Now Hiring: Project Manager

The Copy Posse is looking for a project manager to join their team! The Copy Posse is a female-led, fun and fast-growing copywriting agency and academy. Spearheaded by Alex Cattoni, the Copy Posse is on a mission to de-douchify the internet and make caring cool again. We are looking for a long term relationship with a heart-centred person to join our supportive, sassy, and rad team.

Role: Part-time with opportunity to grow into a larger role.

The Job Itself:

Program Management:

  • Attend live calls training and coaching calls, support students in chat box and relay any questions to Alex during the live call.
  • Push program content forward (scheduling, tasks, etc).
  • Assist with outreach to potential interviewees.
  • Promote a positive and supportive culture within the membership.
  • Work closely with community managers to help answer customer questions for all programs including Write & Ignite Challenge, Copy Posse Launch Files, Copy Posse Launch Files, and Reign in inbox and Facebook groups.
  • Manage high-level coaching students’ inbox.
  • Keeping updated spreadsheets of customers (student rosters).
  • Review portfolios for completion, delegate tasks to appropriate team members (copy critiques, signing certificates, etc.) and sending emails.
  • Load emails inside MailChimp on a weekly basis.
  • Load content into Kajabi, Vimeo, WordPress, etc.

General Admin Tasks:

  • Follow up with failed payments from customers in a timely manner.
  • Handling client referrals and requests

Content Creation:

  • Creating content, slides, and workbooks in Canva.
  • Using Adobe to make documents fillable.
  • Basic video editing ability.

Launch Management:

  • Map out tasks and deliverables.
  • Assign tasks to relevant team members (designer, copywriter, developer, etc).
  • Push forward projects to meet deadlines.
  • Load marketing emails into Mail Chimp — test and send emails.

The Know-How:

Tools to Rule:

  • MailChimp, Vimeo, Kajabi, WordPress, Asana, Slack, Stripe, Gmail, Canva, Adobe, Typeform, Zoom

Killer Skills:

  • Strong communication skills—you’re not afraid to ask questions and reach out when you need help.
  • Very high attention to detail—you nerd out over commas, ampersands, and em dashes, and have an eye for details like two mismatching shades of pink (and the secret code is PM177).
  • Ability to liaison with the whole team and delegate tasks—you work well collaboratively and can manage multiple projects.
  • Meet deadlines and take initiative—you’re on time and get things done.
  • Mad critical thinking & creativity—you’re full of ideas and know-how to problem solve efficiently when things go awry.
  • You have access to a laptop and reliable wifi.
  • You’re able to be online from 9am PDT to 5pm PDT (or at least the majority of that window).


  • You must have a least 1 year of experience managing projects/tasks (ideally as a VA or project manager) for another fast-paced/dynamic company.
  • You are familiar with the tools listed above (at least most of them).

To apply, please send the following [email protected]. A cover letter outlining why you want to work with the Copy Posse, your Myers-Briggs and Human Design personality type and use the secret code as the subject line. Please also include your CV/resume that outlines your experience and any other relevant information you’d like to share!


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