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As any Google search will tell you…

Copywriting is the act of writing words that sell stuff – okay, cool… 

But what does that actually MEAN?

In this blog, I’m going to explain what copywriting ACTUALLY is and how it’s different from other forms of writing…

And I’ll even show you examples of copywriting in action… 

All in less than 10 minutes! 

Hey Posse, what’s up? It’s Alex. 

Here on my blog, you’ll learn all the things you need to build your business online – from copywriting, branding, marketing, social media – and everything else in between! 

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So, you want to learn…

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is defined online as,“The activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or publicity material.”

Which makes it sound, well… really, really boring and transactional…

I actually think copywriting is a LOT more fun than that. Copywriting can start movements, rally audiences, spread awareness about important topics and…

It is the lifeblood of every single business.

Without copywriting, you have no business. It’s literally the words you use to communicate with your customers. So, although, yes, copywriting does get your audience to buy from you through “ads and other publicity material…”

It does so much more than that!

Like, when you read an email that gets you to attend an event or donate to a cause that matters to you…

Or you read a social post that gets you to comment or engage with it…

Or you enter your email address to sign up for a free workshop or guide…

Yup, it was copywriting that convinced you to do that. 

So that is why I define copywriting as words that are specifically designed to inspire your audience to take ANY sort of action. So now that you know WHAT copywriting is, you might be wondering, ok…

Where do you use it? Is it the same as writing blog posts and social captions? What does it actually look like in practice? 

Well, let’s get into it…

What’s The Difference Between Copywriting & Content Writing?

Well, you might be surprised to know that my opinion on this has changed a bit since the first (very awkward) video that I posted on this topic back in 2019…

But to break it down simply…

Copywriting is NOT the same as content writing. 

They are both very important in business today, but they have two different end goals. 

A content writer’s #1 goal is to create engagement and build brand loyalty. They do this by writing things like blog posts, educational emails, long-form social media posts, and content video scripts.

Whereas a copywriter’s #1 goal is to get the conversion (aka a sale, click, view, signup or donation). That’s why copywriting is also called “direct response copywriting”…

Because the words evoke a “direct response” or action.

This means they aren’t typically writing blog posts… they are writing things like sales pages, emails, landing pages, marketing and webinar scripts, and advertisements. 

Now as a copywriter, you might be asked to write every single one of these pieces as a marketing funnel, designed to strategically take a new lead through the entire sales funnel from start to finish. 

Or you may be asked to JUST write a sales page…

Or emails…

Or you could get hired to audit their existing pages and make tweaks to boost overall conversion rates.

So, by its more traditional definition, a copywriter helps businesses get more leads… and then turn those leads into paying customers. 

But, in my opinion, a great copywriter TODAY also understands how to create emotional resonance with a reader, build trust and authority, AND properly guide and nurture new leads through a valuable buying experience.

Which begs the question… Isn’t that a lot like content writing?

Well, you’re not wrong.

I think the lines between great copywriting and content writing are becoming more and more blurred as audiences today seek out more conversational, personalized and educational sales experiences…

So while there is definitely still a place for traditional direct response copywriting…

And purely educational, entertaining or inspirational content writing…

I think the best copywriters today also understand the importance of great CONTENT MARKETING where storytelling, brand experience and sales meet.

And that is exactly what I teach at the Copy Posse. I believe that the best copywriting combines the power of authentic brand storytelling with proven direct-response marketing principles.

Which brings me to…

What Does A Copywriter Actually Do?

Okay, so what does all of this actually look like for you as someone who is interested in becoming a copywriter?

Let’s break down the most common things a copywriter would be hired to write

Ads, landing pages, sales pages and emails…

And by the way – these are all of the assets I teach my students how to write inside my 8-week copywriting program, The Launch Files

I structured this program specifically to teach brand-new writers EVERYTHING they need to know to get hired and start making money in just 8-weeks. 

From foundational copywriting techniques, checklists and formulas for you to base your writing on…

To diving into the more complex and FUN things – like buyer psychology, hooks, and how to use storytelling and specific language to get people to buy. 

You can learn more about the Launch Files here.

But for this video, let’s just do a quick overview of these assets so you have a good idea of what this looks like… 


The first step of any brand’s marketing plan is to get TRAFFIC. Aka –  new leads to hopefully turn into paying customers!

This is where ads come in. Think of the paid ads you see like this on Facebook and Google. 

Each and every one of those ads has one of two purposes:

A.) To get a new lead, or 

B.) To get an immediate sale.

Which one you’ll be asked to write really depends on the specific target audience you’re writing the ads for.

But in general, when writing an ad, you’ll need to:

  • Think of a compelling hook that captures the reader’s attention
  • Write a strong opening to get them to read more
  • Write compelling body copy that convinces them they need what you have to offer
  • And end with a strong CTA to get them to take action. 

Okay, the next asset you may be asked to write is… 

Landing Page

If your ad does its job, then the user will click that ad and they’ll go to the landing page or sales page. 

Now if the purpose of your ad was to generate new leads – that means you are not trying to get an immediate sale and your leads would go to an optin page or landing page. 

A landing page is different from a sales page in that again – you aren’t trying to sell anything. 

Most of the time, you simply want them to sign up for something free (like a workshop, ebook, or free guide). 

Landing pages are usually pretty short and to the point. 

You start with a strong hook, give a few strong benefits or reasons they need it, and then give them the call to action

They sign up for this free thing and you get their email address.

They’ve just officially joined your email list and you can begin the process of nurturing and marketing to them. 

But, let’s talk about the other option – if your ad IS selling something. 

Sales Page

In that case, the page they would go to is the sales page… 

Where you outline all the features and benefits of your product or service. Include social proof like testimonials and stories, along with a great offer.

As you can see, this sales page is pretty long! Not all sales pages are this long, but most will follow the same core conversion triggers. 

Again, we go into so much more detail inside the Launch Files program…

You’ll learn how to create sales pages like this, WHERE each conversion trigger should be applied for maximum impact, HOW to actually write it in a compelling and persuasive way, and WHY each section matters.

Okay, so we’ve talked about ads, landing pages, and sales pages…

The next and probably most common thing you may be asked to write as a copywriter is…


This is a big one because email is such an important component of the sales process. 

It’s pretty rare that a brand-new lead will see an ad and then immediately become a customer…

It does happen, of course, and we love those people!

But it’s pretty rare. 

More often than not, a new lead will sign up for your email list…

And then they will receive a set of welcome emails.

Now, I always recommend sending a series of 3 emails…

  • Email #1 – Welcomes new leads, gets them excited to be here, and gives them next steps…
  • Email #2 – You share more about your mission and most importantly… get them to feel included and like they are part of that mission WITH YOU…
  • Email #3 – This is where you tell them exactly how you can help them. By this point, they should be officially indoctrinated and ready to TAKE ACTION. 


A new lead could take a few days, weeks, or even months before deciding whether or not YOU are the person they want to buy from. 

It can be a long process to nurture a new lead into a customer…

Which means high-value emails need to be sent on a regular basis to keep your list warm. 

THAT WAY, when it comes time to promote something, you’re going to have great trust already established with your list and your promotion will go much, much better. 

And in terms of what writing those promotional emails will LOOK LIKE for you – the copywriter…

Inside the Launch Files, I teach you my proven 6-series promotional email sequence…

You’ll get my formulas, tons of examples, and even my exact email and social copy that I use during my own promotions. 

I have put EVERYTHING you need to know to start a thriving and successful copywriting career into this program. 

I’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process…

With DETAILED video trainings, downloaded PDFs, templates, and formulas for you to reference and swipe…

And so, so much more. 

Give me a thumbs up below if you’re excited to start your copywriting career…

And if you want to go even further down the copywriting rabbit hole, make sure to check out my next video where I break down the secrets of the highest-paid copywriters today… Keep reading my blog!

Until next time, I’m Alex, ciao for now!

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