5 Mindset Shifts To Build A 6-Figure Business in 2020


Want to know the 5 most important things you need to change immediately to take your business to over 6-figures this year? Keep reading…

Hey guys, it’s Alex!

I’m so excited for this post because, this time, I’m shaking things up!

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Now, are ya ready to get REAL for a hot second?

Good, because today, I want to talk about the one thing that sets the most successful people in the world apart from the rest — and that is mindset.

The truth is: it doesn’t matter how much experience you have or wisdom you’ve learned, without the right mindset, you’ll always be the biggest obstacle in your own way. 

Without this mindset, I wouldn’t have taken the risk of moving halfway across the world from Canada to Malaysia to join a young startup, instead of going to law school…

Or organized a 200-person event in Maui called A-Fest, which today has grown into one of the hottest personal growth events in the world. 

Or, started a copywriting business when it was never a career path I had even considered growing up…

Or, had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading experts in personal growth and leadership.

The mindset I’m talking about requires five VERY important shifts that I’ve learned in the past eight years of growing my business. Some of them are simple, some of them take guts… But I got you.

I’ve read your comments, emails and DMs and I know that many of you have fear or discomfort around putting yourself out there, creating your portfolio, pitching to a client, and starting your career in copywriting…

And I HEAR YOU. I was exactly where you are 8 years ago. I had just quit my job at Mindvalley, and I was sleeping on an air mattress from Walmart in a friends spare room. 

Today, my life looks VERY different, thanks to my copywriting business and the 5 mindset shifts I’m about to share with you.

In the past couple of years alone, I got to fly Emirates First Class to New Zealand for a friend’s 50th birthday, I attended the 61st Annual Grammy awards with friends and clients, and I went to Mexico and Morocco, and Italy and Paris…

I’m living in a home I adore and run a high-end marketing mastermind with some of the top entrepreneurs and thought-leaders in the industry in attendance

But, no matter what kind of business you’re in, these principles are the foundation of growth and success. So, as we enter this BRAND NEW DECADE (woah, that’s crazy), I’m so excited to share with you these five transformational mindset shifts you need to rock it out this year.

Alright here they are. Mindset shift #1…

Mindset Shift #1: Create From Abundance 

Yes, we’re starting this list strong, guys! 

An Abundance Mindset is SO IMPORTANT, because it’s all about the ability to create and generate from the set point of “there is enough for every body”. 

In his bestseller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, the late Stephen Covey defined having an abundance mindset as ”a concept in which a person believes there are enough resources and success to share with others.” 

When I started my copywriting business, I didn’t enter the field thinking that anyone else would be competition, or that we’re fighting for a finite amount of work, or that I had to create an environment of exclusivity around my network. 

That kind of paranoia is just going to create additional, unnecessary stress in your mind and take up a lot of space in your energy field, when you can instead be productive, inclusive, and creative! 

So whenever you feel hesitant about an idea, an opportunity, or a collaboration, check in with yourself… Are you coming from a place of abundance, or is your approach founded on the idea that someone will have to either win or lose?

The truth is, when you come from a place of abundance, there is no way to lose!

Mindset Shift #2: Think Long Term 

In other words, don’t chase after a quick buck or expect overnight success. 

This is similar to having a growth mindset, in which you thrive on challenge and see your journey as a springboard for growth instead of only relying on instant results and counting your failures. 

This is important because the moment you start to reward and appreciate effort and progress, the sooner and more swiftly you’ll deal with your setbacks. 

Thinking long term also helps you to identify the purpose or mission that you want to work toward, regardless of the measurable and immediate rewards. Take this YouTube Channel for instance. It goes against most direct response marketing strategies, which are designed for immediate ROI. Send traffic to a sales page and make more money than you spend as soon as possible, is essentially the mandate of direct response marketing. 

Now, I’m not poo-pooing on this. It’s the backbone of what has built my entire business. But the most rewarding businesses mix short-term direct response marketing principles with a long-term growth mindset.

If I only had a short-term mindset, and you told me that it would take me 9 months and hours of my time and energy every single week producing valuable content to build an online community, completely organically, before ever getting paid a single cent in return — I would’ve been like HECK NO. 

But, I started this channel with one strong and clear mission. To build a platform dedicated to helping copywriters and marketers take their business to the next level – no matter how long it took. 

So, what are you dedicated to creating no matter how long it takes?

Mindset Shift #3: Be A Lifelong Learner

Copywriting, in fact any skill or pursuit for that matter, is not something you learn once and become a forever expert on. That’s like relying on your college degree to jazz up your portfolio twenty years into your career. 

I still actively study and PRACTICE the latest strategies and ideas around copywriting, marketing, leadership — basically everything that is important to my career and mission — to improve my own skill set. And that’s what I share with you here! My videos and blog posts are based on innovations that I’ve learned and seen over the past decade!

But beyond books — your best lessons in life come from your failures and your mistakes. Because guess what guys — the best copywriters in the world are the best copywriters in the world because they’ve failed more than anyone else.

You have to fail before you succeed. Now I’m not saying that you have hit rock bottom with your face in the mud, but you need to start somewhere to get to the top.

Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes and don’t let this fear paralyze your potential. I’ve received comments and messages from some of you who are so caught up on the result before even starting the process that it’s preventing you from taking any action. 

So, if you need a kick start and are committed to igniting your copywriting business this year, click the link here to learn more about my Copy Posse Launch Pad program.

That leads me to mindset shift #4…

Mindset Shift #4: Lead With Value

“Alex, help me find my first client.” 

“Alex, where do I get a client?”

“Alex, why can’t I get a client?”

Now switch the word client with boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife — you get the picture, and hear how that sounds. The truth of the matter is, I can’t tell you where to get a client any more than I can tell you how to get a date…

But I can share the strategies that I’ve used to make clients COME TO ME. And the biggest one of all is to LEAD WITH VALUE.

So, before you get out there in the field, first figure out… What are you offering in return?

I’m now in a position where I am able to choose my clients, but this did not happen overnight. 

As I was building my copywriting business, I put a lot of time into identifying my own unique sales proposition. I also identified the kind of brands or clients that I wanted to work with, ones that aligned with my own values and principles. 

Then I thought LONG and hard about how I could best serve those businesses, and how I could offer them results in advance that what would make it EASY for them to say yes and hire me.

So as you approach a potential client or cast your net, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can I best serve them?
  • What can I offer them upfront to provide results in advance?
  • Why should they work with me?
  • What is my long-term vision for working with this company or client?

When you can confidently answer those questions, that’s how you’re going to stand out, build a good relationship, and create strategic partnerships. It’s the good old fashioned law of reciprocity!

And that leads me to mindset shift #5…

Mindset Shift #5: Set Healthy Boundaries 

As the saying goes, you cannot serve from an empty cup. 

You may have heard the word boundaries being thrown around a lot these days, and it’s for good reason. 

While personal boundaries help you identify and assert how you want to be treated and respected in your relationships and personal life, professional boundaries do the same for your work relationships.  

This isn’t just important for your clients and colleagues to understand so they can honour your space and working process, but it also helps you respect and honour yourself

One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is to not treat my business as an extension of myself. It’s very common for entrepreneurs to give so much of themselves to their business to the point of no separation, and trust me guys, this doesn’t serve anybody.

You’re taking the great risk of overpromising and burning out, undervaluing your own capabilities, and feeling obligated to say YES when you have every right to say NO.

No matter how much you get along with your clients or your team, at the end of the day, you both have your own lives to go back to, and your own wellbeing to protect, which only you are responsible for!

So make sure that you are setting boundaries early on and creating a healthy environment around your business!

And there you have it guys – the five mindset shifts you need to make to take your business to over 6-figures this year.

Watch This Instead


And as promised, this post comes with a gift!

Click the link here to my free 6-Figure Mindset Map that you can print out and go through to help you seed these five transformational shifts in your mind as you set your goals for the year…

Put aside some you-time over the next week to answer these questions and get ready to take your business to the next level.

Leave me a comment below if you loved this post!

And as always, thanks so much for reading guys! And Happy New YEAR!!!

Till next week, I’m Alex. Ciao for now!

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