How To Use Power Words To Become A Better Copywriter


Power words, when used correctly, can transform your overused words and boring copy from drab to FAB. ⁠

But what exactly are power words? Why are they so important? And how can you find and use them to effectively enhance your writing?

Keep reading, because that’s exactly what we’re about to cover…

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Now if there’s one thing every copywriter knows – it’s that being able to capture the attention of an overstimulated internet scroller is more than HALF the battle. 

I mean let’s face it, we copywriters are in the business of attention and REtention first and foremost. 

So it pays to put a little extra thought and effort into making sure you can effectively HOOK attention with your copy. And one of my absolute favorite (and easiest) ways to do this is through using language that I like to call POWER WORDS. 

And if you follow me on Instagram @Copyposse, then you’ve probably seen quite a few of my Power Word posts throughout the years. 

Now first thing first:

What actually IS a Power Word?

In the most basic definition, Power Words are words that evoke emotion and action. They are words that you don’t see used very often. Whereas there are certain words like – “huge”, “top”, “best”, “great” and the list goes on – that are used ALL of the time. 

These words are overused so much in copywriting, content writing, and well – all writing really… that they begin to lose impact. 

In other words… readers sorta just glaze right over the word without really taking the time to consider the meaning or reference. 

Power Words, on the other hand, are much more descriptive in nature. They evoke emotion in the audience and inspire them to keep reading and, ultimately, take action

Power Words are way more likely to capture attention and spark curiosity in your audience than using more “basic” and overused words. 

So let’s look at a few examples…

Instead of “DIFFICULT,” you could use words like…

  • Herculean
  • Tough
  • Grueling
  • Hefty
  • Challenging
  • Strenuous
  • Demanding
  • Grisly 
  • Back-breaking 

Instead of “GREAT,” you could use words like…

  • Unprecedented
  • Fail-proof
  • Transformational
  • Outstanding
  • Game-changing
  • Invaluable 
  • Mind-blowing
  • Astonishing 
  • Remarkable 
  • Wildly popular

See the difference?

Now, these are just two examples of overused words that can be massively enhanced with different language choices. 

If you’re interested in seeing even more examples, make sure you download a FREE COPY of the Posse Power Words Cheatsheet—with over 250 Power Words, you’ll definitely want to print this bad boy out and keep it handy near your workstation.

Now, a word of caution…


I don’t want to see you trying to jam-pack your writing with as many Power Words as humanly possible…

Because here’s the thing…

Power Words pack a BIG PUNCH. They’re meant to be used wisely and sparingly. 

Remember that you don’t want to fill your copy with a bunch of fancy, complex, “I’m-trying-too-hard” language.⁠

You want your copy to flow easily, effortlessly, and be simple to digest for your readers. 

So when applying Power Words to your writing, remember to be strategic with your choices and always, always, always remember the golden rule of copywriting…

Keep it simple. ⁠

Okay, so that’s what a Power Word is and why they’re crucial to include in your copy…

But aside from the epic cheatsheet, I’m giving you, where can you FIND these Power Words and how can you effectively use them to enhance your writing without risking the integrity of your message?

I’m going to walk you through the 3-part Posse Process for finding and using Power Words the RIGHT way…

Step 1: Write The First Draft  

Yep, that’s right! Step number is to just WRITE. Get all your thoughts, ideas, and copy out of your head and onto the page without worrying about using Power Words or any special languaging at all. 

This step is crucial. 

Because here’s the thing, if you BEGIN a copywriting project trying to use fancy language or words that really pop out…

Then you’re going to get in your head and before you know it, you’ll be struggling with writer’s block and cursing the computer screen because you can’t seem to get into the writing flow. 

So do me (and yourself) a huge favor and just forget that Power Words are even a thing until you’ve got draft 1 out of the way. Okay? 

Step 2: Spice It Up

Okay, so once you have the first draft out of the way… NOW you get to do the fun part which is combing back through everything you wrote to check for a multitude of things – like flow, readability, redundancy, grammar…

This is where you turn from writer to editor.

A yes, part of that process is finding where in your writing you can strategically replace “boring” and overused words with POWER WORDS for greater effect and maximum impact. 

Now, remember my word of caution…

You don’t want to get too crazy with this part. Some of the best and most effective places you can think about adding Power Words are in your Headlines, section openers, benefit bullets, and just before your Calls-to-Action. 

In my experience, these are the most important places to make sure your copy is leaving the BIGGEST impact on the reader. 

Now the final step in the Posse Process…

Step 3: Find The Right Power Words

Once you’ve identified a handful of “boring” words that could use some added space… you have to actually find the right word to substitute it with. 

Now, sometimes the perfect word will just “come to you.” And it does get easier with more time and practice. 

You could also use a thesaurus and see what synonyms you can find that work…

OR, whip out your handy Power Words Cheatsheet and see all the treasure that awaits you!

Alright – guys that’s it for this week’s tutorial. I hope you walked away with some valuable insight to make your copy stand out and sell out. 

And as promised, you can download your FREE copy of the Posse Power Words Cheatsheet now.

Until next time, I’m Alex – Ciao for now! 

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