How To Get More Clients As A Freelance Writer (4 Copywriting Tips For Beginners)


F the “post and pray”. Here’s how you actually get copywriting clients…

Hey guys, I’m going to be sharing my 4 methods for getting copywriting clients. Now, something that I hear from so many new copywriters, is:

“How in the heck do I find clients?”

I know it can seem like a daunting task but it’s actually pretty simple and it can be easy with consistency and confidence.

So while it may feel like you’re swimming in a sea of self-proclaimed writers trying to wordsmith their way to the top, struggling to make a name for yourself and looking for clients who will pay you on time, every time; let me offer you a little bit of a re-frame.

Every single business on the planet needs writers! Think about that.

No matter what niche, no matter what market. Every single business needs writers. Now think of all of the different products, mediums, messages, styles, and brand voices there are out there.

There is so much opportunity for copywriters. In fact, the number one question that I hear from my business colleagues, partners, and clients is “Where can I find a good writer?” So trust me, they are out there looking for you!

In fact, we all want to hire creative, passionate, motivated writers. And that doesn’t necessarily mean the most experienced or the most established.

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So with that being said, let’s dive into the 4 proven methods for finding copy clients.

All you gotta remember is, Hunt, Gather, Play, and Slay. Now, these methods are not mutually exclusive you should be doing all of them to grow your copy business but let’s start and go through them one by one…

Method #1: Hunt

Okay, so one of my pet peeves when it comes to really any freelancer for that matter looking for business is what I call the “post and pray”. They get a profile on Upwork, maybe they update their LinkedIn profile, and then they just sit and wait.

Let’s be real, you are a creative genius so start acting like it! You really want to put yourself out there and find clients that are a fit for you.

So start asking yourself…

  • What brands do I love?
  • What products do I love?
  • What companies can I really get behind?
  • What businesses would I be excited to write for?

And then just do some good old-fashioned Googling.

Go check out their websites, look at their careers pages see what kind of job postings they have. Now a lot of companies might not have a job posting for a copywriter per se, but maybe they have one for social media manager, or blogger, or any content creator position. Reach out to them.

Send them a letter, send them your CV, let them know that you’re interested in working with them and that you have a passion for writing and that you would love to be aligned with their brand.

This hunting method is so, so powerful. Remember what I said, every single business on the planet needs writers. So sometimes you just have to be a little bit creative and actually go find the brands and businesses that you want to work with.

And don’t just think locally, all of my clients are remote which means I never have to be in an office, I never have to be in an in person meeting, I have complete time and location independence.

So, think outside the box, reach out to the businesses that you truly feel aligned with and ask them if they might need your services.

Method #2: Gather

Or good old-fashioned networking. Now I call this the gather method for 2 reasons. One because you’re gathering contacts, you’re building your tribe, you’re building your reach, and you’re building your network.

But you’re also gathering. Physically gathering. You need to be going to marketing seminars, workshops, local meet ups in your area…

And always go with the intention of adding value first.

Whatever you do please do not be one of those people who shows up with a stack of business cards and is willing to give it to anybody who will take one because that is truly not how you network. Ask them what their needs are and how you might be able to do business together.

Just be really, really honest with where you’re at. I think you might be surprised that a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners are actually looking to hire writers who don’t have a lot of prior conditioning and a baked-in writing style that’s going to affect the new brand voice that they want you to create.

So be honest with where you’re at, show up, add value, and have a lot of fun. I can tell you that the very first client I started working with I met at a marketing event back in 2011 and to this day they are my highest-paying client and my longest-standing client.

It’s now 8 years later. And I met them through doing exactly this, the gather method, just showing up, adding value, and making connections.

Method #3: Play

I like to say be a “BAE” Be Active Everywhere. So be on LinkedIn, be on Instagram, be on Facebook, have an Upwork or Fiverr profile, and don’t just be a ghost.

Engage, find the forums, find the groups, find the hashtags, and truly connect, and play. Have fun with it, it doesn’t have to be serious, it doesn’t have to be heavy.

There is a huge element to growing your online business that requires you to be active in online communities. So just have fun online, don’t be too serious about it. And just like with the Gather method, ask yourself how you can add value first.

Because remember, if you’re building up your copywriting portfolio you’re going to need samples, and examples, and different types of copywriting that you can showcase as your work.

Method #4: Slay

Be a boss. Do what you do, do it well, stay in your lane, get clear on what you offer, work with clients, add value. And trust me, they will continue to pay you time and time again.

I will tell you that 80% of your business will come from your existing clients. Either through extending the contract that they have with you, or referrals.

When you can really truly own what you do, and do it well, business will keep pouring in for you. So once you get that first client, focus on that relationship, focus on adding value, focus on making sure that that becomes a stepping stone to getting a future client. Remember every single relationship is a stepping stone to a new relationship.

So don’t burn bridges, don’t do shitty work and then not follow through, this is all about growing your business for long-term clients and consistently high-paying clients.

Alright so there you have it, those are my 4 methods to finding copywriting clients.

And now I have something that might be of interest to you, I know a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for great writers, and I know a lot of you are looking for clients…

So I just launched a copywriting course & certification!

I am looking for passionate writers who are looking to start a freelance copywriting business from home to join my Copy Posse. I’m going to be sharing how I started my freelance business, how I got clients, and how I was able to find a niche that I absolutely love.

So, if you’re looking to find clients as a writer, be sure to check out the Copy Posse Launch Pad.

Now, I really want to hear from you, comment below and let me know your #1 copy-related question!

Share this if you found it helpful and stay tuned in for more content from me.

Until them, I’m Alex. Ciao for now!

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