The Neuroscience of Selling – A Simple “Trick” For Driving Buying Decisions

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What if there was a simple “trick” that would make your products and services WAY more likely to sell?

Well, according to neuroscience – there is! 

In this blog, you’re going to learn the ridiculously simple change you can make to your copy that’ll make it infinitely more effective. 

Plus, I’ll be giving you some real-life examples so you can see this concept in action.

Hey Posse! What’s up? It’s Alex. 

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SO what is this ridiculously simple “trick” that makes your copy more effective?


Yep. That’s right. I told you it was simple! 

But – wait…

Why is asking questions so important? HOW does it work? And most importantly…

What KIND of questions should you be asking?

Let’s get into it…

Why is asking questions in your copy important?

Simply put – because the human brain is complex…

And there are thousands of variables the human brain considers when making a buying decision. 

Now if you’re thinking: Hang on… I just impulsively purchased like 75 things I don’t really need during Black Friday… It can’t be THAT complex!”

I hear you! 

But believe it or not, even though that decision might have felt impulsive… your brain was STILL going through the same complex process it usually does.

I have said this before, and I’ll say it again. In order to compel someone to buy, your copy has to speak to both the logical brain AND the emotional brain.

MOST of us have no problem addressing the logical brain in our copy.

What your product is, how it helps your customers, what the price is, when the sale ends – all of this is very LOGICAL.

But without also addressing the underlying emotions – you’re going to struggle to win over the hearts of your customers. 

Studies in neuroscience suggest creating an emotional connection with your buyer has a huge payoff. And that, “Given the enormous opportunity to create new value, companies should pursue emotional connections as a science—and a strategy.”

And one of the best strategies and shortcuts to uncover your customer’s “emotional motivators is to ask questions.

BUT asking “the right questions” is the key here. 

You can’t just go around asking random questions and expect that to magically convince your customers to buy. 

We’ll get into the type of questions you should be asking in a minute, but first…

Let’s talk a little bit about HOW this works.

How does asking questions drive buying behavior?

Well, another Harvard study found that asking questions makes you more likable. Specifically, they found that people who ask a question, then ask two follow-up questions, are more liked by their peers and seen as better conversationalists partners. 

But more than just likeability… 

The study also noted that people who ask more questions are perceived to be better at listening, understanding, validating, and caring. 

And this the KEY to writing compelling copy. 

In order to speak to the emotional brain of your customer, you really want your reader to know…

  • You are listening to them. 
  • You understand them.
  • You are validating where they are without shame.
  • And most importantly – that you CARE about them. 

In other words, your copy needs to showcase EMPATHY.

And questions are the perfect way to accomplish that. 

But aside from making you more likeable as a brand or business, there are two key things that asking questions in your copy SHOULD accomplish…

And that brings us to the juicy stuff…

What kind of questions should you ask in your copy?

Asking questions will in your copy will make you more likeable – that’s important. 

But even more important are the other two side effects of asking good questions:

  1. They help your readers self-select (in or out).
  2. They make your copy more engaging to read.

The human brain is WIRED to answer questions. We subconsciously answer a question every time we’re presented with one – yes, even if we’re reading silently in our head! 

So when you ask strategic questions, you can help your readers self-select as NEEDING whatever it is that you’re selling. 

And another benefit of asking questions is that they create a more conversational tone – which makes your copy much more enjoyable to read.

Let’s take a look at a few examples…

Here’s an example from Mind Body Green:

Right away they are calling out the audience that this article is written for by asking: “Hitting a slump in your manifestations?

Either you read that question and you think: “Omg yes I totally am.” I should pay attention to this… – and you click the article to read more. Or you read it and think: “Um. Nope. Not for me” – and you move on. 

Remember, polarity is OK. You want the people who AREN’T your ideal audience to move on… so you can focus on connecting with the people you can best serve.

Let’s take a look at another example from Mindvalley… 

Here they are asking 3 powerful questions that don’t just help you self-select, but also do a great job of showcasing empathy

They ask:

  • Are you living your absolute best life right now… or are you settling?
  • Are you honoring every dimension of your life… or are you making painful sacrifices?
  • Are you living in complete clarity of who you are and what you want… or are you chasing someone else’s vision of success?


Those are powerful questions. 

And chances are – if you’re a person who is struggling in one of those areas – then you probably felt very seen, validated, and understood. 

Alright, let’s take one more look example from my own brand – The Copy Posse:

At the top here I’m asking: “Want a proven sales page formula that has made millions?This is, of course, a rhetorical question – I’m not really looking for an answer. Because the answer is obviously YES. 

What I’m really doing here is trying to elicit a lot of excitement from my target audience and pique their curiosity to keep reading. 

But I don’t stop there…

I go on to ask 4 more questions that are really speaking to my target audience AND calling out their specific pain points and struggles. 

  • Are you an entrepreneur who needs a high-converting sales page that actually works in today’s online marketing climate?
  • Are you a new founder, coach or consultant ready to put your work out there but don’t have thousands of dollars to pay a copywriter (yet)?
  • Are you a freelance copywriter who is struggling with a client’s sales page and needs fast-track guidance to get high-quality copy out in under a week? 
  • Or are you an aspiring copywriter who wants to have a freshly-minted professional sales page in your portfolio so you can get clients ASAP?

These questions are strategic… I’m helping them self-select THEN I’m showcasing empathy with what they’re currently struggling with.

I’m demonstrating that I understand what they’re going through, I see the things they are struggling with, and most importantly – that I can help them move past it. 

See how powerful that is?

Alright guys – make sure to like and comment below if you found this video helpful. 

Until next time, I’m Alex. Ciao for now! 

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