5 Reasons Why Copywriting Is The Best Job In The World


This week I’m taking a different spin on my usual tutorials…

Why? Because I often get questions from many of you wondering if becoming a copywriter is the right decision for you…

Or whether NOW is the right time to take the jump into something new – especially in today’s uncertain climate.

Well, after producing almost 70 tutorials about copywriting, marketing and branding techniques that are working TODAY… this week, I’m doing a little tribute to this awesome little thing called copywriting, and why I believe it STILL is the best job in the world.

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I’ll be doing a tutorial on how to write a powerful indoctrination sequence that will get your new subscribers to fall in love with you… how to use empathy and emotion in your copywriting, and a sequel to my copywriting vs. content writing — which one is better suited for you?

Okay, let’s jump into this week’s article — five reasons why copywriting is the BEST job in the world…

#1. It’s Timeless

Copywriting uses one of the most powerful and OLDEST forms of communication on the planet…

Yes, I’m talking about storytelling, which, come to think of it — even predates writing.

Okay sure, being a copywriter isn’t exactly on par with the romance of gathering the village together in front of a bonfire under a starry sky, or the book that captivates you so much you miss your stop on the train…

But as a copywriter, you’re able to weave storytelling, the most ancient form of communication known to humanity, into your work. Every piece of copy can include story. Be it a long form sales page, a short welcome email, a thoughtful social media caption or a product case study.

You’re given the noble task of channeling the voice of a client or brand into WORDS and relaying their story in the most persuasive, engaging, and compelling way.

Which is a powerful skill when you think about it — because you have the ability to influence and guide your reader towards a desired emotion and decision.

Now that may sound like the evil scheme of an Internet “Pinky And The Brain” planning total world domination… please tell me you know that show. Lol.

But this is where you, as a copywriter, have the power and responsibility to tell empowering and helpful stories. Does the message matter to your audience? Will it inspire them and to better their lives, restore their confidence, resolve their pain or contribute to humanity?

As a copywriter, you are a real-life modern day storyteller who is able to create positive impact in many different forms and lengths.

#2. It Lets You Travel The World

Okay, that may not be the case at this moment — if you’re reading this article in July of 2020, right in the middle of a global pandemic…

But in the past ten years, I’ve been able to quench my thirst for location freedom and travel the world! Thanks to my copywriting business, I’ve spent months working from the most inspiring, exotic, diverse, and picturesque places, like Italy, Morocco, Germany, France, Spain, and Russia.

While there are many freelance and digital jobs that allow for this sort of nomadic flexibility today, copywriting has an added advantage because – let’s face it – all we really need is a laptop.

We don’t have to jump on calls throughout the day. We don’t need highly technical software to produce our work. We don’t require a fast upload or download speed because the files we send are simply words in the cloud.

It’s a bit different for designers, developers or video editors, for instance, because they often can’t work as effectively on a small 13-inch Macbook on a tiny cafe table in Rome where medieval walls make for a questionable internet signal.

I love being able to just toss my laptop into a tote bag and take it with me as I explore Paris on foot…

And for some reason, I get SO MUCH work done on those tiny tray tables in airplanes. Something about the crappy WiFi, low hum of an engine and being stuck 30,000 feet in the air really boosts my productivity.

My entire team at the Copy Posse is remote. My head copywriter dials in from either London or Kuala Lumpur. My project and course manager is currently in Tbilisi, Georgia. And my community manager lives on the other side of the continent. Hey guys!

#3. Every Single Business Needs It

Two weeks ago, I published an article on why I believe artificial intelligence will never completely replace human copywriters. Because empathetic, engaging, and thought-provoking copywriting is an essential part of any business in this day and age… and for the foreseeable future.

Copywriting comes first — before branding, before marketing, before design, before content strategy and even before your sales team. Because those other departments can’t function properly without a copywriter to nail down the messaging behind the business, the product, the campaign, and the marketing materials they need to effectively do their jobs.

Yup, every business – no matter the size – needs a copywriter. They may all have different budgets, needs and requirements but they will absolutely need a copywriter that specializes in their market if they are looking to sell stuff online, or offline…

And imagine the thousands of businesses that exist under hundreds of niches.

There are opportunities for copywriters everywhere — so long as you put in the work, get creative, become resourceful, and most of all, master the skill.

#4. It Pays Well

Copywriting can be a very lucrative freelance career or business.

The client budget will vary depending on their company or the size of the campaign.

Like any industry, there are companies that are just starting out with a smaller budget. There are medium businesses that are more established. There are large corporations with multiple verticals and, therefore, require more copywriting services.

The more experienced and more specialized you are in your client’s niche, the more you can charge (yup, my biggest invoice was $45,000 in  ONE month!) The more you can prove that you’re able to understand their customer and speak their language, the more you can charge.

One of the biggest misconceptions about copywriting is that the actual writing itself is what takes up the bulk of our work. WRONG.

Half of copywriting lies in the research and the embodiment of your client’s product, brand voice and customer avatar. As a copywriter, you help your clients establish a relationship with their customers.

The more wisdom and mastery you have in this skill, the better the chances are for your copy to convert into a sale and the more moolah you can make. This is why the best copywriters in a particular niche can charge thousands of dollars for a single sales page.

To read my post on how to take your copywriting from a $100 side hustle to a $10,000 a month business, click here.

5. It’s A Valuable Skill For Anybody

Copywriting can be applied to a multitude of professions. When you learn how to copywrite — you’ll become a better marketer, a better content creator, a better CEO, a better designer, a better researcher, a better video editor — you name it!

Take me for instance. After business school, I applied to work for an online education company called Mindvalley… and in 3.5 years went from becoming a customer support agent, to project manager, to creative director.

While I was never officially a copywriter at Mindvalley, it was during this time that I picked up the craft and fell in love with it – and it made me better at the other aspects of my job.

When I left Mindvalley to launch my own business, copywriting helped me get clients, close amazing business partnerships, start my YouTube Channel, and build my agency.

Copywriting has been the foundation of my freedom, fun and fulfillment, and the skill that ignited my business.

Even the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani, who studied computer programming in college — learned copywriting to start his business. In fact, Vishen guided his copywriting team with the Mindvalley messaging and voice to scale the business into the reputable company it is today and I learned so much about copywriting from him.

And now I’m here to help guide and mentor you.

So there you have it — five reasons on why I believe that copywriting is the best job in the world.

I hope this post gave you the inspiration you needed to make that jump into the awesome world of copywriting. Or perhaps it just reaffirmed the decision you already made.

If so, leave me a comment below! And let me know if you have a suggestion on a topic that I should cover next, you know I’m listening!

As always, thanks for reading! I’ll see you again next week.

Till then, I’m Alex. Ciao for now!

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22 Comments. Leave new

  • Marvin Glassman
    July 11, 2020 3:43 pm

    Dear Alex,
    I am starting my copywriiting business this month and, given that we are in the midst of a pandemic, how do I convince clients that promoting their businesses will help them gain clients, particularly if the clients can’t visit their businesses due to the pandemic. I am aware that online businesses may not suffer as much as retailers, but I would appreciate your response to my question and thanks.
    Marvin Glassman

    • Want to know if u have any 60-70 year Olds as ur pupils.i do practice in my spare time, I read & listen to a lot of utube tutorials,& I’m 60 years of age.please let me know. Thanks.

  • Hi
    Alex I am interested in copywriting
    But I don’t know anything about it
    From where to start and how to start
    Please guide me

  • Melanie Ilagan
    July 12, 2021 7:44 pm

    hi Alex, as usual, lovely and super helpful content from you. Always read and watch your tutorials. I just started to appreciate the beauty of copywriting last year, and now working on my first client. Hopefully, will get it before July ends. Thank you!

  • Alex,

    I love writing and until a year ago, was an active writer with over 800 published eclectic columns for my hometown newspaper, “The Suburban Times”. My bylines were Westside Story, Instant Joe, Double Take, and Benny’s & Joey’s Quiz. I have also written published articles and photos for a motorcycle magazine.

    On multiple occasions, after my work was published, I discovered that my writing failed the perfection test. That was true even though I practiced the ABE Principle (ABE = Always Be Editing).

    I thank you for your kind and generous demonstration that although a writer can be excellent in their craft, things can go wrong in the final published product.

    I am not wishing to be negative or mean towards you. Feel free to delete my comment if you feel my observation harms you in any way with your readers.

    Please reference your Reason #2, paragraph #6 above. It reads, and I quote, “Something about the crappy WiFi, low hum of an engine and being stuck 30,000 feet in the area really boosts my productivity.”

    Check out the 5th to last word, “area”. Was it your intent to write the word “air”? Actually “area” can still work, but it looks like you intended to use the word “air” instead of “area”.

    I appreciate your positive and enthusiastic attitude. Keep up your effort to help others.

    Joseph Boyle

  • Please what is copywriting all about..
    As a student,is it possible to start it

  • Dear I have trust in me but need guidance related to the job ,the the best in me is understanding of human psychology,use of language according ,

  • Wow! I’ve watched your all videos on Copywriting on YouTube and now I’ve found you on your Blog too. You’re amazing Copywriting mentor. Love you and love your way of teaching.

  • So true about writing while on a plane! Especially with a cupboard cup of coffee. Actually, you don’t even have to travel to appreciate the benefits of copywriting. It’s so cool to go out for shopping or to some theater premier if you did your work in advance. After switching to Contenteam (my first fully remote job) I forgot the nightmare of office working hours. Besides, you don’t have to spend time in traffic jams and you don’t have to communicate much – a precious perk for introverts!

  • Precious Jeremiah
    January 11, 2023 7:33 pm

    Can someone be a copywriter for only one niche (Sport/Football) if I want to?

  • Hi,

    Alexcattoni, The discussion on the importance of networking and building a portfolio was eye-opening. I think many aspiring video editors overlook these crucial steps in their career journey. Thanks for posting.

  • Brilliant blog post – I couldn’t agree more. Copywriting skills are not only very valuable but they’re highly transferrable too. Understanding the principles of communication and being able to influence and persuade others to take a specific action is very useful.


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