Finding Opportunity Amidst Uncertainty: 14 Companies That Are Hiring Right Now


This is a difficult time for everyone, albeit to different degrees and for different reasons. For those of you actively looking for work, I’ve put together this list of companies that are hiring right now.

So which companies and industries are hiring during the coronavirus craze?

The entire world has shifted to the digital space, so it’s unsurprising that tech companies are at the hiring forefront. While this might seem like a natural transition if you have the technical skills to be a web developer or software engineer, for those of us who are used to exercising our problem-solving work skills in-person it can feel like a shift! Fret not, however, because wielding customer service super powers is still important, even for online operations!


In the Tech space, look to companies like Zoom and Slack which provide virtual collaborative platforms. As offices cope with restructuring their in-office work flow to at-home, platforms like Zoom are experiencing an upsurge in use. For context, in March 2020 Zoom reported more than 200 million daily meeting participants, up from an average of 10 million in December 2019. This has meant new challenges with meeting security demands and general customer support. Zoom is hiring across the entire spectrum: technical support, engineers, customer care, sales etc. In their customer care roles, they are also hiring for different language talents (Arabic, Spanish). Similarly, the collaboration hub Slack currently has over 200 positions open, from customer-oriented positions to engineering roles. Other companies like the video recording service Loom have remote positions available including support specialist.

Any tech company that facilitates online work is likely feeling pressure to perform — so looking for opportunity in these spaces is a good tip!

Job Postings here:

  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • Loom
  • Miro an online white-boarding platform specifically designed to help distributed teams, are hiring in various cities globally.
  • is hiring technical customer solutions professionals on a remote basis, in 27 states in the United States.
  • Notion is hiring in San Francisco across the board: marketing, sales & support, product development etc.
  • Facebook is still posting jobs with a range in geographical scope. COO Sherlyn Sandberg announced the company plans to add 10,000 workers in product and engineering in 2020.


While the world stays home, basic needs must still be met. Companies tasked with delivering essential services are feeling strained, and many of them are hiring. Instacart, the grocery delivery service, is looking for Shoppers to shop and deliver groceries in various cities. The company gives out cash bonuses when demand (aka delivery time) is high. Big chains like Dominos and Pizza Hut are also looking for delivery drivers, customer support and pizza makers. And most notably, the giant Amazon, still delivering critical supplies, are actively hiring for warehouse, shopper, and driver jobs. The company announced they are hiring 100,000 people.

Job postings here:


Workplaces aren’t the only place changing because of the pandemic. Since schools are closed, there has been an increased demand to fill the need in online education. Outschool, an online marketplace of live online classes for kids, put out a call to hire 5000 teachers for online courses in March. On April 6th, they put out an additional call for UK teachers. Platforms like VIPKid,an online classroom where more than 500,000 students learn English, is valued at over $3 billion and is one of the fastest growing startups in education.

Job Postings:


As jobs come and go it’s wise to think about the types of industries that are more likely to hire in the years to come, and that might inspire us to learn a new skill. If you haven’t already, check out this Free Freelancer Training on How To Get Clients While The World Slows Down for some inspiration and motivation!

For those of us who have the capacity to learn something new:

Udemy has significant sales for courses ranging from Web Development to Data Science. Or if you’re ready to ignite your copywriting business from home check out my Copy Posse Launch Files program.

Sending you so much love right now.

Virtual Hug,
Alex & The Copy Posse

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