5 Questions Every High-Converting Sales Page NEEDS To Answer

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Hired to write a sales page but can’t stop staring at that blinking black cursor at the top of an empty doc? 

Ask your client these 5 questions and watch as a high-converting sales page practically writes itself…

Hey Posse! What’s up? It’s Alex. 

Coming at ya this week with a brand new tutorial for all my copywriters & business owners who need to write a high-converting sales page that connects AND converts. But first, for those of you who are new to the crew – welcome!

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Now, crafting a high-converting sales page is no easy task…

It can take weeks of strategizing, researching, and writing before you land on a final draft that really works. Sure there are formulas, templates, and strategies you can find online that can speed up the process…

But those are really just the bones – or foundation – of a sales page.

They’re like a checklist, if you will, that helps you be certain you’re including all the necessary elements that need to be included. 

You know – like do you have a great headline? Is there a clear CTA? Did you include social proof? So on and so forth…

But what a formula doesn’t do is fill-in-the-blanks for youA formula alone isn’t going to help you write a high-converting offer

If you want to write an offer that SELLS then you need to know the big (and little) things that will make your customer self-select as someone who needs to have whatever it is that you’re selling.

And that’s exactly what these 5 questions will help you do. 

So whether you’re a business owner looking to write your own killer sales page, or you’re a copywriter trying to improve your process… 

Get out a pen and paper and get ready to write these down…

#1. What’s The Aggravating Status Quo?

Alright, the first question you want to ask your clients (or reflect on yourself if you’re writing your own copy) is what is the aggravating status quo your customers are trying to escape?

More specifically:

What are the pain points, frustrations, & challenges your customer is likely experiencing in the weeks, days, and minutes before purchasing from you?”

You want to dig deep with this question so you can paint a very accurate (and relatable) picture in your copy. 

Which reminds me, when you’re asking your clients these questions – make sure you get them on a call. I know, I know… the inner introvert in all of us just cringed. But listen…

PLEASE DO NOT just send across a google doc or an email and say, “Hey – answer these questions for me…” 

Because the majority of people will write what they think is the answer, but when given the chance to talk it out they almost always end up with something totally different – and better!

So what I like to do is send across these questions for my clients to review before our call. I let them know they can answer them if they want, but they don’t have to because we’ll discuss each one together on the call. 

And then that’s exactly what we do. I treat the call almost like a little mini-interview – where I’m playing a private detective who’s questioning a key witness. In other words, for every answer they give me – I ask them another question, trying to dig even deeper and uncover the really good stuff that will resonate with their ideal audience. 

This means that I say a lot of things like, “Tell me more about that…” or “And why do you think that is?” 

Open-ended questions that really make them think are the key to getting crazy valuable information that will be a GAME CHANGER when you’re writing the sales page. 

So trust me, do not skip the interview!

Alright, now on to the next question… 

#2. What’s The Big Promise?

More specifically, you want to answer the question: “What is the single BIGGEST benefit of your product/service?”

And be warned… 

They WILL rattle off ALL. THE. THINGS. their product or service does. 

Everyone thinks their products are the cure-all for ABCDEF and G… and sure, maybe their product really does help will tons of different things. 

But here’s a little hint, the big promise is the #1 biggest, best, and most notable benefit that helps people overcome the aggravating status quo you uncovered in question 1. So if you HAD to pick the ONE biggest reason the audience would buy the product… what would it be?

For example, of course, I believe that MY product – the Copy Posse Launch Files – solves a bunch of different problems for my students. A few off the top of my head are…

  • No portfolio / no experience
  • Feeling lost & confused
  • No idea how to start 
  • Can’t find any clients
  • Want to escape a mind-numbing 9-5

But the BIG aggravating status quo that I focus on most heavily on my sales page is what I call the Copywriter Catch-22… 

Where you can’t get hired without a portfolio, and you can’t build a portfolio without getting hired – which stops you from getting started at all. 

So my program eliminates the catch-22 because you create your very own portfolio from start to finish inside the program! Which means you end with a complete & cohesive portfolio. Giving you the confidence to land your first client.

See how I tied the one big promise to the number one thing my program does?

So do I still talk about and mention the other benefits of my program? 


But I chose ONE to really hone in & focus on. This helps my student identify & self-select as someone who NEEDS my program to solve that one big issue they are facing.

And then all the other benefits of the program are just added perks that make the offer even more irresistible. 

#3. Why YOU? 

More specifically: “What REALLY makes you different from the competition?”

You want them to reflect on what it is that sets their business apart. Why the hell would anyone want to purchase from THEM instead of someone else? Now, this one might involve a bit of brainstorming in order to find something really juicy… 

So here’s a tip, one thing I always like to do before these calls is a little bit of research on 3-5 of the client’s competitors. 

Writing down their offers, price, and anything else that might stand out to me as “unique” or “special” – like a special methodology or any perks. That way on the call, we can talk through these other offers and cross-analyze them with my client. 

Usually, when I do this exercise with my client, a light bulb will go off in their head and suddenly they’ll have an ah-ha! moment. 

It’s easier to see what’s similar (and what stands out) when you have a list right in front of you. 

Okie dokie, moving on to number four…

#4. Why Might Your Customer SAY NO?

Now unless this is a brand new offer, your client has likely heard objections from prospective buyers before…

  • It’s too expensive.
  • I don’t need it.
  • I don’t trust you.”

Are just a few of the most common ones. 

So with this question, you want your client to reflect on some of the common themes that they’ve seen come up in the form of objections. 

What’s prevented prospects from buying your product or service in the past? Why might they say no now? And how can we change their mind?

A fun little exercise I like to do is have my client pretend they’re in a debate with me (as I pretend to be a prospect that is on the fence of buying). 

This is a fun one because I love playing devil’s advocate (hehe ). And it’s a great way to get my clients thinking outside the box and digging deep into the real benefits and perks of the offer. 

That brings us to the final question on the list, number 5…

#5. How Do You Want Your Customer To Feel After?

More specifically: “What emotions/feelings do you want your customer to experience after experiencing the benefits of your product/service?”

This is where you highlight the transformation and results. How will they feel after working with you? After you’ve transformed their life and solved their pain… what are the emotions they’ll feel?

Be EXACT and specific. 

So if you’re client replies, “Well, they’ll feel happy and relieved.” 

Ask them – WHY? What does that mean for them? 

Will they feel happy because they can finally play with their kids again? Are they relieved because they no longer have to spend thousands of dollars a year on pain medication? What exactly are they feeling and what’s the thing driving that feeling or emotion?

Making sure you get detailed answers here, will go a LONG WAY in making prospects feel like you’re speaking directly to them in your copy. 

The more emotion you can use, the more relatable your copy will be.

Make sense?

Alright, Posse – those are the 5 questions your sales page NEEDS to answer if you want to connect AND convert

Combine these 5 questions with my Hot Offer Checklist and you’ll be able to whip up a high-converting offer in no time at all. 

You can grab that free checklist in just a second. 

Until next time, I’m Alex. Ciao for now!

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