Meet Johanna Koskinen, The Copywriter Who Helps Mission-Driven Brands Make A Bigger Impact & Build A Better World

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Name: Johanna KoskinenFave Fictional Character: Either Dwight Schrute or Walter White. 😄They’re both complex and unpredictable characters with contradictory traits — great for storytelling.
Location: I divide my time between Finland and Berlin, Germany.Last Book: I’m in the middle of so many, but the last one I finished was ‘Regenerative Business’ by Sam Garcia. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to use their business as a tool for the revolution.😉
Language(s): English and FinnishFavorite Word: Tassu, that’s ‘paw’ in Finnish.
Top 3 Core Values: Change, Collaboration, SuccessLEAST Favorite Word: It’s hard to choose just one, but ‘leverage’ has got to be in the top three.

Meet Johanna Koskinen

What did you do before you were a copywriter?

I’ve always had two main loves: one is writing and languages, and the other is activism and social change, especially animal rights. After finishing my Master’s in English, I worked as a freelance translator while dedicating a lot of my free time to different kinds of activism.

How did you get into copywriting?

After ten years of working as a translator, I had to face facts. I loved translation, but Finnish is a small language. And as a translator, you’re always conveying what somebody else has already written. I knew I could do much more with my gifts. So I started researching ways to improve as a writer… And that’s when I stumbled upon copywriting.

What’s your favorite type of copy to write and why?

It’s a tie between emails and branding copy. On the one hand, emails are fun to write and perfect for storytelling. And who doesn’t love a good story? On the other hand, I love to go deep: dig into the soul of a brand and help a business find its voice. That’s why I also really enjoy branding copy, like Brand Voice Guides and website copy. It’s a lot of work but so rewarding.

What niches do you have experience in?

My number one niche is the vegan and plant-based sector. That’s what I’m most passionate about.

But I’ve also worked with brands in other niches, from B2B consulting to personal growth and mental health. I love working with mission-driven people who are here to shake up the status quo.

What would you say is your Reignmaker Magic (aka your stand-out superpowers)?

I would say my magic lies in my ability to truly SEE you. I help you get crystal clear on who you are, what you do, and how to communicate it with the people interested in your work.

What myth or misconception about copywriting frustrates you the most?

That copy is just about the words. I’m a word nerd for sure, but great copy is always based on strategic thinking. You need to have a rock-solid understanding of the brand you’re writing for and the people you want to reach with your words.

What is your dream client/project?

My dream client is here to bring genuine change. I’m selective about who I say yes to because I need to feel good in my gut about the brands I help. They’re a vegan business owner, ethical entrepreneur, or any other rebel with a cause who’s ready to show up online with confidence so they can finally make the impact they crave.

What is a copywriting career moment you’re most proud of?

I’m quite introverted, so working as a Coach for the Copy Posse Launch Pad in the spring of 2023 was a huge milestone. Stepping out from behind the scenes of writing copy and standing in front of 200+ aspiring copywriters massively helped me grow as a copywriter and as a copy coach.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received as a copywriter?

I’ve gotten feedback more than once that a discussion with me has helped a client see their business in a new light. This means a lot to me because it shows that my work is about more than just words. My ultimate goal is to help clients gain clarity and get to where they want to go. Copy is just one tool for that.

Finish this sentence: When I’m not writing, you’ll find me…

Walking in the woods with my dog or enjoying a hot sauna and a cold plunge in the river in the Finnish countryside. Ok, you’re also very likely to find me glued to my phone or laptop, reading and researching the most random things.

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