3 Mindset Shifts To Create The Life & Career Of Your Dreams

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The life and career of your dreams could be right around the corner…

But are you getting in your own way?

In this blog, I’m going to share with you 3 mindset shifts that changed my life…

And how to know if you are self-sabotaging.

And yes… this tough love might hurt a bit.

Hey Posse, what’s up? It’s Alex. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

For my first blog of 2024, I’m coming at ya with one of my favorite things to talk about at the turn of a new chapter… MINDSET.

I know, I know…. Ughhhh who wants to talk about that!! Let’s talk about making money and dominating the year, right?!

Well, I hate to break it to ya, but a HUGE part of hitting your biggest goals in 2024 will come down to what’s going on inside here *points to head*

I’m a big believer that mindset is 90% of everything you do. 

So whether you’re…

  • Trying to start a new business…
  • Or learn a new skill…
  • Or totally transform your life…

If you don’t get your mind right – more specifically how you talk and treat yourself AND the stories you repeat over and over again – it’s going to be a lot harder than you think.

Now OF COURSE your success is impacted by other things too – like your upbringing, opportunities, privilege, life circumstances and the ACTIONS you take…

So I’m not saying you can just ‘believe’ and ‘achieve’ – we all know that’s garbage…

BUT if you DON’T have your mindset working WITH YOU, it’s working against you…

And with the right mindset shifts, everything becomes a LOT easier and more empowering…

And THAT is what I’m talking about today…

But before we dive in, please give me a comment below if you want to see more mindset tips like this. 

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Alright, now let’s get into mindset shift number one…

Mindset Shift #1: What’s Meant For Me Will Not Miss Me 

“What’s meant for me will not miss me.”

This is a mantra we say all of the time here at the Posse. 

Because, when you’re starting a business or learning a new skill, it can be really easy to feel like you’re not doing ENOUGH…

  • “Am I doing enough outreach?”
  • “Am I planting enough seeds?”
  • “Am I posting enough on social media?”
  • “Am I sending out enough emails?”
  • “Am I practicing enough?”

We get in our head about these things and as a result, we always feel like we’re falling short… 

Which is really, really scary because THAT FEELING can be enough to have you give up completely.

I want to let you in on a little secret about entrepreneurship

You will always feel like you’re not doing enough because there is ALWAYS something you could be doing.

That’s just the way it is. 

But just because there is more that COULD be done, doesn’t mean you have to try to get it ALL done.

You’ll never be able to do it ALL, because there will ALWAYS be more. 

So when you’re constantly telling yourself that you aren’t doing enough, you need to do more, more, more…

You very easily fall into “hustle mode”.

Which is NOT GOOD.


Everyone glorifies this idea of the “hustle and grind” and we need to stop that shit right now. 

Because it’s a road that leads to one place only – burnout city. Population YOU

And you go down that road one too many times and before you know it…

You’re pulling the plug on your entire dream because you literally cannot handle being in “go, go, go” mode all of the time. 

No one can. 

So what’s the solution? How do you avoid burnout?

You relax

You remember that there is no perfect speed, perfect process, or perfect way your journey *should* look. 

It might go faster than others…

It might go slower…

But your journey is YOURS.

You’re not behind…

You’re not missing something everyone else but you has figured out. 

Take a deep breath and tell yourself: “What’s meant for me will not miss me.

And keep moving forward. Step by step

Alright, now on to mindset shift number two… 

Mindset Shift #2: It’s You vs. You

Whew, this is a big one. Because, when you’re stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new, I KNOW it’s really easy to look at everyone else who is 1, 2, 10 steps ahead of you and think, “Wow, they have really got this figured out.”

  • “Oh, they’re naturally creative and can do this job.”
  • “Oh, they have experience that I don’t have. That’s why they can do this.”
  • “I’ll never be able to compare.”
  • “I’ll never be able to measure up.”


We’ve all heard that saying – right?

Comparison is the thief of joy…

This was honestly the biggest mindset block that stopped me from starting a YouTube Channel earlier. 

For an entire YEAR I was thinking about starting my channel…

I was on YouTube constantly…

Watching – studying – every single person I could find who was doing the same thing I wanted to do. 

And I immediately thought to myself – “Who am I to do this?

“I can’t compete with these people.”

They have this, they do that, I’ll never be that good, I have nothing different to say. 

Honestly, it was too much. I had to literally stop following those other people.

Stop watching their videos. Stop comparing my dream to what they were already doing. 

Now let me be clear…

I’m not saying that comparison is a terrible thing. 

It CAN be good. 

It can be a great thing that motivates you to chase your dreams and take action…

But there’s a very fine line between modeling positive behavior and toxic comparison

For me – I was stuck in a cycle of toxic comparison that was stopping me from moving forward. 

So here’s the thing you need to remember – and it’s not talked about often enough…

When you compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 10… you lose before you even get started. 

Your Chapter 1 could NEVER look like someone else’s Chapter 10. 

You should only be comparing yourself to the person you were yesterday. 

That’s the only thing that really matters.

Who cares if you don’t have the exact same number of followers – or whatever – that so and so has?

Start witnessing your growth and the things that you HAVE accomplished – big and small…

And give yourself some damn credit

Remember – It’s you versus you.

When you can fully embrace this concept, stop looking at what other people are doing and stay in your own lane…

And focus fully on YOU and how you can continue to be a better version of yourself

That’s when your growth and transformation really start happening at lightning speed. 

Alright, now on the last mindset shift that EVERYONE NEEDS TO HEAR…

Mindset Shift #3: It’s Not Personal

Ugh, yes! This is something that each and every one of us needs to practice. 

When you don’t get the outcome or result that you expected…

  • Like, someone ghosted you…
  • Or sent you a snippy comment…
  • Or a short impersonal email…
  • Or they don’t pay their invoice on time…
  • Or whatever else – it’s really easy to tell ourselves stories about why that might be happening…

And the story we tell ourselves is almost always, “Oh, it’s about me.

I did something wrong…

They’re mad at me…

They aren’t going to pay me…

I, I, I. Me, me, me. 

I can’t tell you the number of times in my freelancing career when something happened that I blew out of proportion and took personally for absolutely no reason

And you know what?

It is almost NEVER about you. 

Chances are, that person is having a bad day…

Or they genuinely forgot to reply…

Or they missed your email or invoice…

Or maybe they’re just BUSY and on-the-go so they sent an abrupt email.

Listen to me carefully… if you take everything personally, you’re going to find yourself in a lot of stressful and uncomfortable situations that literally ONLY EXIST IN YOUR MIND.

You might even sabotage something really great all because you told yourself a story about the reason why someone else is acting or behaving in a certain way – and then you reacted unprofessionally. 

Or jumped to conclusions…

When in reality, maybe all you needed to do was send a quick clarification message. Or a follow-up email. 

Or just take the high road and stay positive while someone else is going through a bad moment. 

Because 9 times outta 10, the simplest answer is usually the right one.

Could it be that they simply missed your email? Or are they secretly pining over what a terrible human you are? lol.

You have to remember that we’re all human.

We all have ups and downs and good days and bad days. 

A client having a bad day is not about you.

It’s about them. 

Stop taking it personally and instead, ask questions…

If something happened that confused you or you’re worried about it – send them a message. 

Follow up. 

But don’t get passive-aggressive about it. 

Show up, have a conversation, and be professional. 

I love this quote by Tim Ferriss and I quote it all the time… 

A person’s success in life can be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.

This is a mindset I adopted early on in my career. It has served me soooo well and has honestly SAVED so many client relationships that easily could have turned sour had I taken things personally. 

This one thing alone will change your life.

Alright, Posse… 

There’s a little tough love to start your year off with the kick in the booty we all need to succeed. I’m rooting for you every step of the way.

Happy freakin’ new year and I will see you next week with a brand new blog.

And as a little thanks for reading, here’s a quick gift for ya, my Confident Copywriter Roadmap.

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That all for today! Until next week, I’m Alex. Ciao for now!

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