How This Copy Posse Launch Files Student Went From $17/hour To $10,000/Month Copywriting

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Back in February, one of my Copy Posse Launch Files students, Sean, posted this inside our private Members Group…

I was so impressed by the results Sean was getting in just week 3 of the program that I reached out to him to get the full story…

We hopped on a Zoom call and what he told me was so inspiring that I just had to share it with you too…

In this exclusive case study, you’re going to find out…

  • Why Sean decided to join the Copy Posse Launch Files instead of other programs…
  • How he landed his very first client in Week 3 of the Copy Posse Launch Files program…
  • And doubled his income (and in a few months had made his entire year’s salary just from copywriting).

Before Sean Joined the Copy Posse Launch Files

Just a few months ago, Sean was a teacher working with his partner on their English teaching business. Between the both of them, they were earning just over $4000 per month. Things were moving along, but Sean knew there was a better way to get the ball rolling…

And how did he do it?

By simply writing what people want to hear. Which he learned in the Copy Posse Launch Files and getting into the nitty gritty of who his customers were.

As if that wasn’t epic enough… Sean even tripled his hourly rate working with clients. 

Before, Sean and his partner would send emails to somebody–and it was crickets. Nobody would reply to them. That’s because he didn’t know how to go through and research to find what these people were interested in, or how to speak to them…

So, once they figured that out through the Copy Posse Launch Files, their business took off. Literally.

What Sean realized quickly was that he was approaching his students all wrong. He knew he didn’t want to work with people studying general English. They only wanted to work with people doing academic English…

And it wasn’t just the what that he learned. It was the why too. 

These people wanted to learn English so they could live in an English-speaking country. So they could travel, improve their confidence in speaking English, and create a whole new life abroad. 

Sean shared how he came to understand them. He wasn’t teaching how to speak English, he was giving them the opportunity to live in an English-speaking country, wherever they wanted outside of the reach of the government, and really integrate into an English-speaking society.

And I loved to hear all this because copywriting is so much more than just knowing the tactics and the skills to improve your messaging. That’s just one part of it. 

But it’s really understanding everything. The question I like to ask is like, “What do they want?” And that alone was a game-changer for Sean when he took the Copy Posse Launch Files.

“Really, everything completely transformed everything we’re doing, because I did not know any of this, and the books, the course, everything, it’s just the whole package.”—Sean Kivi

Why Sean Joined the Copy Posse Launch Files

So, Sean knew he could do more with his biz and, in fact, he had already taken another copywriting course. But didn’t get quite the results he was looking for…

It didn’t help him learn how to communicate with them or teach him how to get your audience genuinely interested in what you’re selling. But he was still determined. 

He kept trying to branch out more into copywriting even though he had absolutely no idea what it was. 

First, he took the Write & Ignite program, and suffice to say it blew his socks off (lol!) 

In his own words, he said, “It was like mind-blowing for me. It was crazy how much I learned in just that one thing. So I said, look, if she gives me that much value for $100, I can’t even think about what she’s going to give me for $3,000 or $2,000.” 

Before the Copy Posse, Sean was struggling on sites like Upwork and Fiver, where they were literally talking him down to pennies. Ugh. We’re talking like 2 cents a word. But he knew deep down this was something he wanted to do and copywriting was going to help him create the life he wanted. 

I was kind of like on the fence about joining the Copy Posse Launch Files because it was a lot of money. And at the time, we didn’t have any money coming in. And I literally spent all my money to join this course, like everything. I went like $3,000 in debt.”

I couldn’t believe this. For real. He went all in you guys and said, “All right, I’m just going to do it.”  He made the decision, he invested in himself, and he frickin’ committed to it.

After Sean Joined the Copy Posse Launch Files

Now, ready for me to really blow your mind? 

After he joined the course and started to level up his business, he got his first client in week 3…

And not only that, but they paid him the entire cost of the Launch Files course and then some.

Seriously?! Week 3!!! That’s not even halfway through the program…

Now, in just a few months, Sean and his partner have shattered their income goals and now they’re earning over $14,000 per month with their business. That’s including teaching part-time, as well as the copywriting he does for his other clients.

And he’s sharing wins in the Launch Files Facebook group all the time about how he’s landing new, higher-paying clients—left, right, and centre. 

Aside from getting clear on understanding his audience with his existing business, Sean also started copywriting on the side. With that, he writes exclusively for cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery because his mom was a dentist. And, so duh! He already knew the jargon.

“When you go in there and say, “Hey, look, I know what these people are looking for, down in their soul.” I know that you lost your teeth, and you didn’t get implants just because you wanted to have a set of teeth again. You wanted your confidence back. You want to feel good when you smile. You wanted to light up the room.”

On one project, he started out with a $2,000 contract. And then he gave them so much extra value, by explaining all the other assets they needed, from audience personas to segmentation—that the contract ended up at $6,500. 

Over 3x as much.

And I totally get this! Because so many times people go in and the client thinks they know what they need, so they want to hire a copywriter to just do that one thing. But a really great copywriter and marketer really hears what they’re saying and goes, “Oh, well, what you actually need is this, and I can help you with that.” 

Now, Sean has made his entire year’s salary just from copywriting.

And the best part? On our Zoom call, he was joining me from Mallorca, Spain where he and his partner were spending their first REAL vacation in years.

I am just so so proud of him and seeing how far he has come in such a short amount of time. 

He went from being an English teacher to where he is now and there’s no cap on what he can do and what he can make. And he said one more thing that really resonated with me that I just had to share it with you…

“I went from having an issue of not being able to do something to actually getting paid what I’m worth. Instead of getting paid a little bit. I’m able to go and find the people that I know will pay me well and pay me what I’m worth. It’s not just a paycheck anymore.”

Anyone else get tingles just hearing that?! I don’t know about you but I am hella inspired right now…

And I can already see it. I just know in no time we’re going to see him take off with not only his teaching business, but his copywriting too.

And I appreciate his candor and really sharing, “Hey yeah, you gave us the tools, but then I actually went and did it.” 

It was just so lovely catching up with him. I’m proud of him for freaking crushing it and creating this dream life that you have. And in so little time. You’ve worked hard and you’ve earned it, and thank you so much for sharing with us and to everyone else who has shared their success story in the Copy Posse Launch Files Reviews!

If you want to learn more about how to write copy the right way just like Sean, then make sure to check out my 8-week copywriting program, The Copy Posse Launch Files

✅ In it, you’ll discover the modern copywriting techniques that are working TODAY, so you know exactly how to write persuasive, authentic and high-converting copy.

✅ Get an insider look at key psychological triggers you need to include in your copy to get inside the mind of your customers (plus, the common messaging mistakes you must avoid in order to stand out).

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✅ And I’ll guide you every step of the way as you write your own high-converting portfolio pieces — with high-quality video training, recorded Q&A sessions and weekly exercises

And until next time, I’m Alex.

Ciao for now!

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