perks my students get when they join my LIVE copywriting program, the Copy Posse Launch Pad

We have a job board that is updated frequently with new job opportunities – many of them are exclusively for my community. 

In fact, Mel got her very first client through the Copy Posse Job Board… and then later landed a 6-figure A YEAR client – yep, also through the job board. 

Alright, now on to the fourth and final method… SLAY.

Method #4: Slay

This one is exactly what it sounds like…

Once you start getting clients – no matter how small – show up, do the work, overdeliver, be flexible and available, never stop learning and improving and be open to feedback.

Do this and your clients will continue to pay you time and time again AND refer you to other clients in their network…

And THIS is the #1 fastest way to grow your business.

This is how I took my business from low 5-figures to multiple 6-figures as a freelancer back before I ever started the Copy Posse.

And it’s how so many of my students took the portfolio they wrote as part of the Launch Pad program

And used it as THE launch pad for building fun, fulfilling and lucrative copywriting businesses. 

Something that makes the Launch Pad super unique is that I don’t just teach you how to write good copy…

During this once-a-year program, I also GIVE YOU YOUR VERY FIRST CLIENT to write copy for… 

Yup! It’s something I call my “A-list”. 

 In Week 1 of the Copy Posse Launch Pad, your job is to select a product to write your Launch Pad portfolio on…

But rather than write for a mock product or a big inaccessible brand that may never even see your portfolio copy…

I give you the option of writing your Launch Pad portfolio for an actual business that is looking for a copywriter RIGHT NOW…

Yup, you get to pick from my A-list of real products by real companies that are looking for copywriting support… for real… right now…

Which means you get to add real client copy to your portfolio PLUS get your work in front of a brand that is ACTUALLY looking for copy help and just might hire you for ongoing work… 

OR refer you to another business they know who is looking for copy support. 

Listen – finding clients and building a successful copywriting business isn’t “easy”…

I’ll be the first to tell you that. 

It takes hard work and persistence. 

You have to be willing to hear more “nos” than “yeses” – especially in the beginning. 

But the truth is that clients are EVERYWHERE. 

I promise you…

If you follow these 4 methods…

And you stick with it…

If you put yourself out there, consistently plant seeds, and don’t get in your own way…

You WILL find your first client. 

And if you want to fast-track your progress, make sure you check out my 8-week coaching program

Where I’ll teach you everything I know about copywriting…

Help you create a portfolio that makes you stand out…

And makes it SO MUCH EASIER to find clients. 

Now, I’m curious, which method are you going to try first? Let me know in the comments below!

I’ll see you next week with a brand new blog. Until then, I’m Alex. Ciao for now!

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