3 Steps To Creating A Powerful Brand Story

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Your brand story is how your customers connect to you, rally behind you and it’s THE REASON they stick with you. 

Every single brand in existence has a powerful storyyes, even yours…

But extracting that story…

And writing it in a way that’s not only relevant to the reader… but also MAGNETIC

Is something that A LOT of freelancers, brands, and business owners struggle with. 

So in this blog, I’m going to share my proven 3-part storytelling structurebased on screenwriting principles used in Hollywood cinema – that will help you craft a deeply relatable brand story that magnetizes your ideal customer to you. 

Hey, Posse! What’s up? It’s Alex. 

Coming at ya this week with a brand new tutorial that SO MANY of my Posse peeps have been asking for… 

And I’m happy to deliver – because as many of you already know… 

I love storytelling & I love branding… 

So combining them TOGETHER is one of my favorite things ever

Why Your Brand Story Is Important

Now, before we get into my 3-part storytelling structure, let’s first talk a little bit about WHY this is so important to take your time with and make sure you get right… 

Because let’s be honest… 

MOST businesses tend to overlook the whole “share your story” aspect on their Websites and About Pages.

They make sure to convey their values and mission, and might even have some pictures of the founders with a brief bio…

But they don’t mention anything about the actual story behind the brand – what got them to where they are today. 

They falsely assume that the customer won’t care. 

  • No one reads the About page anyway…
  • No one wants to read a story about something that happened ages ago…
  • No one cares why I started. They only care that I can help them…


And this is a huge mistake that I see so many brands and businesses making. 

The truth is…. 

Customers today CRAVE an intimate knowledge of the brands they do business with. 

They want to know why you’re here, why you do what you do, and exactly WHAT led you to be the person, brand, and business that you are today. 

They want to feel like they actually know (and understand) you. 

And telling your STORY is how to develop that intimate connection with them. 


Telling your brand’s story differentiates you from other brands.

Your story is the #1 thing that will NEVER be the same as any of your competitors – it’s 100% unique to you!

Because remember… 

You can debate facts, and disagree with opinions, but you can never argue with a story.

But with that said…

It’s going to take more than just,“In 2014 I graduated from college then I worked for a start-up company, then I decided to start my own company, and now I’m here doing this thing you need.”

If you want your brand story to be engaging and build loyalty, then you’re going to have to do better than that. 

How to Write A Brand Story

So…  how do you craft a compelling brand story?

Here’s a sneak peek at my 3-part storytelling structure that I teach inside the Posse Eye brand voice challenge…. 

I created this brand storytelling model drawing inspiration from where the best stories are told today…

The big screen. 

Many films, whether you realize it or not, actually follow the same basic storytelling structure… 

…with a clearly distinct beginning, middle, and end. 

In cinema, this is called the 3-act structure. 


  • Act I is the setup. This establishes the main characters and their goals.
  • Act II is the confrontation. Here the stakes are raising and things are starting to get intense between the hero and the villain.
  • Act III is the resolution. This final act resolves the story. The hero returns home and has changed somehow, and the final sequence can serve as a setup for a potential sequel.

And you might have already guessed it…

But this is EXACTLY how you should write your brand story

And I’m not just saying to make sure your story has a beginning, middle, and end – I think that’s something most people generally understand…

The real juice behind the 3-act structure is the EVENTS that must happen in each act in order for your story to be compelling. 

The structure of the screenplay in Act I sets the stage… 

It should set up the time and place and introduce the most important characters, notably the hero or protagonist. 

This is the who, where, and when of your story..

The action starts when the protagonist is faced with an external problem. The first act poses the question: “How can the hero solve these problems?” 

And spoiler alert: If you tell your story correctly, the audience will discover the answer in Act 3. 

The second act is the confrontation – this is when you throw obstacles at your hero. The action rises, and your character is tested…

This is usually where your protagonist hits rock bottom or experiences “the dark night of the soul”

And then finally, in Act 3 you resolve your story, tie up all the loose strings of your subplots, answer the dramatic question raised in Act I, and complete the transformation of your main character.

You’ll find that most great cinematic movies follow this 3-act series. 

But YOU’RE not writing a movie script…

You’re writing a brand story. 

So how is this relevant to you? 

Well, just like the 3-act structure helps cinema weave together a compelling story that makes sense…

You want your brand story to pull your audience forward, hook them in, and keep them engaged until the very end. 

The beginning of your brand story – your act 1 – is what I call:

The Challenge. 

This act sets the foundation for the rest of your story.

This should touch on the REASON you started your journey in the first place.

Make sure to include the challenge, event, or pivotal moment that triggered everything and started you down this path…

It might not be related to what you currently do AT ALL. 

And that’s okay, you’re just laying the foundation for the rest of your story and giving the reader an inside context into what sparked the creation of your brand. 

Next up…

The middle of your brand story – your act 2 – is what I call:

The Discovery.

This is part of your story where you encountered a few obstacles, setbacks, or big realizations…

These events are ultimately what led you to a major “aha!” moment.

This is when your brand is officially born.

And lastly, the end of your brand story – your act 3 – is what I call:

The Empire.

Your story comes to an end by neatly tying everything together, saying “So THIS is who we are and WHY we do what we do”…

And most importantly…

This end of your brand story is where you get your readers excited for the sequel…

And inspire them to take the NEXT STEP with your brand or business. 

Creating Your Brand Story

My 3-step brand storytelling structure is based on screenwriting principles that have been drawing in crowds of fans for over a hundred years. 

If you want more guidance, practical examples, and a step-by-step workbook to help you craft your own killer brand story, make sure to check out my 5-day brand voice challenge – the Posse Eye

Where I’ll go into much more depth and detail to help you extract the key events and pivotal moments that you need to touch on…

Help you connect the pieces together in a powerful way that hooks attention…

With hundreds of examples and a step-by-step workbook to walk you through the process. 

You can learn more about the Posse Eye Challenge here. 

I hope you found this tutorial helpful.

Until next time, I’m Alex. Ciao for now!

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