How To Create a High Converting Ad Creative

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How do you create an eye-catching Ad creative that stops scrolls, capture leads, and generates conversions?

In this blog, I’m sharing 5 tips straight from my own AMAZING Social Media Manager who creates every single one of the Copy Posse creatives… 

From our carousel posts to our ad creatives…

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Hey Posse! What’s up? It’s Alex. Coming at ya this week with a tutorial that’s venturing a bit outside my typical copywriting tutorial. 

This week, we’re flipping the script and taking a look at the other crucial elements that go into every successful ad campaign. But first, if you’re new to the crew – welcome!

On my blog, you’ll learn about the modern marketing trends, tactics, and tools that are working TODAY

Now, because I have a lot of copywriters reading this, I want to start this off with a big fat disclaimer. And if you’ve been around here for a while then chances are pretty good that you’ve heard me say this time and time again…

As a copywriter… it is NOT YOUR JOB to worry about running or optimizing ad campaigns… 

Your job is ONLY to write the copy. 

Period. The end. Nothing else is needed or required from you.


There may come a time in your copywriting career when you want to expand your skills to better serve your clients. 

Maybe that means you want to learn about building a marketing funnel…

Or tracking metrics…

Or optimizing websites for SEO…

Or maybe you want to learn about the other creative elements that complement great copy. 

Those are all great skills to learn – and they can all greatly enhance your copywriting skills. 

But I repeat: YOU DO NOT *NEED* TO LEARN THEM in order to be a highly-paid copywriter. 


Now that we got that out of the way… 

Let’s get into this! Now when it comes to ads (or just social media in general) what you need to remember is that most people are on these apps for nothing more than a quick dopamine boost. 

Which means – most of us are not scrolling slowly or intentionally

We scroll FAST and generally, we only stop to read posts from people or brands we wanted to stay updated with OR if something catches our eye… 

It goes without saying that your Ad creative is HUGELY important and is a big factor in whether or not your Ad is read at all. So what goes into a great ad that stops scroll and converts like crazy? 

Consider these 5 THINGS:

#1 – Text Overlay

Adding text over the top of your ad creative is a GREAT way to instantly communicate something important to your audience and to capture their attention.

But… there’s a catch.  

According to Facebook,  images with 20% or less text usually perform better. This is so important that Facebook used to have a “20% Rule”, where they wouldn’t allow you to post an ad AT ALL if there was more than 20% text in the image…

They have since done away with that rule – BUT it’s still wise to follow those guidelines.

#2 – Catchy Hook

Now when it comes to the copy that you DO put in that text overlay – what should it say? How do you best utilize this real estate?

Remember – people are quickly scanning.

So it’s best to treat the copy on your Ad creative as a hook. Think of something short, easy to digest at glance, and the important part – something that communicates what your offer is, does, or has. 

You need to pack a serious punch in as few words as possible. 

You can see in this Ad we are clearly communicating WHAT the offer is: our 5-day Write & Ignite Challenge

And we are communicating the BIG BENEFIT: learn how to write a high-converting sales page

#3 – Real People + Proof

My team has done a lot of testing on this and it’s always the same – ads that showcase real people always outperform ads without any people in them. 

And we’re not the only ones!

Studies show that 91.7% of ads featuring a person’s face attracted more attention than non-face ads. Why?

Well – it makes sense if you think about it. Humans are social creatures. Back when humans were hunter-gathers and traveled around in packs and tribes – other human faces meant safety, community, shelter, and food… 

The isolated human didn’t usually survive – and if they did, they likely weren’t thriving. 

So over thousands of years of evolution, our brains became hard-wired to look for faces. And that wiring is still active in our brains today. 

We’re even able to detect faces twice as fast as other stimuli – isn’t that epic?!

#4 – Credibility 

Another thing we like to do with all our ads is to include credibility in the creative. 

And there are a few different ways we do this…

If it’s a static, single-image ad then we’ll add what I like to call a “Credibility Bar”. This is that little banner you see that usually says something like “Featured in Forbes” or “2022 Digital Marketer of the Year”

Now another way you can do this is by adding social proof. 

We do this with a lot of our carousel types ads. Where the front image will be the main image that is capturing attention and communicating the important stuff. 

And the subsequent images are social proof, testimonials, and quotes from my students. 

#5 – Crystal Clear CTA

And as always the last thing you MUST do is make sure your CTA is crystal clear. 

Yes, this is important even for the creative! 

You can see in this Ad we have the CTA right there on the first image: Join the Challenge

And of course, we repeat that CTA in other places throughout the ad copy as well.

So when it comes to your ad creatives just remember….

From a quick glance, you need to communicate:

  • WHAT the offer is
  • HOW it benefits the reader
  • And WHAT action you want them to take next. 

Big shout out to my Social Media Manager for divulging all her secrets with us today. 

What do you guys want to learn about next? 

Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, I’m Alex. Ciao for now!

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