Learn Highly-Paid Copywriting Skills, Write An Irresistible Portfolio and Ignite Your Copywriting Business In 8 Weeks

8-Week Copywriter Training Program To Start Making Money At Home

In this step-by-step online learning experience, you’ll be guided by copywriter, speaker and founder of The Copy Posse, Alex Cattoni, as she teaches you the copywriting essentials that today’s businesses are looking for… and helps you build a killer portfolio so you can approach new clients with unstoppable confidence.

During this eight-week program, you’ll get insider access to the latest recordings from Alex’s closed-door live group coaching program, the Copy Posse Launch Pad, plus proven tools, exercises, and formulas to ignite your copywriting business in eight weeks.

The Dreaded Copywriter Catch-22

The biggest predicament that every new copywriter faces (that keeps them stuck in a rut and paralyzed from approaching potential clients) is this:

You can’t get hired without a portfolio and you can’t build your portfolio without getting hired!

Sound familiar? If you’ve been thinking about starting your copywriting business, you may have found yourself battling this dreaded catch-22.

Or, even if you already have a portfolio, maybe you have no idea if you’re including the right writing samples to catch your client’s attention and get paid.

Or, maybe you lack confidence in your work and have no idea if it’s any good, so you are terrified to put yourself out there.

And to make matters worse, the hot mess of information online lacks the curated and guided support that you need as a new copywriter to learn the skills that’ll pay your bills.

In my 9+ years of running a successful copywriting business, I’ve found that most online copywriting courses focus on how to improve existing copy with generic one-size-fits-all templates, outdated marketing strategies or douchey conversion tactics.

So in the Copy Posse Launch Files, I won’t only equip you with the latest copywriting principles and techniques that are working today, but I’ll walk you step-by-step through writing the essential copy assets you need to build a high-converting funnel and complete portfolio from scratch.

3 Ways The Copy Posse Launch Files Will Ignite Your Copywriting Business

  • Discover the modern copywriting techniques that are working today so you know exactly how to write persuasive, authentic and high-converting copy (and absolutely dominate your niche).
  • Get an insider look at key psychological triggers you need to include in your copy to get inside the mind of your customers (plus, the common messaging mistakes you must avoid in order to stand out).
  • Gain exclusive access to the proven copywriting guides and formulas that I’ve used to create multi-million dollar campaigns for my high-paying clients (I’ll walk you through how to write an entire sales funnel from scratch).
  • I’ll guide you every step of the way as you write your own high-converting portfolio pieces — with high-quality video training, recorded Q&A sessions and weekly exercises.
  • It took me 8 YEARS to develop this proven and streamlined process. In the Copy Posse Launch Files, you’ll get the ultimate shortcut to igniting your copywriting business in just 8 WEEKS.
  • By the end of the program, you’ll have highly sought-after copywriting skills AND an impressive portfolio that will make clients fall in love with you (and want to pay you again and again and again).

Welcome To The   School of Copywriters

Hey guys! It’s Alex. Like you, I’m a writer at heart and a multi-passionate entrepreneur by design, and I adore freedom, connection and adventure. In 2008, I put law school on hold and moved to Malaysia to accept a gig at one of the world’s leading online personal growth publishers, Mindvalley.

Since 2011, I’ve launched several successful brands and have proudly partnered with many of the hottest transformational authors and businesses on the planet  writing high-converting sales copy, scaling multi-million dollar brands, and crafting iconic promotional campaigns.

In 2015, I became the co-host of the Flight Club Mastermind, a $30,000/year private membership event that gathers the world’s leading internet marketing entrepreneurs to share and learn proven strategies and actionable tactics for scaling their business quickly.

In 2019, I launched The Copy Posse, a team of writers with a passion for crafting compelling copy that combines the power of authentic brand storytelling with proven marketing principles. We are the new school of copywriters.

We believe that sales and relationship-building are not mutually exclusive. You can write copy that creates invaluable connection, engagement, and serious conversion… and that’s what I’m here to teach you.

I’m SO excited to welcome you to the Copy Posse Launch Files and help you ignite your copywriting business in 8 weeks.

The Right Phrase Pays!

Vishen Lakhiani
Founder, Mindvalley.com

“Led The Team That Launched One Of The Hottest Personal Growth Brands On The Internet…”

“Alexandra was one of my best hiring decisions ever. In just a short time, she rose from support intern to the top marketer in my company.

While working at Mindvalley, Alex led the team that launched one of the hottest personal growth brands on the Internet. She was instrumental in not just conceptualizing the marketing angle and writing phenomenal promotional material and launch emails but also pioneered a unique style of site design and copy that increased conversions by close to 120% on our main landing page.

Later, Alex directed our transformational event, AFest. She pulled off an amazing event (despite having no prior event experience) and helped make it a truly amazing experience for our attendees.

It’s telling to see that Alex can excel at so many different roles team leader, marketer, brand manager, event director. She’s truly an amazing woman and someone I would not hesitate to call a “genius”.”

“If You Get A Chance To Work With This Woman, I Would Leap At It!!! She’s That Good…”

“It is not common to find a marketing/branding/copywriting expert with the level of talent and stunning execution as that of Alex Cattoni.

She not only understands how to create buzz that evokes powerful emotion and action, but she’s keyed into “how” to pull it all together. Her insight and experience were invaluable to me when creating the Red Tent Revival.

With Alex by my side, we put on a very unique and powerful 5-day online event for women all over the world. With the help of Alex’s hot copy (have I told you she’s the best copywriter I’ve ever worked with?!) and seriously awesome marketing ideas, we drew 43,000 participants from over 183 countries.

What I loved the most about working with Alex was that her ideas were fresh and authentic, unlike anyone else’s, and tailored specifically for my brand. As a business owner, what you really want to know is that we got huge results on the bottom line. Imagine creating something that gets everyone talking about you and buying from you. It’s how marketing should be.

If you get a chance to work with this woman, I would LEAP at it!!! She’s THAT good.

Kristin Sweeting Morelli
Founder, KSM International & The Red Tent Revival

Blair Gorman
Founder, Numerologist.com

“A Marketing Genius”

“There are very few – and I mean VERY few – people I know who I could accurately describe as a “marketing genius”. Alexandra Cattoni is definitely one of those people. From brilliant conception to effective campaigns to compelling copy, Alex has it nailed. Amazingly organized and perplexingly productive, she has allowed me to let go of the reins in our marketing entirely – so I can focus on innovation – and frankly, she does it WAY better than I ever did! I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Here’s A Sneak Peek of The Posse Program

The key to being a successful copywriter is to determine your area of specialty – a niche you can OWN in true Copy Posse style. In this module, you’ll identify the kind of product or business that you want to write for and discover the #1 messaging secret to make it sell like HOT cakes. (HINT: Every product is different and this simple exercise will make sure you start right and STAND OUT). In this module, we’ll also map out the copy key assets that will become the foundation of your complete copywriter’s portfolio.

How It Works

8 Weeks of Guided Learning

Immediately after ordering, you’ll get access to Week 1 of the Copy Posse Launch Files in your private Member’s Area. You’ll then get access to the remaining modules every 7 days thereafter for 8 weeks – to give you time to soak it all in and apply the concepts you learn.

Insider Q&A Recordings

Along with your Copy Posse Launch Files training, you’ll get recordings of the insider Q&A calls with my coaching members. If these sessions don’t answer your questions, you can leave questions and engage with fellow students inside the Posse Portal Member’s Area.

Step-By-Step Copywriting Formulas

Every week, I’ll guide you through writing a different high-converting copy asset for you to add to your final portfolio. You’ll receive a series of formulas, exercises and worksheets to make your creative process a breeze.

This Program Is For You If…

You’re an aspiring copywriter determined to get your foot in the door but don’t have any experience to show in your portfolio.

You’re a content writer who wants to step up your copywriting skills so you can charge more for your words!

You love to write and have experience in other fields, but want to venture into copywriting as a more creative, lucrative, and fulfilling career.

You’re a new copywriter and have been hired a few times but are gunning to get more experience writing highly-paid copy assets, such as sales pages and email sequences.

You’re an entrepreneur, coach or business owner and want to write or improve the copy for your own funnel and website!

And you’re 100% committed to showing up and taking action with a program that is designed to give you the results you need to ignite your copywriting business.

This Program Is NOT For You If…

As the Posse Pres, my job is to protect the integrity of my program, and I’m fierce as hell about it. That’s why I’ll respectfully remove your access to the Copy Posse Launch Files if…

You just want to make a quick buck. There’s no such thing as an overnighter copywriter! This program is about building a long-term, sustainable, real money-making business that leads with authenticity and value not manipulation and hype.

You’re not committed to making the world a better place. As copywriters, we are given the rare gift of persuasion. When you join this program, you’re taking a vow to use your newfound skills for good and to create messaging that truly helps people.

You’re not a team player. This is not a competition, it is a safe environment for new and aspiring copywriters to support and learn from each other. This is for team players who have an open mind and each other’s backs not energy vampires who suck.

You are a tire-kicker. This is not for people who want to “try it out” and half-ass their way to a copywriting business. I’m putting my heart and soul into this program and I expect the same in return. You gotta commit to showing up and taking action.

You’re a negative nancy! If you tend to complain, compare or argue just for the sake of it — please stay away. We’re all about love, respect and constructive feedback ‘round here. No negative nancies, debbie doubters or douchey dans allowed in this clubhouse.

Why I Created The Copy Posse Launch Files

Over the past decade, I‘ve had the privilege of working with clients all over the world and connecting with amazing leaders in sales and marketing. In that time, I’ve also observed a dangerous divide in the industry — especially with copywriters. 

While there are a lot of brilliant and authentic copywriters out there, many still use douchey marketing and messaging that – quite frankly – I just don’t vibe with. I am SO OVER the manipulative, scammy, and severely outdated sales tactics I see being used online…

I believe that the best copywriting combines the power of authentic brand storytelling with proven direct response marketing principles.

That’s why I decided it was time to rally the raddest, baddest crew of copywriters around the planet to help me with one mission…⁠⁠

De-douchify the internet one word at a time and make caring cool again.⁠⁠

After 9 years of working behind-the-scenes exclusively with my high-level clients, I started my YouTube channel to redefine what it means to be a copywriter today and share the techniques and strategies I’ve used to build a lucrative and heart-centered copywriting business from the ground up. 

Today, that community has grown to 150,000+ freelancers, aspiring copywriters and business owners from around the world. 

I’ve been so humbled and delighted by the comments, feedback and support that I received from my global Posse! Many encouraged me to start a program that would dive deep into the specific skills, techniques, and assets a new copywriter needs to get started.

That is why I created this…

A program tailored for those who are ready to ignite their copywriting business and get paid to write that connects and converts.

Rad Love From The Copy Posse Alumni

“I landed a $80,000 a year copywriting job…”

This might sound cheesy but Alex Cattoni changed my life. I’ve taken her programs not once but TWICE. Why? Because The Copy Posse took me from someone barely making money online losing my income during COVID and having to move back in with my mom to a legit business owner having the freedom to travel the world, write on my laptop, and live in beautiful tropical islands and cities of my choice. But…when I first found the Copy Posse I was skeptical. “Is this Alex just another coach on the internet out to get my money??” The more I watched her YouTube channel and DMd her on Instagram, the more I realized that she truly cares about each and every one of her students. So I took a chance.

Fast-forward to my results: after taking the Launch Files first, I landed a $80,000 a year copywriting job at a startup. After taking the Launch Pad Season 2 in 2021, I finally went freelance and landed a huge and very well known client in the industry, Ad World along with freelance clients ranging from language coaches to beauty and wellness brands. What can I say, I thank the gods of the Internet EVERY SINGLE DAY that I found Alex Cattoni. I’d do it all over again!

– Dayana Aleksandrova

Launch Files Member & Launch Pad Grad

“Prepare to be blown away by your greatness.”

I just completed the entire 9-week program and I have to say that every newcomer is in for a spectacular ride. Alex goes above and beyond to ensure that her students feel confident enough to tackle the world of copywriting head-on. This course has changed my life and I can’t wait to start contacting clients this week.

Thank you so much, Alex and congratulations to everyone for taking the first step! Prepare to be blown away by your greatness.

– Kendra Holloway

Launch Files Member

“This is it! The most insanely awesome copywriting program on the planet!”

This copywriting program is the HOTTEST ticket punching with awesome value! Her priceless pearls of wisdom, her passion, zest and enthusiasm for copywriting really bursts through and inspires you to feel exactly the same way about a career in copywriting. 

I love the fact that Alex cares about her students creating 100 percent authentic copy. In a world that shifts and changes so rapidly in these, not only does she keep up with the pace but also leaps and bounds ahead of her game, she is proactively copywriting herself, she knows what it takes to stay on top holds nothing back for you to rock the copywriting world. 

You need a program that can deliver and keep you ahead, relevant and on point in these changing times, you need this! It’s even weird for me to refer to it as a course or program because seriously this is super exciting and engaging. I’ve never felt this way about any program or course before or had so much buzz and fun in learning. 

Alex is a firework exploding with flair fun and friendliness, you can literally ask her anything about copy and as I witnessed on the course there is no such thing as a silly question to Alex, being part of this ‘program’ with the other learners is like your in a friendly feely tribe everyone is supportive and encouraging of each other all in it together to win it together.

– Simone Meaden

Write & Ignite Student

“The Only Copywriting Program You Need to Make A Career Change”

Making a career change is hard. I was torn between two options: either keep my current job or find something new that I can fully engage with.

I was searching every day, talking with friends and professors from college about my inner struggle.

Until I found Alex and copywriting on Youtube. Instantly I could feel the positive energy from Alex and the way she explains copywriting really caught me psychologically and emotionally.

After watching many of her videos, I got more curious about this magical Copywriting thing, then I joined the Launch Files program and started my copywriting journey.

I was tickled, anxious, and excited about this new adventure.

It was like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel.

It happened really fast. After about two and a half months training, and finishing revising my campaign emails one day, I took a long walk and told myself: “this is your second chance to learn a life-changing skill, study and practice together with the master.”

A big discovery I had in the past several months is about mindset shift. I was living like many others, having the “employee mindset”: get a degree, work for an organization and have the job security. But as I got increasingly disenchanted with work reality and going through the Copy Posse Launch Files program, I came up with a solution: keep my current job for now while learning the copywriting craft and it may possibly open a new door for me!

All this is because of Alex and what she offers: a one of a kind copywriting program.

The Launch Files program covers the foundations of copywriting, such as writing sales pages, landing pages, campaign emails, basically everything a new copywriter needs to learn and master. Alex would also give her guidance on how to be a professional copywriter, rock solid advice to someone new to this field. She really knows about copywriting, and she cares about her students. And that’s why the Copy Posse is unique.

Now, I know that copywriting is a highly valuable and marketable skill. With Alex’s teaching and mentorship, I already have everything needed to go far on my copywriting journey!

I’m grateful for Alex and her team, not only for helping me to acquire a new skill, more importantly, I know that having this skill will set me free one day! Thank you!!

– Yuxuan Liu

Launch Files Member

“A Copywriting Program That Gives You Real Results.”

I had my doubts and fears about copywriting. Let alone my imposter syndrome kicking in. Like ‘Who am I to be a copywriter? I’m not talented in that way.’ Alex and her team crushed all doubts I had within a week. Her ease to teach, keeping everything uplifting and positive, was like a big bear hug that I gladly welcomed. She was always there for any questions that I had, and it’s her and her team actually answering! It’s not some robot giving general feedback. She will help you with very specific problems you come across pertaining to your own portfolio. It’s amazing. I was scared about the financial investment at first, but it’s money well spent. Now, I have my portfolio and my confidence to go out into the world and be a successful freelance copywriter.

– Jonathan Vane

Launch Files Member

“I thought it would be the perfect springboard to develop copywriting skills from scratch! But it gave me so much more than just that!”

I joined this course just 3 months after I first heard of copywriting, and 30 days after I decided to make a career for myself in it (so, I’m as green to the industry as it can get).

The Launch Files program guided me from there to now being able to write multiple types of conversion copy for businesses. Every session is so insightful and power-packed, I learn something new every time I re-watch one.

Alex really simplifies the entire process of copywriting into easy-to-follow steps that you can apply to create great copy, every time.

My bonus takeaway from the course — All potential clients I’ve spoken to have been completely blown away by my approach to copywriting, and take my suggestions seriously, even though I’m a newbie. This is because I’m able to talk to them about the larger picture of marketing their business and brand positioning to their audience – and how copywriting fits into that picture. Something that Alex really focuses on throughout the program, and has really given me an extra edge.

– Meher Uddaraju

Launch Files Member

“Take The Copy Posse Launch Files & Launch Into Copywriting Success!”

Born a content writer, I lacked direction and process and wondered if I’d make it. I found Alex on Instagram and finally signed up for her Launch Files self-study program! By the time I completed module 3, I landed my first 12-month contract and made $12k! I LOVE Alex’s teaching style, she’s engaging and present, and you can see the work and energy she puts into her courses and students. I look forward to taking more of her training and growing my business! Thank you, Alex!!

– Christina

Launch Files Member

“Thinking of Doing A Copywriting Course? Do THIS ONE!”

THANK YOU SO MUCH for an incredibly enjoyable and memorable experience. I know you have heard this so many times from everyone…but WOW! I am SO grateful for your positive vibes, the tremendous value, and the opportunity to make friends around the world in the global Copy Posse.

Before I began, I wanted to feel confident and develop this skill and I am thrilled to say that the Launch Pad gave me that confidence and more. YAASS!! I got a client while in the middle of the course who was so pleased with my work, they asked me to do more!!! The course started paying for itself before I had even finished.

If you are thinking of joining a copywriting program…DO THIS ONE! You will not regret your investment. Alex’s energy and enthusiasm makes this experience so worthwhile. She takes the time to answer all questions and makes learning fun. Alex gives invaluable bonuses that are practical, helpful, straight-forward, and simple to understand. De-douchified!!

De-douchifying the internet is totally a thing. So in the words of Bey and JayZ…”You Ready? Let’s go get ’em!

– Michaela Rickards

Launch Pad Grad

“The BEST copywriting course out there. Period.”

You know that legendary moment where Oprah gives everyone in her audience a car?

“You get a car! And YOU get a car! And everyone gets a car!”

That’s how I would summarize the Launch Pad experience.

Get used to that feeling of “I freaking won the lottery!” Get used to hearing the words “You get a surprise bonus!!” (because it happens weekly). Get used to looking around and thinking “is Alex really this awesome?”

Yep. She is.

But more than the giddy feeling of winning the lottery…

You’re learning from the absolute BEST copywriter in the industry. Someone who’s been in the business for a decade, and who has a Rolodex of insane experts to call in to lead masterclasses and bonuses. Forget the freebies and templates you see out there. This is about upleveling to a Master level copywriter.

And if you tend to buy courses and not take them, procrastinate and not finish them, or watch the videos but not complete the work…well trust me, it’s not happening in this course, where the unofficial motto is “no one gets left behind!” Everyone is rooting you on to finish, and you’ll find yourself excited to finish every part of the course!! (Yes, really!!)

It’s only been a month since the end of the course and already I have been able to increase my prices because the value of my work and the caliber of my clients has increased substantially!! And I am so much more confident in my skillset and the value I bring to the table as a Copy Posse trained copywriter.

If you’re on the fence, just don’t do it. You won’t regret it! And if you do join, welcome to the badass Posse! See you on the other side!

– Lindsay Chiles

Launch Pad Grad

“The single BEST investment for my copywriting career.”

Taking Alex’s course has literally changed my life. I always had the dream of being able to work from anywhere and now I can. Since graduating from her program, I now have retainer clients whom I love working with. I live in a dreamy apartment complex on my own which for the longest time I didn’t think would be possible for me to afford. If I hadn’t taken her course, I imagine it would have taken me a lot longer to get where I am and I am forever grateful. I imagine it would be a pretty lonely journey too.

I would probably still be struggling with getting my business off the ground. But through Alex’s course I’ve gained the confidence and skills to do so. And I’ve even gotten a compliment from a client saying it seems like I’ve been copywriting for years. I didn’t imagine it would take only around a year to get where I am.

In regards to her community, I’ve never seen the level of care and support Alex and her whole team brings in any other program. I love that they all get to know you by name and even get to know you on a personal level. With such a big group I’m surprised at how intimate it feels.

The people that the Posse attracts are amazing too! Everyone in the community is genuinely rooting for you and wants to see you win!

When anyone in the Posse is feeling low or discouraged you can count on the Posse to lift you up! And if anyone has questions or struggles, everyone is so quick to offer value. I feel so lucky to be part of this Global Posse.

– Jolene Teracatac

Launch Pad Grad

“An Unforgettable Copywriting Adventure!”

I had tried other courses before but they just hadn’t given me the knowledge and grounding that I needed to craft a portfolio that would attract clients. Those other courses were boring or poorly structured, and I even started to question whether copywriting was actually for me.

Alex’s program changed all of that. It gave me the copywriting and marketing knowledge I needed to confidently talk to prospective clients about their needs, and it opened my eyes to what is possible with a freelance copywriting career.

The energy Alex and the team bring to the program is second to none, and this shines through in the excellent community that grew during the course. I’ve even made lasting friendships from the program!

And it definitely worked — I got my first client within the first month of the course closing! Thank you so much, Alex and the team!

– Ash Coxon

Launch Pad Grad

“The Program That Transformed My Life (& Launched My Copywriting Career)”

Seriously, the best investment I ever made!

At a fork in the road in my life, I took a leap of faith and signed up for The Copy Posse Launch Pad Season 2. What I gained was confidence to start my freelance writing business and then some!

I made lifelong friends who understand me. I found a posse of people who are genuine, supportive, and one of a kind. Tired of these cookie cutter courses teaching the same thing (with no heart or personality) I turned to Alex in desperation.

She & the posse handed over a secret folder full of EVERYTHING I needed to confidently chase my dream of becoming a full-time writer. I was nervous about the $$$ investment and to my surprise landed 4 clients before the program ended! Not only did that cover my investments, it put money into my pocket.

Even if you don’t want to launch a copywriting business, the tools Alex provides will give you everything you need to jumpstart your side hustle, whatever it is.

The way Alex balances professionalism and personality is unlike anything I’ve experienced. She meets her students where they are at and never comes at her teachings as the guru. I JUST graduated and feel completely ready to dive into my copywriting side hustle.

Thank you Alex for your support, dedication, and passion!

– Jenny Neal

Launch Pad Grad

“One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

Incredible. That’s the first word that comes to mind. Alex has literally compiled years and years of her expansive knowledge within the copywriting field and put it in a systematic, progressive and easy to understand format.

I got my first client within 5 weeks of starting the program. I used Alex’s frameworks and got my first ever client testimonial!

I cannot say this firmly enough — anyone who is looking for a lucrative career in copywriting, this is literally the only resource you will ever need. From A-Z, in complete idiot-proof format, Alex explains the ins and outs of writing successful sales copy. This includes the psychology element that is so key before you even put pen to paper.

I highly recommend this program and vouch for Alex all day as one of the most incredible teachers I’ve come across.

– Sam Saifi

Launch Pad Grad

You Don’t Have To Wait For My Next Live Program. Ignite Your Copywriting Business Now With The Copy Posse Launch Files.

If you missed out on the latest LIVE Season of the Copy Posse Launch Pad, or it was out of your budget, this is your chance to get access to the exclusive recordings at a massive discount off the live coaching price.

In these exclusive recordings, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned over the last 9 years.

During this immersive learning and writing experience, you will get direct access to the multi-million-dollar techniques, strategies, and formulas that, until now, have not been shared with anyone outside my team and partners. 

At the end of this program, you won’t just walk away with expert know-how on the latest copywriting methods, but you’ll also have a complete and compelling portfolio that you can use to approach clients with confidence.

But most of all — this is a rare opportunity to get insider learnings from me over 8 weeks.

Before now, the only way to get this level of training from me was through joining my once-a-year live coaching program, paying $1000/hour for a strategy session (reserved only for my partners and clients)…

…Or, by being a member of my $30,000 mastermind.

But, with the Copy Posse Launch Files, you’ll get instant access to the recordings of ALL 9 coaching calls, 11 Q&A sessions, and step-by-step workbooks, examples and formulas from the Copy Posse Launch Pad. It’s the next best thing to live coaching, at a fraction of the cost!

What You’ll Get With This Program

9 x Recordings of Group Coaching calls with Alex Cattoni ($2700 Value)

11 x Recordings of Group Copy Critiques and Q&A calls ($3300 Value)

Proven formulas, examples and exercises ($1000 Value)

Lifetime access to all program recordings + resources

Private Facebook group for Posse guidance and peer support

Get $4,200 In Powerful Tools & Training To Skyrocket Your Results With The Program – FREE!


Masterclass: How To Land Your Dream Client With Social Selling

When Sam Saifi joined the Copy Posse Launch Pad, he was left with £100 in his bank account, working a sales job that he hated, and living in a shared 1-bathroom dorm with 6 other people in London. Then, 5 weeks into the program, he got his first ever client for a £1000 copywriting job… and his life was never the same.

Within months of completing the Launch Pad, Sam had generated £10k/month writing for many highly-recognized online brands. He moved into his own apartment in central London and spent weeks living the dream and working from his laptop in the Canary Islands during the pandemic.

In this special masterclass training recording, I interview Sam as he shares his top tips for using social media to find and engage with potential clients… so you can establish rapport, create connections and land your dream clients.


Yours FREE With The Copy Posse Launch Files


How To Become A Client Magnet
(Proposal Template, Video Training & Masterclass)

Jay Clouse, Founder of Freelancing School and Unreal Collective

In this insanely valuable mini-course, you’ll get access to Jay’s proven and customizable Proposal Template and Video Training where you’ll learn his step-by-step process for creating a powerful and memorable proposal that will amplify your credibility and fast-track your copywriting business. To top it all off, as part of this bonus package, you’ll get an exclusive masterclass training where I interview Jay on his strategies for finding and reaching out to new clients.


Yours FREE With The Copy Posse Launch Files

And I Saved The Best For Last…

$2000 Credit For Copy Posse Launch Pad
(Plus Early Guaranteed Access)

When I open the next Season of the Copy Posse Launch Pad, it will be priced upwards of $4,000. When you enroll in the Copy Posse Launch Files today, I’ll let you put the full price towards my next live coaching program enrollment fee. Yes, that’s right – you’ll get a full $2000 credit, which means when you enroll in any future Season of the Launch Pad, I’m essentially giving you your $2000 BACK in the form of a discount. That’s better than street cred, and that’s not all…

When you order now, not only are you getting early access to this coveted copywriter training program one-step ahead of everyone else, but you’ll also have a guaranteed spot in the next live Copy Posse Launch Pad enrollment. Start now, ignite your copywriting business, get your money back. It’s a no brainer.


Yours FREE With The Copy Posse Launch Files

Start Today & Pay Way Less

My team and I have invested countless hours – months – into perfecting this video training program. We even interviewed previous students to get their honest feedback on what we could do to keep making it better than ever…

This is the result.

We re-designed, refined and streamlined 9 years worth of wisdom into a proven and optimized video training program… 

So that you can get everything you need to ignite your copywriting business this year and get even faster results at a waaaaay lower price than my exclusive once-a-year live coaching program, which costs $4,000 to enroll.

This is your chance to start today, at a fraction of the price…

You’re about to get the HOTTEST marketing and copywriting training you need to build your portfolio and get paid to write – in only eight weeks…

And all you’ll pay for lifetime access to this step-by-step online program is $1997.

Or, choose the easy 3-pay option and get access for just $757 today, then 2 more monthly payments of $757.

This one-time investment in yourself is fully write-off-able and an amount you could easily make back with your very first client after taking this program… like many of my previous students have done.

It’s our mission to empower and inspire copywriting that is heart-centred, empathetic and 10000% authentic…

And help you ignite your business so you can find freedom, fuel your passion and absolutely dominate your year ahead.

So all I ask for is your full commitment to show up, rep the Posse well, actively participate in the program and use these copy powers of persuasion to sell products and services that genuinely help people.

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Get Paid To Write In 8 Weeks

By the end of this program, you’ll…

Learn how to get inside the mind of your customers using key psychological triggers and storytelling techniques to absolutely dominate your chosen niche.

Write persuasive, authentic and high-converting copy based on multi-million dollar guides and formulas.

Ignite your copywriting business with a complete portfolio that will make clients fall in love with you and want to work with you again and again!

The Copy Posse Launch Files Includes…

9 x Recordings of Group Coaching calls with Alex Cattoni ($2700 Value)

11 x Recordings of Group Copy Critiques and Q&A calls ($3300 Value)

Proven formulas, examples and exercises ($1000 Value)

Lifetime access to all program recordings + resources

Private Facebook group for Posse guidance and peer support

Plus instant access to these special BONUSES…

How To Land Your Dream Client With Social Selling with Sam Saifi ($1000 Value)

How To Become A Client Magnet with Jay Clouse ($1200 Value)

$2000 Credit For Copy Posse Launch Pad ($2000 Value)


Save $274 when you pay in full today! (BEST VALUE)




Pay just $757 today! Then two more monthly payments of $757.

$1497 x 3

$757 x 3

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enroll through our secure order form below, you’ll receive an email to confirm your registration and access to Week 1 of the Copy Posse Launch Files in your private Member’s Area. 

You’ll also be invited to our private Facebook group to meet your fellow students and pre-game with the Copy Posse!

You’ll then get to unlock the remaining modules every 7 days thereafter for 8 weeks – to give you time to soak it all in and apply the concepts you learn. 

But don’t worry — we’re giving you instant access to the two bonus masterclasses right away!


Save $274 when you pay in full today! (BEST VALUE)




Pay just $757 today! Then two more monthly payments of $757.

$1497 x 3

$757 x 3

All orders processed on a secure server.

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